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We’re a whole week closer to Christmas, you guys! The end of 2018 is creeping up on us and I’m feeling good about it. I’m ready to say goodbye to this year and start a whole new one. I’m also feeling quite good about it because I’m slowly but surely getting back to feeling like myself again. I was worried I’d still be exhausted going into the new year and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. But this week I’ve had a surge of energy come back and it felt amazing.

Matt and I had a great weekend getting through a whole bunch of things for ourselves and our home. We gave the house a deep clean, did all our grocery shopping and errands, spent a lot of time working in the garden and just generally had one of those super satisfying weekends where you feel like you got lots done. It set me up for a great week.

I’ve been sticking to my new routine of waking up earlier. I don’t set an alarm, I just wake up somewhere between 5:30 and 6 am and, instead of going back to sleep, make sure I get up. That one small change alone has made a huge difference. It’s given me the time to put more love into the ‘marketing’ side of our business. I’ve been able to write back to more comments, share more photos on Instagram, engage with people in our YouTube community tab and create more Insta-Stories. Doing that and engaging with people has been really rewarding, there’s been so much love and good vibes, it’s giving me energy!

One thing I’ve been doing the last two weeks it to start the new week with positivity and gratitude on my Insta-Stories. I create these little things where I list three things I’m grateful for, three things I’m excited for and three things I’m looking forward to. I’ve made them in such a way people can screenshot them and do their own if they like. But, by putting it out there, I’ve had lots of people reply and say it helped them be mindful and set them up for an amazing week too. It’s definitely been helping me!

On Tuesday night we went out to a special Christmas dinner at Brisbane Airport’s Botanist Kitchen and Bar. It was so much fun! In the past few months my low energy has made it hard for me at events like it but this week I was just so happy and grateful to be there, I had the best time. The food was so delicious, we were surrounded by really lovely people who were funny and easy to talk to. We had loads of drinks and just spent the whole night laughing. I had those laugh crease-lines in my make-up by the end of the night, that’s how much fun I had!

Matt and I spent a few hours on Wednesday working on the YouTube channel, re-doing some old thumbnails and applying some of the things we’ve learned this year to improve engagement. It’s funny how things can just suddenly ‘click’ and you can look back at old work and think, ‘Tragic! We were so off-base there, let’s fix that up.’


That night, I went into ABC Radio to do a segment with host and comedian, Ashwin Segkar, and Farhad Meher-Homeji from Changer Studios. We got on the air to talk about what it takes to succeed on YouTube and, again, it was really fun. I had so much energy to give and it just flowed, making the whole experience wonderful. Ashwin is a really funny guy, as is Farhad, and the three of us got on really well. If you remember the YouTube incubator program Matt and I did earlier this year, well, Farhad is one of the guys who ran it! It feels good to be able to pass on what we’ve learned and, of course, to be recognised as a YouTuber who has succeeded is lovely too. It gives you that boost to keep going!

I’m working hard to get myself into the Christmas spirit. We bought a new Christmas tree yesterday thanks to an amazing sales lady! I’d gone to by the tree last week and she was like, “Girl, do you need this thing urgently because, if you don’t, it’s going to be half-off next week so just put the thing on hold and come back to save a whole lotta money.” It was so nice of her! I think those good vibes too just really energised me this week.

Now that I think about it, it’s almost like I’ve seen so much badness in people this year and that’s gotten me down too. I’ve seen the worst in a lot of people, including my friends and my family and some of it has really just left me heartbroken. I’ve found myself withdrawing back into myself a lot because I really don’t trust anyone anymore, except, of course, for my husband and my very, very close family and a couple of friends. But there’s been a lot of love and positivity lately, mostly from strangers and lovely people who follow Little Grey Box or some of the amazing people we work with. It’s been really nice and I think it has had a hand in re-energising me too.

This weekend we’re off to celebrate the first birthday of one of my best friend’s VERY cute baby boy. He’s just a lil’ rolly, polly cutie-pie! We’ll spend some time with Matt’s mum and the rest of the weekend will be for resting and recharging again because I gotta stay on top of that. I’m feeling really exhausted today so after I get this done, I’m going to spend the rest of today doing some gentle tasks and winding down. Tonight, we’ll have a few drinks, listen to Christmas songs and put up our tree. Our cats haven’t seen a proper tree before so I’ve no doubt they’ll find a way to destroy it quite quickly and we’ll have to put it in tree prison somehow, for its own protection.

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you again next week.

Phoebe x

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