Hey Travel Family,

Arriving back from our San Diego trip last week I felt surprisingly fresh! But, the weirdest thing happened, a few days after we got back both Matt and I both suddenly became really exhausted. I mean, falling asleep on the couch at 7pm exhausted! I think the fast pace of this year has finally caught up with the both of us cos we are both just beat.

This whole week has been a slog. I’ve had no energy to workout, each day sitting down at my desk has been like, ‘bleaugh,’ and every night I get tired at 7pm. I’ve caught Matt napping in his office armchair more than once! It’s not just a ‘readjusting to the time difference’ kinda thing, it’s the mid-year exhaustion setting in and, really, we’re not going to get time to have a break until, maybe, end of August.

So, this week has been all about trying to listen to my body and find a good balance between doing what needs to be done and not burning out! My strategy has been this: I’ve been getting on with it but have carved out Saturday and Sunday for myself, pushing all my errands and important jobs outside those two days. I figure that way, I can spend the weekend with my phone set to ‘do not disturb’ and just switch off, bliss out and do whatever the heck my body tells me I need to do to feel energised.

This weekend of replenishing is absolutely essential as I’m headed off to Singapore next week, solo! My little sister is graduating from high school, so I’m flying over to attend her graduation and spend a week with my family. Now, at first glance, that may sound like a week’s holiday but, here’s the thing. I can’t stop! haha, I just can’t! My business won’t stop for anyone or anything so I’ll definitely be working on LGB background stuff while I’m there but, we still constantly need new video content for YouTube so I’ll also be filming too.

I also need to make a little bit of time before I go to Singapore to pre-cook and freeze some meals for Matt. Left to his own devices, he reverts back to bachelor mode and will live off a strict all-carb diet while I’m gone. Matthew, if you’re reading this, eat a vegetable! And some fruit! Your body will thank for it.

My plan is to use it as an opportunity to film a guide to Singapore sharing what we actually do, as a family who lives there. I want to share those off-the-beaten-path spots we visit as well as a few of the tourist spots that are so great we actually still do visit them! My sister is going to be my stand-in Matt and we’re going to try our best to film a video that rivals his usual very high standards. Let’s see how we go! I also have a few meetings to go to as there are a few clients I work for who are based in Singapore, so it’s a great opportunity to catch up with them.

We’re nearly at the mid-point of 2019 and it feels like this year is going so well for us business-wise. For a long time now, we’ve been saying we’d love to get to the point where we have about one big trip per month, allowing us time to travel and film/photograph then come home, work on that content and go again. At the moment, that’s exactly where we’re at and it’s working out really well. I gotta say, we still really could use help and we’re kind of in that weird in-between space where things are busy enough that help with the website and certain parts of the editing/YouTube channel would be amazing but we simply can’t pay anyone. So, you just gotta suck it up, push through and do it!

I think, lately, I’ve been reverting back to a few bad old habits. I have a tendency to organise for others, think ahead for them and focus on making sure they’re taken care of and that things go smoothly for them, something many women do! (See: my note above about pre-making meals for Matt haha) But, I don’t really get that same intense level of care back, including from myself. That’s why this weekend of replenishing is so important for me. I have to actually force myself to stop and take care of myself! Hopefully, come Monday, I’ll be feeling a whole lot more energised and ready to pour some more love and goodness into LGB.

Well, I better hop to it! I’ve got a whole lotta stuff to get done today so I can truly enjoy my two days off. I hope you find some time for a little self-love and self-care this weekend too – you deserve it. I’ll talk to you next week, from Singapore!

Love, Phoebe x


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