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How are you? I hope you had a great week! Mine ended up turning out very differently to how I’d planned. This time of year in Brisbane is usually lovely and hot, blue skies and endless sunshine but it has been unusually cool, overcast and rainy. Matt’s over it and ready for the heat but, I gotta say, I’ve been enjoying it. I don’t mind the rain. Not all the time, of course, but it’s been creating this really chilled out, low-key, lazy vibe that I’m really enjoying.

I woke up Saturday morning and it was already pouring. I got all bundled up in jeans and a jumper and headed out to catch up with a friend for coffee. My plan afterwards was to have a day out with Matt. We have lots of little free things we’ve been saving up, like a gift voucher from a friend, free movie tickets we got through work and free Mcdonalds! So we had this idea we’d have a ‘free day’ and use all the free things we keep putting off.

But, on the way home from coffee, I got stuck in awful traffic and saw the number of cars driving into the shopping centre. Turns out, the insane weather has driven everybody in Brisbane crazy and with nothing else to do, we’d all had the same idea. I hate crowds, I really do. The idea of a crowded shopping centre makes my social anxiety start to twitch so we decided to cancel that plan and do something vastly different.

Poor Matt has had this weird, mystery sinus ailment that has meant he’s been unable to taste or smell since around February. It’s crazy, right?! For around 9 months now he’s had no sense of taste or smell whatsoever. So when we’re travelling to all these amazing places eating all these great food, I’m the only one enjoying it properly. I often have to describe the food to him so he can get a sense of what it’s like.

Now, look, it’s not like this just happened and we were like, ‘Eh, let’s not worry about it, it’ll sort itself out.’ We have tried a million things to fix it. We’ve seen multiple doctors and specialists in different fields. He’s had so many different tests and tried a whole range of medicines but he’s also allergic to a lot of medicines so that has really limited what we can do to get it fixed. We’ve tried the natural route, working with an acupuncturist and testing out a whole host of natural remedies and alternative medicines. He’s changed his diet, exercised more, avoided dairy, gotten more rest, drank more water and even tried a three-day water cleanse.

So, with the sudden change of plans on Saturday, we took a very frustrated Matt to a new doctor to see what they thought. We waited for so long to see the guy and, honestly, he wasn’t very helpful. In the end, we decided to visit a local pharmacy because the pharmacists there are always so lovely and helpful. We spent ages talking to the lady and she had a theory on it being an allergy issue and something she’s experienced herself. What she had to say made a lot of sense and she recommended an over-the-counter spray so he’s been using that and while he still can’t taste or smell, he’s feeling much better!

Oh my gosh, has TW descended into a post about our personal ailments?! haha! I guess that’s what happens, right? That’s real life. But, look, if you’re reading this and you’ve experienced the same thing or know someone who has and managed to fix it somehow, please let us know. We’ll try anything!

Much like last week, I woke up on Monday morning feeling drained and thought I’d take Monday and Tuesday off again but the Universe had other plans for me. In another instalment of, ‘My Glamour Life as a Travel Blogger,’ I found fleas on my darling cats! I know how they got them and let me tell you right now, there’s a strict dog ban on my home moving forward. I felt like such a bad cat-parent.

I had to buzz down to the shops to buy supplies then we bundled the cats up in their carrier, sealed the house up and set off a bunch of flea bombs. The house was quarantined for nearly three hours while Matt and I, together with the two cats, huddled underneath the house while it poured rain. Thankfully, I’d grabbed a massive bag of M&M’s at the shops while I was there as an emotional consolation prize and a way of soothing the annoyance. We flea treated the two very angry cats and I spent the remainder of the day stripping sheets, bedding and pillow cases off everything, creating an insane laundry pile.

Here they are snuggling together! I bought these window hammocks for them and stuck one up above my desk. It’s far too small for the both of them to fit on it but they don’t care, they squeeze on there anyway and, somehow, it doesn’t fall down. It’s actually really nice working away at my desk with them sleeping so closeby – they keep me company while I write. They weren’t too happy after the disruption of the flea bomb, flea treatment or my manic cleaning spree disrupting them.

Of course, the next day, my second ‘day off’, was spent cleaning the whole house, vacuuming carpets to within an inch of their lives and doing a lot of laundry, disinfecting and mopping. I also spent a lot of time apologising to the cats and felt so bad about it I visited the RSPCA shop the next day to get some reassurance I was handling it right. I made the lady tell me I’m not a bad parent haha oh my gosh, so needy!

I mean, who are these glamorous travel bloggers travelling all the time, enjoying five-star hotel after five-star hotel with floating breakfasts, face masks and Michelin-star dinners?! Don’t they have husbands with sinus infections? Don’t they have cats infested with fleas? Don’t they have a thousand sheets to wash?!

Matt spent the rest of his week editing our Johannesburg video, which goes up tonight. I’ve said it before but we’ve been really focused on improving our videos this year. Each one we make, we analyse it and look at ways we can do better next time, in both filming and editing. It feels like we’re getting closer and closer to them being what we want! The one going up tonight, I did a bit more interview-style stuff, chatting with the locals, asking questions and better capturing the destination, I think. Our plan has always been to start 2019 with our video format locked down and I really think we’re going to get there!

The applications for Fohr’s Freshman Class of 2018 closed this week. I just want to say a huge thank you to every person who wrote us a testimonial – you took time out of your day to help us out and we both really appreciate the kindness and support. So, thank you. If we’ve made the cut, we’ll find out on 22 October and the winners are publicly announced on 5 November. Thanks to you guys, I really think we’ve got a good shot.

Well, that’s it from me today. I hope you have something great planned for the weekend that doesn’t involve the doctor or a flea infestation. If you didn’t catch it last week, be sure to watch our Safari video below!

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next Friday.

Love, Phoebe xx

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  1. Have you considered that it might be psychological? Just throwing it out there because I saw that in a film once so it’s obviously a thing. I hope you get it sorted, I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be for you!

    1. Ha I do but it’s a comedy so probably not very useful! It’s walk hard with John c Reily. He loses his sense of smell after he accidentally kills his brother so it’s pretty drastic. Still worth a little research if you think you’ve explored all other avenues. The body can do strange things especially after hard periods of stress or anxiety x

    2. That’s it! Matt killed his brother! That must be it!! 😂😂😜 I agree – definitely still worth looking into seeing as we’ve tried so many other things and come up short. Thanks again for the help 🙌🏻💕

  2. Have y’all tried a Chinese doctor? I have sinus and the doctor actually gave me a list of things I should stay away from (he also prescribed some meds) and my sinus is wayy better now!

    1. I have tried a Chinese doctor and the results were quite good but my taste and smell have not returned. Your experience has me thinking I should try again – thanks Jodztan! Matt

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