Ever heard of Niseko before? It’s okay if you haven’t, but after you read this you’re probably going to want to put it on your travel bucket list! Located in Hokkaido, Japan, this world-famous ski resort is a must-visit for anyone who loves the snow. Here are 5 reasons why.

But first, watch this…

1. So much snow!

Given it’s referred to as a winter wonderland, there’s no surprise that Niseko receives a lot of snow. This makes it perfect for anyone who loves to snowboard, ski or just roll around in the powder and butt-scoot around (me). There are around 48km of ski runs, which cater to people of varying abilities and make for a whole lot of fun for those who know what they’re doing. Not only is there a lot of snow, but it’s also really high-quality stuff too. Apparently, it’s un-cut.

2. It’s crazy beautiful

Even if you don’t love to ski or snowboard, this place is so beautiful that it’s hard not to fall in love with it. It really is picture-perfect, like a winter fairytale straight out of a Hollywood movie or Aspen-based episode of Bold & the Beautiful (don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.) The area is home to some beautiful natural volcanic hot springs, perfect for soaking your tired body after a big day of activities on the ski fields. You can even visit a 100-year old Onsen! If you love photography, you’re going to find Niseko to be an absolute dream come true.

5 reasons to put Niseko on your travel bucket list

3. So many activities!

So we’ve covered off skiing, snowboarding, butt-scooting and hot springs, but there are still loads of other things to do in Niseko too. Take a trail ride on a horse, through the forest and snow. Climb aboard a snowmobile and go whizzing through the powder. Go Snow Rafting, Snow Tubing and, of course, Snow Shoeing. If none of that takes your fancy, how about curling up in your comfortable accommodation with a hot chocolate and a good book.

4. Very food

Japanese food is delicious and Niseko is no exception to this. There are loads of amazing restaurants to choose from and lots of yummy food to be tried. There are around 150 restaurants in the combined sort area and nearby Kutchan town and Hokkaido is famous for the quality of its fresh produce and seafood. With plenty of traditional Japanese food on offer, there are also other restaurants serving up Indian, French, Mexican, Italian and more.

5 reasons to put Niseko on your travel bucket list

5. Much Japanese

This is one of the most important reasons to visit Niseko. The Japanese people and the whole vibe in Japan are just awesome. There’s always a sense of fun and a big-kid kind of vibe in the air when you visit Japan. Being yourself, doing what you love and having a good time are all part of the Japanese culture. If you’ve visited Japan before, going to Niseko is a chance to round out your experience. If you haven’t been before, then this is a great place to start.

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Getting there

You can drive to Niseko from Hokkaido’s International Airport, New Chitose Airport, which will take you two to three hours. Given how close it is to Sapporo, you might like to spend a night or two in Sapporo and explore this cool city as well. If you’re flying to New Chitose, you might have to go domestic via Tokyo as not all airlines fly direct internationally.

Where to stay

Take a peek at Vacation Niseko for information on accommodation. The site lists all kinds of lodgings, from condominiums, apartments and townhouses to houses and loghouses.

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