The annual Little Grey Box Christmas gift guide is finally here! Buying gifts for the travel lover, adventure seeker or eternal wanderer in your life can be very hard. That’s why, each year, I compile my favourite gift ideas to help take the guesswork out of finding the perfect present. They range from the small to large, the luxe to less and the practical to indulgent. So, here you have it, the official Little Grey Box Christmas Gift Guide, complete with 35 gift ideas PERFECT for travel lovers. (p.s if you need to drop a few hints to your family about what to get you, I suggest you share this with them) One last thing, if some of the things on this list are above budget, use them as inspiration and find a great dupe at the right price!

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  1. Tile is a very clever gadget for savvy travellers! Take the fear out of losing your luggage, camera, backpack and other travel gear by attaching a Tile. To find anything you put a Tile on, just open the app. Ring it if it’s nearby. Check the map for its last known location.
  2. For the traveller who loves to read, a Scribd subscription allows access to over 170 documents and counting! A subscription costs only $14.99 per month and you’ll get your first 30 days free.
  3. Thankyou offers gorgeous products perfect for thoughtful gifts aimed at pampering your family and friends and, best of all, they give 100% of profits to help end global poverty.
  4. The perfect stocking stuffer, a laundry bag and/or delicates bag is a great way to keep clean and dirty clothes separate and ensure all underwear is securely zipped away. Trust me, it can save you from having a very embarrassing moment at an airport should your luggage bust open or be searched.
  5. Gift your travel-loving friend a membership to Priority Pass and they’ll gain access to over 1,400+ airport lounges all over the world! Priority Pass subscription starts from only USD$99 a year.
Image credit: Priority Pass
  1. Another great, practical gift idea, is a few high-quality reusable, air-tight plastic containers that are great for keeping potentially leaky items (shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen and body wash) contained. They’re also great for storing jewellery, makeup, hair products etc in one easy, safe place. For bonus points, make labels!
  2. A good quality makeup bag makes all the difference in keeping your makeup clean, safe from breakages and well-organised. I love my Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, making it super easy to keep all my carry-on liquids together so I can effortlessly re-bag them at airport security screening!
  3. Know someone who loves a good eye mask? Up their eye-mask game with a silk sleep mask. The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive, regardless of what skin type you have. This smooth silk sleep mask will keep the skin around your eyes looking and feeling fresh.
  4. Give the gift of cleanliness with The Laundress‘ non-toxic travel products. I love their fabric fresh (for when your clothing is musty in your suitcase), crease release (for getting out creases quickly and easily when you don’t have an iron) and the wash and stain bar (for getting out stains easily in your hotel sink!).
  5. Spoil your wanderlust-filled friend with some bath and beauty products from Lush. The containers are recyclable and can be re-filled with their beauty products from home, saving them the cost of purchasing travel minis and adding more crappy, unnecessary plastic into the world.
Image credit: Lush
  1. Know a travel lover who enjoys an inspiring read? TIME Firsts: Women Who Are Changing the World is a groundbreaking collection of profiles of nearly 50 women across a range of endeavours: business, politics, science, sports, entertainment and more. In addition, iconic leaders in their fields like Oprah Winfrey, Madeleine Albright, and Sheryl Sandberg offer their reflections, thematic quotes and perspectives on balance, perseverance and strength. 
  2. Portable power banks and multi-USB charging devices are life savers for travel lovers (trust me!) If you find yourself at an airport with no power or in your hotel with a short time to charge everything at once, these items can be a real game changer. So simple but so useful!
  3. Treat your sweetie to a rather fancy but affordable personalised luggage keychain! Available in a variety of colours they are customised with a name and if you wish, a phone number so luggage can be easily identified. This is great for carry-on, bags with soft handles or important things like your travel document wallet.
  4. A travel wallet is a great way to help a travel lover stay organised! Kikki-K has a gorgeous range of travel wallets, so you know they’re good quality. They also offer to monogram for an additional few dollars!
  5. Style up their passport with a vegan leather passport cover, monogrammed with their initials. Available in a range of colour choices from The Daily Edited!
Image Credit: The Daily Edited
  1. The scent for those with wanderlust, Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume boasts notes of pink pepper, almond milk and spice.
