Love Brisbane? Love food? Then, guys, I’ve got the blog post for you. I wanted to share with you my favourite Brisbane meals and a bit of a guide to what I recommend as the must-try places to eat. These are the spots I genuinely love to visit and go to time and time again. If you’ve ever wanted to stalk me, just hang out at one of these places and I’ll show up at some point (don’t though, that’s weird af).

I’ve brought together a mix of the best fancy meals, budget bites, breakfasts, sweet treats, lunches, dinners and BOOZE for you choose from. So, here they are… 26 of my FAVOURITE Brisbane meals! All the flavours! Very munch!

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1. Patisseries from Flour & Chocolate

Probably my favourite place in Brisbane to indulge in a tart, cake or other heavenly treats! Flour & Chocolate, based in Morningside, serve up the most delicious and good-looking patisseries you’ve seen south of the equator. Not only does the food taste good, but Lachlan and his team of wonder-chefs are absolutely lovely too! Be sure to try one of their impressive Danish’s and their signature cronuts.  Find Flour & Chocolate here. 

2. Mexican from California Native

Definitely, my favourite Brisbane spot to grab insanely good Mexican food that is sure to hit the spot. California Native is based in Coorparoo and has a really cool decor, the owners are genuinely wonderful people, fulfilling their culinary dreams through the restaurant. The food is authentic and packed full of flavour! You have to try their Tacos, they’re freaking delicious and not to be missed (along with everything else on the menu). Find California Native here.

3. Pasta from 1889 Enoteca

For Brisbane’s best pasta, get yourself down to 1889 Enoteca in Woolloongabba. The pasta here is next level, as is their fantastic range of wines. A meal here really is one of those dining experiences that turn into a great evening you just can’t forget. Matt and I go here whenever we have something really special we want to celebrate. Find 1889 Enoteca here. 

4. Cake from Jocelyn’s Provisions

You have not truly lived until you’ve eating one of Jocelyn’s incredible cakes, from her James Street store. My sister-in-law and I eat these as our naughty treat, with a cup of tea and a good old-fashioned gossip. Not only do they look picture-perfect, the cakes here are full of flavour and deliciously moist. Yep, I said moist. My favourite is the Passionfruit Butter Cake because passionfruit! All the noms! Find Jocelyn’s Provisions here. 

5. Burgers from DA’Burger

My favourite Brissie burgers happen at DA’Burger in New Farm. This small but mighty space serves up a great variety of burgers, each one bursting with flavour and made with love. If you’re vegetarian, like me, you’ll love their range of veggie burgers too. Oh, and the chips are something special. Go here on a sunny Sunday afternoon with friends for great burgers, tasty chips and ice cold beers in the afternoon sun. Bliss. Find DA’Burger here. 

6. Breakfast at Jam Pantry

If you like your breakfast to be fun, then you have to go to Jam Pantry in Greenslopes. Created by foodie genius and Brisbane food icon, Nims, this super cool space on Logan Road boasts a menu unlike any other in Brisbane. For real. There are your usual breakfast staples, of course, but then there’s a rotating menu composing seasonal treats and amazing creations born from Nims food-loving mind. Think fairytale breakfasts and you’ll be in the right vicinity. Find the Jam Pantry here. 

7. Curry at Punjabi Palace

Definitely my favourite Indian restaurant in Brisbane, no questions asked. Matt and I have been going to West End to eat here for some 8 years now and we still love it! The service is always good, the curry is always delicious and it’s well-priced. My favourite thing to eat here is the vegetable paneer tikka masala with a naan bread. That meal is the cure for whatever ails you. Drunk? Eat it. Tired? Eat it. Sad? Happy? Hungry? Eat. It. Find Punjabi Palace here. 

8. Pho from Vietnam House

For really great Vietnamese food, get yourself down to Vietnam House in the Valley. This place is really low-key and laid back, but has an easy, enjoyable vibe to it that I really like. It’s my Vietnamese go-to, for those nights when you want something delicious but not stodgy to eat. The Pho here is really, really good and I always struggle to choose just one thing to eat. Matt raves about the Singapore Noodles. Find Vietnam House here. 

9. Breakfast at Deedot Coffee House

If you find yourself on the South Side (yo!) and want to get a really delicious breakfast and a great cup of coffee, head over to Deedot Coffee House at Holland Park. They serve up these epic breakfasts on chopping boards that really fill you up but don’t leave you feeling stodgy and gross. Ideal for summer, I know. They also make a really great cup of coffee. Just be sure to get down there early, it’s quite the hot spot. Find Deedot Coffee House here. 

Jocelyn's Provisions cake
Jocelyn’s Provisions cake

10. Dumplings at Harajuku Gyoza

When it comes to eating delicious dumplings, Harajuku Gyoza is my top pick. They have tasty options for vegetarians and you can get your dumplings steamed or fried. They also do this really yummy tofu and broth thing, which is surprisingly great (trust me, I hate tofu and even I love it!) They have a few locations now so, take your pick. Find Harajuku Gyoza here. 

11. Breakfast at Lucky Duck

Another of my favourite Brisbane breakfast spots, Lucky Duck is a very cool little space in Highgate Hill. I love this place because the food is really fresh and the portion sizes are generous, but not overwhelming. They consistently make great food at great prices and the coffee is awesome too! It’s a go-to spot for me. Find Lucky Duck Cafe & Bar here.

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12. Cheap eats at Quan Thanh

If you’re on a budget, head directly to Quanh Thanh in West End. I was introduced to this place by my good friend, Claire, a few years ago and I just love it. There’s a great range of Vietnamese basics that are tasty and won’t break the bank. If you’re feeling a bit down on a winters day, their Pho will always cure what ails you. Always. Find Quanh Thanh here. 

