The idea of starting a travel blog is a fun one. You’ve seen blogs on the inter-webs and plenty of photos on Instagram and thought, ‘hey, I can do this!’ But then something funny happens, you have to get down to the nitty-gritty of setting the damn thing up and suddenly you have to do a thousand things you haven’t thought of before. One of these is deciding on the name that will define your blog for all eternity. It’s hard, trust me. To make your life a little easier, I want to share my top tips on choosing an awesome name for your travel blog and also the story of why mine is called Little Grey Box.

But first, watch this…

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1. Figure out what your blog is going to be about

Before you start dreaming up names, you need to have a firm understanding of what your blog will be about. Travel, sure, but you need to fully understand your niche. Luxury or budget? Adventure? Backpacking? Mid-range? It’s important you nail down your niche right from the get-go, well before you choose a name and FAR before you start laying out your blog. Having a clear understanding of what your blog is, what it offers people and what you want it to be, will help you choose a name that will become part of your brand identity.

Homework: Grab a paper and pen and start listing down everything you want your blog to be. Whittle that down. Ask yourself questions like, ‘what does my blog offer readers?’ and, ‘what makes my blog unique?’ You should be able to define your blog in one concise sentence.

6 Useful tips for choosing a kick-ass name for your travel blog

2. Form a word bank

Now you know what your blog really, truly is and what it offers, start writing down keywords that define this and you. Just start scribbling words down, they could be anything, for me they could be something like; fun, adventure, wild, nature, bright, colourful, happy, soulful. Choose words that have meaning to you, words you like, special words, things that really connect with you. Use the thesaurus on words you love to get more words! At some point, a few will start to stand out to you and ideas will start to grow.

Homework: Do what I just said.

6 Useful tips for choosing a kick-ass name for your travel blog

3. Avoid cliches

If you name your travel blog anything with the word wanderlust in it, I will personally come to your house and beat you with a stick. Wanderlust is done. It’s happened. It’s over. Choose something new, unique and memorable. There are SO many Instagram accounts with the words travel and wanderlust in them that they get confusing. Your audience won’t properly remember which combination yours is. It’s important to avoid cliche names and choose something that STANDS OUT.

Homework: Do some research on Instagram and figure out which words you need to avoid, you don’t want to get lost in the sea of travel accounts when you launch your socials, you want to stand apart.

4. Realise it doesn’t really matter

When you’re big enough, the name doesn’t matter. Think about all the huge brand names we say on a daily basis but identify just as words, as a whole, like Praise, Ford, Coles, Sebel, Tara Milk Tea, Sincerely Jules. They become the name and identity for something and we never really question it. I guess what I’m getting at here is don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you get big enough, no-one will care what your name is.

Homework: Chill the heck out, man.

5. Keep it simple. Keep it weird

Alright, so we’ve established what your niche is, we’ve got a great word bank to work off and we’re avoiding the crap out of cliches. Armed with the freedom gained from knowing our name doesn’t really matter in the long-run, it’s time to make some decisions. I recommend getting a bit drunk for this part and letting your, erm, ‘creativity’ run wild. Talk it out with a friend, come up with weird name combinations, stuff that stands out, but keep it simple. One or two memorable words with impact.

Homework: Drinks + name brainstorming with a trusted friend (or your cat)

6 Useful tips for choosing a kick-ass name for your travel blog

6. Don’t overthink it

It’s going to be very easy for you to come up with a name, rethink it, decide you hate it, then repeat that process 100 times. At some point, you have to settle on a name. Provided you have a name that represents who you are and what you offer, just go with it. You can spend the rest of your life trying to figure out a clever name, but just remember there’s a super famous YouTuber named PewDiePie. Fucking PewDiePie.

Homework: Consider naming your blog PewDieFly’s Wanderlust Travelgasm, then wait for me come to your house and beat you with a very big stick.

If your soul is longing for adventure, don't keep putting it off...

Where did Little Grey Box come from?

I get asked this a lot and figure this is the perfect place to share this story, so you can truly understand how a blog name can be anything and come from anywhere!

When I started my blog I had NO clue what I wanted it to be, which made it very difficult to name. I didn’t want to lock myself into something super specific like, ‘Phoebe’s Food Blog.’ So, I knew I needed to keep the name vague so it could grow with it.

I love words and languages and have a weird connection and obsession with certain words. I love words with shape and texture, I love colour words and the word ‘little’ is one of my most-used words. Weird, right? Don’t worry, I already know.

So, out of nowhere, those words came together in my mind. Little Grey Box. There’s no real deeper meaning, just that they’re three words I happen to love. They gave me a name that would grow with the blog and now, the name doesn’t really matter. It’s just a name.

A blog can be named anything. So, find something you like and build your brand around it.

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