Hello! We’re Phoebe and Matt.

Phoebe is a presenter, CNN & CNBC writer and award-winning blogger. Matt is a videographer, creative and photographer. Together, we run Little Grey Box; an award-winning travel blog and YouTube channel.

We started Little Grey Box on the floor of our London flat as an outlet for Phoebe’s love of writing. After a few years, we decided to quit our full-time jobs and take a chance on making our dreams a reality. Now, we travel the world together, working with the biggest names in the travel industry and creating written and videos guides to help others #TravelWell.

Watch our YouTube channel trailer below to find out what #TravelWell means and get to know us and our story a little bit better.

Our proudest achievements include:

We intend to see (and share) a whole lot more of the world in 2020. If there’s an opportunity for us to work together, please email: hello@littlegreybox.net

48 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi Phoebe.I have read about the ways to learned before you visit the Philippines. Your article is very helpful and informative. As you said it always important to do some research before you visit a country. By reading your article it shorten my research time almost 90 percent. It saves me tremendous time. I enjoyed reading you’re articles and viewing you’re videos. And your cheerful personality always laughing and cracking jokes. Thank you so much.


  2. Hello Phoebe! Greetings from India! Your journey has been amazing, you and Matt make a lovely couple. You guys are adorable. As much as I enjoy reading your blogs, I find your Instagram stories and pictures surreal. Matt captures the pictures in the most spectacular way, making a person fall in love with the place and the moment. I look forward to more travel videos from you guys. Keep it going! And do visit India some day πŸ™‚


  3. hi! I have found your website by looking at Bon Air suitcase reviews and can’t stop reading all of it! I love it. I am going to Australia for one month in February and all your tips will be taken into account. can you let me know what type of camera do you use?



    1. Hi Maria, that’s great news πŸ™‚ So glad you’ve found things you can use on the site. I use a Canon 7D. I wrote a blog post about ‘what’s in my camera bag’ if you have a read of that it details all the equipment I use!


  4. Hello!!!
    I have absolutely loved reading your website!! It is so relatable and such a good read! I am 18 years old and I have been in France since January and staying until the end of November! I am absolutely loving it! I am living with a French family and I have visited Spain and Italy and many places in France! I have gotten the desire to travel more and looking at your Instagram and website has given me ideas for the future! Thank you so much!! Keep doing what you love!


  5. Hello! Your blog seems interesting and somehow I can identify with your story. I mean I found out about my passion for travel after doing long solo trip, am now starting a travel blog and wishing to make traveling my job. So I am going to follow and am looking forward more of your writings πŸ™‚ Safe travels!


  6. Hi Phoebe, I’m Phoebe too. I remembered I crossed path with a girl named Phoebe Lee many years ago, she was travelling with a caravan with her mom in Australia (around the routes of SA & Victoria if i remembered clearly) and invited me to play at a rest stop. Not sure if it’s you? Haha


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