13. Breakfast at Brown Dog

If I had to choose one place to be my official go-to for breakfast in Brisbane, Brown Dog would be it. Why? This Woolloongabba space is always super cool and chilled out and they consistently serve up simple, delicious and very well-priced breakfasts that you just can’t go past. They keep it simple and absolutely nail it every time. I also really love the coffee here – it’s awesome. Find Brown Dog Cafe here. 

14. Acai bowls from Kiss The Berry

I freaking love Acai bowls! They’re so tasty, I just can’t get enough of them. My favourites come from Kiss The Berry, in Southbank. These are a great option for those balmy summer days spent wandering through Southbank. Grab a bowl of goodness and head on down to the water’s edge to enjoy it in the shade. Find Kiss The Berry here. 

Kiss The Berry
Kiss The Berry

15. Dinner and drinks at Nest

The cocktail list at Nest, on Roma Street, is insanely good. I’ve tried a LOT of them and loved each and every single one, with my favourites being their Royal Tea and Espresso Martini. So good. The food here is next level good, so be sure you give it a try. The Pad Thai is insanely tasty and the war chips are NOT to be missed. Seriously, do not miss them. Find Nest Brisbane here. 

16. Cheap Indian Street food at Mirchh Masala Chaat Court

The food here is really simple and really delicious, as well as being exceptionally well priced. The place is no-frills and you gotta pay cash, but the menu is awesome and loads of locals go here so you know it must be good. It’s definitely a hidden spot in Brisbane and somewhere not too many people know about. Find Mirchh Masala Chaat Court here. 

17. Donuts at Donut Boyz

I was lucky enough to indulge in a 12 pack of donuts from the guys at Donut Boyz and between three of us, we ate every single one over two days. So good. I love the varying flavours here and the fact the donuts are made fresh daily, with no nasties in them to extend shelf life. The guys have a few locations now, so keep your eyes peeled. Find Donut Boyz here. 

Donut Boyz
Donut Boyz

18. Vegetarian feasts at Govinda’s

For a vegetarian, Govinda’s is a real haven because you can eat everything! Woohoo! I love going here for lunch with my mum or after a few too many beers in West End. They have loads of yummy foods to choose from that taste delicious and feel good in your tummy. Not only that, but it’s all well-priced too, perfect for budget eats with good friends. Find Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian here. 

19. Beers at Riverbar & Kitchen

Our city really lends itself to cold beers outside on a hot afternoon. Bliss, right? One of my favourite places to do just this is at Riverbar & Kitchen at Eagle Street. The view here is awesome, you get to watch the world go by with the hustle and bustle of ferries and, of course, the sunset over the Storey Bridge. This place has a great atmosphere and an even better cocktail list. Get on it. Find Riverbar & Kitchen here. 

20. Dinner at Lennon’s

If you’re in the city and need a TOP spot for dinner, either to enjoy or impress, then get yourself down to Lennon’s Restaurant & Bar in the Queen Street Mall. The food here is so good, it’s really fancy but still really tasty and generous (not those tiny, pretentious plates of food that leave you starving). They also serve some mighty fierce cocktails and amazing wines here, so, really, they’ve got it all. Find Lennon’s Restaurant & Bar here. 

NEXT Hotel - Lennons restaurant dinner
NEXT Hotel – Lennons restaurant dinner

21. Cocktail pitchers at the Regatta

Oh Regatta, the scene of so many dirty, dirty dealings (especially on the dance floor, am I right?!) There’s no denying the Regatta is an awesome place to spend a warm summer afternoon, in the golden sun, drinking pitchers of delicious cocktails. They serve some awesome Pimms cocktails here that are too good to be missed, so get on down and give them a try. Find the Regatta here. 

22. Breakfast at The Single Guys

We stumbled upon this place by accident, in Kenmore, and were blown away by it. It’s a tiny space but it serves up incredible food! The menu makes it hard to choose just one thing to eat for breakfast and the coffee is so good, not surprising given they’re also a coffee roaster. This unassuming place is a must-try in Brisbane for great breakfasts. Find The Single Guys here. 

23. Drinks at Les Bubbles

Newly opened spot, Les Bubbles, played host to a media event recently that we attended (so fancy!) It used to be a brothel, but isn’t anymore, don’t worry. Now it’s a super cool bar that serves up really awesome cocktails and other drinks. They also do great meals here. You can already tell it’s going to be one of those go-to cool hotspots in Brisbane, so get on down there and check it out. Ideal for after work drinks or a sexy late night cocktail. Find Les Bubbles here. 

Fish Lane Bistro gnocchi (so good!)
Fish Lane Bistro gnocchi (so good!)

24. Amazing Thai food at Golden Buddha

Probably my favourite Thai restaurant in Brisbane, the Golden Buddha serve up amazing food in a gorgeous setting. It’s all golden and comfortable and garden-ish in there. I love it! The food here is really, really good. If you’ve got a craving for amazing Thai and find yourself near Seven Hills, stop in and give it a try. Find Golden Buddha here. 

25. Dinner and drinks at Fish Lane Bistro

I just love this place. Located in South Brisbane, Matt and I went here for an anniversary recently and fell in love with it. It’s somewhere we take visitors from out of town because the food is really good, but not over-the-top expensive or too fancy. The setting is really comfortable too, making it easy to talk and drink (important). I particularly love their mushroom gnocchi – so good. Find Fish Lane Bistro here.

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