When I started my blog in 2011, I was hoping for the chance to visit a restaurant every now and then and score a free meal. For me, that was pretty much the pinnacle of what I thought was possible. Never in a million years did I ever think my big, blonde, bogan behind would ever get the chance to work with an airline and experience their new flight route, let alone do it Business Class. Let me tell you, I wish I could run into my high-school careers counsellor cos I’ve got quite the life update for her. So, here are 6 thoughts I had while flying Business Class with Singapore Airlines, experiencing their new route to Stockholm (note: it was everything!)

But first, watch this…


1. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

When the email came through inviting Matt and me to join Singapore Airlines on a trip to Stockholm and we saw the words Business Class we both started jumping up and down, screaming like little girls at a sleepover, high-fiving, low-fiving and fist-bumping. If you didn’t know better, you’d probably have guessed we just won the lottery. Everyone knows how amazing Singapore Airlines is and their Business Class is the stuff dreams are made of.

2. “I could get used to this VIP treatment.”

Forget lining up with everyone else, the Business Class experience affords ticket-holders the chance to skip the economy queues and head straight to the Business Class check-in. You guys, I legit felt like Mariah Carey. It was almost a surreal, out-of-body moment where I left myself for a moment and hovered above, watching my totally regular, normal self-stroll casually over to the Business Class check-in line, throw my bags on the weigher and breeze through check-in like a Kardashian. Express pass to avoid all the airline queues? Don’t mind if I do!

So. Much. Space.
3. “This lounge though!”

Knowing our flight was Business Class, Matt and I began fasting so we could make the most of all the amazing food on offer, starting with the lounge. You guys, the lounge. Like a heavenly oasis among a sea of weary travellers, the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge offers respite from the world outside. We slunk inside the lounge at Brisbane International and Singapore’s famed Changi airport and you best BELIEVE we made the most of it. There’s so much good food in there it’s not even funny, like, really, really, delicious food and drink fridges, ice-cream fridges, dessert bars and fancy wine. Heck, we even ducked in for a mid-transit shower and change of clothes, just to keep us feeling human. I’ve seen the promised land and I cannot unsee it.

The face of pure happiness
4. “Is that a cheese cart?”

Airline food is notoriously bad. I often eat a good meal before getting on a flight because I know whatever plastic container of beige chunks gets thrown my way up there, ain’t gonna be good. Not Singapore Airlines. I always look forward to eating their food (even their economy meals are delish – try the Indian Vegetarian sometime, the curries are so good). I’ve been fortunate enough to have the Business Class experience with Singapore Airlines once before, this was Matt’s first time and I was so excited to watch his face when the food came out. I tried to warn him, I said, “Don’t eat too much, you gotta pace yourself cos they bring out so much good food!” He did not heed my warning.

They come out with linens first, dressing up your insanely huge pull-out table with a crisp, white, tablecloth and actual silverware (it’s not plastic!) and then the food procession begins, kind of like that scene in Beauty and the Beast, you know, “Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test!” Yes, ma’am! There’s an entree and then mains, someone bringing around baskets full of warm, fresh bread. There are drinks flowing, people are smiling and laughing, desserts are being passed around and then, just when you’re so full you think you need someone to come manually rotate your body, a cheese cart appears. Is this even real life?

5. “I could live here.”

Climbing aboard Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900, I suddenly realise I’m physically attracted to a plane and wish to live here… forever and ever, happily after. The individual cabins are ridiculous, they’re everything you want them to be and then so, so much more. The seat is huge, let’s start right there, this thing is just amazing. It’s like the ultimate recliner chair and it is so very comfortable, reclining in all kinds of ways and then, when you’re ready to sleep, transforming into a flatbed, complete with duvet and TWO very cosy pillows. The flight attendant even tucked me in. I melted a little bit.

All that space makes it so easy to get comfortable, it’s not even funny. There are all kinds of little drawers and pull-out bits to stash your stuff. The TV screen is MASSIVE and there are so many good movies and tv shows on there, I was like, “Can we not make the flight last longer? I’m in the middle of a movie-marathon here.” It makes the flight easy, you guys, it’s not even hard. It’s like being forced to spend a day on the couch, watching movies, having someone wait on you and then laying down for a great nap. Did I mention ‘Book The Cook?‘ Ahhh it’s this amazing option where you can choose fine-dining meals that were created by real chefs, like delicious steaks and fancy salads, fish and even lobster!

flying business class singapore to stockholm

6. “This is who I want to be from now on”

Words cannot describe just how big of a difference it makes flying this way. We flew from Brisbane to Stockholm and while the jet-lag was still real, it was absolutely nothing compared to what I’ve experienced in the past. I felt refreshed, well-fed, hydrated and really rested. Even if you don’t fly Business Class with Singapore Airlines, their economy service is fantastic too – the staff make all the difference, they actually take great care of you, help you when you need it, greet you with a warm smile and make you feel like a real person (not just a bum in a seat). I gotta say though, I felt like an absolute Queen flying Business Class. I savoured every moment and I’m so grateful I got the chance to do it! Never in a million years did I think I would get experiences like this in my life – it’s amazing and I appreciate it so freaking much.

Everything you absolutely must know before you go to Sweden

The scoop: Singapore Airlines launched their new route to Stockholm this year, flying from Singapore to Stockholm with a very brief and very easy stopover in Moscow (seriously, you’re there for like an hour or two, it’s easy!). You’ll find the airline flying five times a week, making it easy to find a flight over. If you’re travelling from Australia and looking to keep costs down, I’d even recommend looking into flying to Singapore with budget sister airline, Scoot, then flying Singapore Airlines the rest of the way. Stockholm is the airline’s second Scandinavian destination and I cannot recommend a visit to this amazing part of the world enough – it was fantastic! If a visit to Stockholm has been on your travel bucket list, stop putting it off and make it happen!

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