Hello! We’re Phoebe and Matt. Phoebe is a writer and presenter and Matt is a videographer. Together, we run Little Grey Box; an award-winning travel blog and YouTube channel.

Travel has brought so much good into our lives. It inspired us to leave our traditional careers and turn Little Grey Box into our full-time jobs, using our creative talents. It has taught us a lot about ourselves by allowing us to connect with amazing people, try new things, see new places and experience other cultures.

To us, travel is an opportunity to create insightful, practical travel guides to help others plan their best adventure and inspire meaningful travel. It has brought so much good into our lives, we want other people to experience it too and fill their life up with amazing experiences and powerful life lessons. At Little Grey Box we don’t just want to travel, we want to travel well.

Our proudest achievements
Work with us!

We intend to see (and share) a whole lot more of the world in 2019. If there’s an opportunity for us to work together, please email:

44 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello! Your blog seems interesting and somehow I can identify with your story. I mean I found out about my passion for travel after doing long solo trip, am now starting a travel blog and wishing to make traveling my job. So I am going to follow and am looking forward more of your writings 🙂 Safe travels!


  2. Hi Phoebe, I’m Phoebe too. I remembered I crossed path with a girl named Phoebe Lee many years ago, she was travelling with a caravan with her mom in Australia (around the routes of SA & Victoria if i remembered clearly) and invited me to play at a rest stop. Not sure if it’s you? Haha


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