Hello! We’re Phoebe and Matt.

Phoebe is a presenter, writer and award-winning blogger. Matt is a videographer, creative and photographer. Together, we run Little Grey Box; an award-winning travel blog and YouTube channel.

We started Little Grey Box on the floor of our London flat as an outlet for Phoebe’s love of writing. After a few years, we decided to quit our full-time jobs and take a chance on making our dreams a reality. Now, we travel the world together, working with the biggest names in the travel industry and creating written and video guides to help others #TravelWell.

Watch our YouTube channel trailer below to find out what #TravelWell means and get to know us and our story a little bit better.

7.3M views on YouTube

3.6M website visitors (5.5M page views)

We’ve partnered with loads of companies to promote their brands

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  1. Dear Phoebe and Matt,

    Warmest congratulation to achieving 50k Subscribers, I think the number will rocket upwards faster and faster.
    I am amazed about your passion about producing uniquely genuine highest quality staff, I loved your intro about Brisbane highlights, I really liked your guide how to shoot better photos and my jaw was dropped seeing you guys doing sky diving, bungy jumping, being catapulted in New Zealand.
    Interestingly I have a strange feeling as we were friends since around ten years – it comes from your super friendly personality.
    I loved that you guys showed your home, your chicken and the environment where you live. So, I know your home, no wonder I feel we are friends 🙂
    I with my wife Aniko we would be so happy to meet with you in person, we settle over on 3 February from New Zealand to Australia and arrive in Brisbane and our dream to live there or maybe at the Gold Coast. The idea to meet you guys came from the feeling I cannot explain as we known each other and we have very similar personalities, we enjoy travelling around the Globe, laugh and smile 🙂 I am a hobby photographer, Aniko is a belly dancer and glider airplane pilot.
    We wish you guys all the best – we definitely are your supportive fans and maybe we can meet in person one day 🙂
    Happy-happy New Year 2021 to you,
    Warmest hugs:
    Charlie – from planet Earth

  2. Great blog. I only just discovered it. I was looking at things to do in Toowoomba.
    What I like about your blog site:
    How you present, the way your both involved and of course the filming. You glide on through the journey with you both.
    A bigger stand out is that you guys eat the food! You sit down and eat the whole meal, what a delight to see.
    While travel is restrictive at the moment, your site will come into its own. I want to explore Queensland (the Sunshine Coast soon) and hopefully country New South Wales this year. I will be exploring more on Little Grey Box for my travel destinations.
    Keep up the excellent work!

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