Hey Travel Family,

How are you? Hope you had a great week this week. For me, I feel like my week was a bit of a test.

I left my office job nearly 5 years ago and I’m still adjusting to how it feels to work for myself. I guess I have a fair amount of guilt too because I love what I do and working from home is amazing. Also, I feel there’s a mentality of, ‘You have to hustle hard to make it. Work. Work. Work. Go. Go. Go!’ Those things combined can sometimes cause this frantic, desperate energy where you feel pressured to bust your ass all day, every day or you’ll never reach your goals.

I can confirm, that kind of behaviour leads to burn out. Not for everyone, I’m sure there are people out there with incredible amounts of energy who truly thrive on those kinds of situations. But for me, it just ends in burnout and even more guilt! I’m still kind of figuring it out but it’s definitely become clear that for me at least, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

When we meet people and tell them what we do, one thing I hear a lot is how it must be nice to be on holidays all the time. The reality is, we work much longer days and much harder when we’re on the road than we do when we’re working at home. Even though I know it isn’t true, I let that idea slip into my mind a little bit and things like that have a way of growing. When I’d get home from a work trip, I’d push myself to keep working and working and working because, well, I’d just been on holidays, right?!

It’s amazing the power someone else’s words, even just a flippant comment or passing thought, can have on our minds. I let that one work its way right into my mind and drive my actions for a very long time. I felt I had no right to go on a work trip overseas, come home on a Sunday evening and then take even just one day off to rest and recharge. But, I’ve been working on it!

Since mid-January Matt and I have been working away a lot, only ducking home for a few days in-between trips. It has been a great test for me to see if I’m finally willing to let go of the fears that have been driving me and allow myself to feel comfortable putting myself first instead. Like I said, I’m still figuring it out but I did much better at it and I’m hoping if I can just keep being aware of it, I can stop myself burning out hard like I did last year.

Self-care is so very important. If that little voice inside you is screaming out that you need to rest, be sure to listen to it. Look for the signs too! Are you feeling physically exhausted? Are you feeling mentally worn out? Are you feeling spiritually and emotionally drained? Whatever your body and soul are telling you, take note and do what you know is right.

Yes, hustling is important. I truly believe you have to work hard to get the things you want in life. But I also know you won’t ever get them if you don’t have the energy to keep working hard and, more importantly, you probably won’t have the energy to enjoy them once you do get them! So, rest and recharge. Give yourself a day off from the gym, spend an afternoon doing something you love, catch up with a friend and talk. Do whatever is you need to do to fill yourself up again.

I made a big effort to flip my week around a bit this week. Knowing we’re going away to film again this weekend, I did all my really big jobs at the start of the week, tapering off a bit as the week progressed so I was totally free yesterday to slowly get ready for the trip. I gotta tell ya, I feel a million times better for it! I’m going into our next job feeling energised, well rested and ready to work hard. In the end, it’s going to result in a much better video because I’ll be my best self.

We’re leaving very soon so I better sign off and go get ready. Just need to finish packing the last few things (you know how you always have to pack your face wash and toothbrush at the very last minute! Ugh!) and then do my hair, makeup and get dressed then we’re out the door. I’ll fill you in next Friday on our trip and everything we got up!

Take extra good care of yourself this weekend, you guys! Be sure to do whatever it is you need to do to rest, recharge and keep your light burning bright.

I hope you have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you again next Friday.

Love, Phoebe xx


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