You may not have realised yet, but Toowoomba is very quickly becoming a must-visit destination for food and nature lovers! I’ve taken two trips out to Toowoomba recently and been blown away by the incredible food on offer. More and more it feels as though Toowoomba is becoming a hub for food and culture and I’m loving every second of it. If like me, you’re a broccoli-eating, corn-loving, potato-scoffing vegetarian (or even if you just LOVE veggies) you’ll want to know where to find the very best vegetarian food in Toowoomba. To help make that a little easier for you, I’ve pulled together 6 delicious vegetarian meals you absolutely must try on your next trip to Toowoomba. #VegLyfe – If there are any great spots I’ve missed, please share them in the comments below!

1. The Baker’s Duck

Don’t even think about visiting Toowoomba without making a trip to The Baker’s Duck. This place sells the most mouth-watering, sensory-overloading, life-changing baked goods of your life. So good, in fact, they only need to open their doors to the public on Saturday’s from 7am to 2pm. You’ll find this pastry heaven in an inconspicuous warehouse, next to a Crossfit box, in a very low-key neighbourhood. Inside, heaven awaits. Get stuck into their fresh loaves, insanely good chocolate, almond and plain croissants as well as freshly baked brownies, pastries and much more. I suggest getting a takeaway coffee, stocking up on goodies and setting up a breakfast picnic with some fresh fruit and good friends in a local park. Find The Baker’s Duck here.

Delicious vegetarian meals to try in Toowoomba
Yummy goodies from The Baker’s Duck

2. Zev’s Bistro

If you love a good fine dining experience, in a simple, relaxed, dreamy setting, then look no further than Zev’s Bistro. We visited for dinner and left with full bellies and big smiles on our faces. The menu changes regularly, reflecting what’s in season and available. You’ll find it stacked with fine dining, vegetarian delights like asparagus with fermented lime and yolk as well as beets with anise yoghurt and hazelnut. The food looks and tastes fantastic, offering the chance to try things you wouldn’t normally get to. Even though it’s fancy, it still offers a really warm and welcoming environment (and fabulous Pinot Noir!) Find Zev’s Bistro here.

Delicious vegetarian meals to try in Toowoomba
Dinner at Zev’s Bistro

3. Ground Up Espresso

Tucked down an alley adorned with awesome street art on either side, you’ll find Ground Up Espresso. With a few cosy seats set up under umbrellas in the alleyway and a few more tables inside, this spot is a relaxed, super cool haven serving up fantastic food and coffee. You know it’s a good bet with the steady stream of locals lining up for their morning brew each day. On the menu, vegetarians will love veggie-full bites like their semi-dried tomato melody served on 18-hour sourdough with whipped feta. For lunch, you’ll find fresh, flavoursome meals like hearty salads and falafel rolls. Don’t miss out on sinking down at least one coffee and, if you’re extra thirsty, a seasonal, fresh juice – yum! Find Ground Up Espresso here

Delicious vegetarian meals to try in Toowoomba 
Yummy winter salad at Ground Up

4. The Finch Downtown

You’ll find The Finch Downtown serving up tasty breakfasts and lunches 7 days a week in the heart of Toowoomba. They’ve recently extended, adding more space and seating spots for the throngs of people hanging out for their food. For lunch, I’d suggest raiding their well-stocked cabinet of fresh salads and, if you’re up for it, adding a serve of grilled halloumi on the side. For breakfast, my favourite meal is their divine muesli, served with yummy yoghurt, fresh berries and, if you like, soy milk. They also offer up great cups of coffee, which come with a chocolate freckle on the side – perfection! Find The Finch Downtown here.

Delicious vegetarian meals to try in Toowoomba
Breakfast at The Finch

5. Kajoku

If you love Korean and/or Japanese food, you’ll want to make a beeline for Kajoku. This sweet spot is situated up a flight of stairs, overlooking Ruthven Street and serves some really delicious treats to get your vegetarian fangs into. On the menu are yummy bites like miso-glazed eggplant, edamame, lotus root chips, potato pancake and Korean bibimbap – they also do a really good miso soup. It’s a great opportunity to try things you may not have before and probably didn’t expect to try in Toowoomba! The service here is great, they serve some pretty great cocktails and a fun range of beers and even some unique desserts too. Find Kajoku here.

Delicious vegetarian meals to try in Toowoomba 
Dinner at Kajoku

6. The Chocolate Cottage

Let me just warn you right from the get-go, that if you go to Chocolate Cottage you’re probably going to leave with a tummy ache because you’re going to eat SO MUCH chocolate and/or cake. It’s like being a little kid again and it’s all kinds of amazing! This place looks pretty normal from the outside, just your regular cafe, but step inside and wander out to the back and you’ll find a large open grassy space with awesome views. It’s the perfect spot to sit outside in the glorious warmth of the sunshine, making the most of a perfect blue sky and scoff down a piece of cake (or two) and a nice tea or coffee. The cake cabinet here is no joke, home to an array of very tempting cakes that are, honestly, delicious. They also serve breakfast and lunch, but I’d recommend going for the sweets then rolling ya happy, plump self back to the car. Find The Chocolate Cottage here.

Delicious vegetarian meals to try in Toowoomba 

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