Hey Travel Family,

How are you? Hope you’ve had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. Matt and I have had a busy one, getting ready for a work trip next week! We are heading to Thailand on a media trip with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. As I understand it, it’s a trip specifically for Brisbane-based media, so we’re hoping we may know a few of the other traditional and new media on the trip as well. Oh and, just to let you know, the photos in this post are some throwback pics from our last few Thailand trips!

All up, we’ll be in Thailand for a week or so and we’ll be visiting Bangkok, Krabi and Phang Na then back to Bangkok. The itinerary looks fantastic! We’re going to be eating a LOT of great food, visiting some beautiful spots and there are a few fun surprises planned too. Our videos have come such a long way since our last visit to Thailand in August last year, so I’m really excited to get back over there and make some even better ones!!

This week and into next, we’ll both be getting ready for that. We sent our main filming camera in to be fixed and just kinda never heard back from the company… I went in there today to get some help and turns out it was lost! Not exactly what you want to hear a week before you need it for work BUT they’re giving us a new one next week. Thank goodness we’re getting that sorted in time!

We’ve also got to get a few videos prepared and ready to go for while we’re away, pack, buy all those last minute things you realise you need and I’ve got to do a whole lot of research so I know enough about the places we’re visiting to share it with you properly in the videos. It’s been a nice amount of time between our last trip and this one and I think both of us are ready for another overseas trip and to do some fresh filming too.

One really exciting thing to come out of the last fortnight as well as we launched the official Little Grey Box merchandise shop! We’d had quite a few requests from our amazing YouTube community and I decided to look into it. After a lot of research, Teespring appeared to be the best option so we went ahead and got our store all set up on there.

When it came time to decide how we were going to design our products, I really wanted to make sure they were personal! Nobody wants to simply be walking around with a t-shirt with our logo on it. The gear needed to be personal and mean something to those who buy it. So, I decided to hand draw the designs myself. I want to take a special moment from each video series we make and turn into a design for a piece of clothing or accessory. That way, if someone really connected with that video or series, they can have a little piece of it forever!

I decided to start with our Japan series because it felt like a turning point for us when everything we’ve learned about videos really came together. We had the best day filming in Tokyo, riding around Ueno Park on our bikes, and that video has a really special place in my heart too. So, I took one of my favourites moments from the day and turned it into a hand-drawn design, along with my handwritten ‘Tokyo’. With some help from Matt and our best friend, Laker, we made into an image that could be printed onto some gear!

We’re starting off small, trying out a few simple t-shirts and hoodie designs. Then, we’ll go from there! I just want to say a huge thank you to all the people who have already purchased a t-shirt or hoodie. I was so nervous about launching the store for a few reasons. I was worried nobody would like what I’d created and it would be really awkward when no-one bought anything. I was also worried we were being arrogant, thinking people would even want to buy our merch. Basically, it was a whole lot of fear and doubt! But, we did it anyway and the response has been wonderful. People love the design and they love owning a little piece of our shared adventures.

Here’s the original image and the moment from our time in Tokyo that really sticks in my mind:

Annnnnd here’s our merch store! Oh my gosh!

Alright, well, I have so much I need to get done before next week so I’m going to go and get started on ALL of that. I hope you have something wonderful planned for the weekend.

I’ll talk to you again next Friday.

Love, Phoebe xx


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