  2. For the ultimate comfort on long-haul flights, a pair of perfectly comfortable pyjamas never goes astray. My usual pyjamas aren’t fit for public viewing, so having a nice pair that can be proudly worn on a plane is a thoughtful idea.
  3. Set someone up with brand-new, top-quality luggage from Samsonite. Go for something durable, reliable and sleek!
  4. A great overnight bag is always useful, whether for a quick weekend getaway, as carry-on luggage or in place of a suitcase. This classic Country Road monochrome tote comes in a wide range of colours and patterns and can be customised with up to 8 characters for a small additional charge.
  5. A great beach towel is always put to good use by a true traveller. The Turkish Towel Co produces beautiful towels spun & woven from pure Turkish Cotton, making them soft, breathable & highly absorbent which allows them to dry extremely fast.
Image credit: Turkish Towel Co
  1. A new set of headphones are always put to good use when travelling. If budget allows, over-ear, noise-cancelling headphones do make all the difference on long-haul flights, during long travel days and in noisy accommodations. But if you need to travel light, a good pair of in-ear wireless headphones will do the trick.
  2. A gift you didn’t know you needed but will always use, a deck of Pocket-sized Travel Uno cards is an affordable, easy and fun idea! It’s a great way to make new friends and stay entertained on long-haul flights.
  3. If you want to really help a traveller out, a great travel backpack is a fantastic gift idea! I’ve gone through some dodgy, poorly made ones and know the benefit and relief of finding a good one. My advice for buying the perfect travel backpack: it needs lots of pockets, has to be very well made and offers enough straps to ease back strain.
  4. Another great stocking stuffer, a portable luggage scale comes in super-handy when packing for a trip with checked luggage. Rather than clicking your heels three times and hoping your luggage isn’t overweight, you can arrive at the airport with confidence, taking away one of the biggest travel stresses!
  5. Another great purchase that will stand the test of time and be useful year after year is a great all-weather coat for cold climates. I got my North Face coat many years ago and still use it, year after year, as it never goes out of style, is waterproof, incredibly warm and versatile.
Image credit: North Face
  1. A great, simple gift idea, you cannot go past is a brand-new travel journal. Of course, Kikki K has a beautiful range or you can pick up something a little cheaper from places like Walmart, Kmart or Officeworks. What I like about the Kikki K journals is they come with journalling prompts, stickers and more to keep you inspired. Inscribe a personalised message in the front and, voila!
  2. A simple but useful gift idea, a great-size travel mirror will be very useful for touching up make-up in-flight or in places where you don’t have a mirror or have to share the bathroom.
  3. How about getting creative with a DIY in-flight travel kit? Pull together individual pieces into a tote bag for in-flight cosiness. Pop in a warm blanket, cosy socks, eye mask, earbuds and a travel-size pillow and you’re good to go!
  4. Help your travel-loving friend save money and the environment! TSA-approved lightweight squeezable travel sets are ready to be custom-filled with your skincare favourites.
  5. Travel-sized Bluetooth speakers come in very useful when travelling. They’re great for filling the silence if you’re travelling solo and help get you pumped for a big day of adventures as you get ready in the morning.
Image credit: JBL
  1. A Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera is the perfect gift idea for anyone with a love of photography, especially those who aren’t professional and just love to take fun snaps. We use ours everywhere we go, capturing unforgettable moments in a really fun way. It brings your travel memories into the now, rather than having them stored online or on a hard drive.
  2. Archies aren’t your average flip-flops; with real-arch support, these thongs promote optimal foot posture for overall body alignment. Archies are a one-piece, ultra-strong design that’s light as a feather so they can enjoy adventures without any added weight. The perfect gift for your travel lover without sacrificing style.
  3. A piece of travel-themed jewellery is a thoughtful gift they can take with them on their adventures. A necklace will remind them of home and help them keep the memory of you close on their adventures.
  4. Fill their home with dreams of travel and memories of adventures past by hooking them up with a gorgeous travel print. They’ll hang it on their wall and dream of far-off destinations each time.
  5. If they don’t already have one, a GoPro and a Shorty (mini extendable pole and tripod) are fantastic gift ideas for those who love to travel. If they already have one, a great accessory for it that we use and love is the split shot dome, which allows them to get those awesome above and underwater photos.
Image credit: Telesin

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