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Well, Matt and I are back home in Brisbane and it feels so great to be sleeping in our own bed again. Don’t get me wrong, travelling is amazing and I love all the things we get to experience through our job but my goodness doesn’t it feel good to get back into your own bed after being away for a few weeks?! Yes, yes it does!

Our #SquadSQ trip wrapped up last Sunday. We caught up with local Singapore comic Rishi Bhudrani who took us to his favourite Bedok Hawker Centre for a traditional kaya toast breakfast. Then, we headed into town and visited Arab Street and Haji Lane. After a crazy paced few weeks it was a more chilled out approach to seeing Singapore, which was really nice. I also got to pick Rishi’s brain about life as a stand-up comedian because I had a million questions about the process and nobody to ask!

The next day, we reunited with Nicola, Luke, Phoebe and Chris for breakfast at a gorgeous local spot, Symmetry. We spent a few hours catching up on where everyone had visited, the highlights of their trip, how fancy we all felt experiencing Premium Economy and Business Class and, of course, a whole lot of good food memories. Breakfast was absolutely delicious but we had to wrap things up and head out on a tour of Singapore’s Peranakan history.

If you haven’t heard the word before, Singapore’s Peranakan people are predominantly the descendants of Chinese immigrants who arrived on the island during the 17th century and married local women. That said, there’s still a significant Malay and Indian influence too with traces of Portuguese, Dutch and Indonesian too. We visited the Peranakan Museum, explored a few of the remaining shops selling unique Peranakan clothing, food, homewares and art. Then, we visited the vibrant Peranakan-style homes and got our Instagram photo-shoot on.

That night, we headed to The Tippling Club for pre-dinner drinks. The menu was ridiculously cool! Inspired by hopes and dreams, the cocktails are named things like, ‘happiness,’ ‘success,’ ‘lust,’ and ‘indulgence.’ Being me and loving a good tequila cocktail, I went for ‘happiness,’ a delightful concoction of yuzu, lemon, orange, honey and tequila. It was so delicious I ended up having three of them and pretty much rolled out of The Tippling Club into the car.

For dinner, we headed to Violet Oon at Singapore’s National Gallery and enjoyed one of the best meals of the trip. The food was so good! Keeping with the theme of the day, the menu was stacked with delectable Peranakan bites and, you guys, it was absolutely delicious. Now, restaurants in Singapore aren’t exactly renowned for being budget-friendly, but Violet Oon was actually really well-priced and the food and service were both fantastic. So, if you are visiting Singapore and want to try some amazing food – pop Violet Oon on your list.

The next day was our first morning in two weeks with nothing scheduled so Matt and I made the most of our incredible room at Swissotel The Stamford by sleeping the heck in! I think we woke up about 9:30am or so, we both must have been really in need of a very long sleep because neither of us stirred throughout the night. Feeling refreshed and recharged, we got ready for the day, packed our bags and headed out for our very last activity as #SquadSQ; High Tea at The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

If you’ve never been before, The Fullerton Bay is so fancy! When you walk in it’s a huge, wide-open space that’s all things grand and gorgeous. The floors are really shiny so all the lights of the chandeliers and the big beams on the ceiling reflect off them and the whole space seems huge, almost like a cathedral in a way. Of course, the food was exceptional, a fancy buffet-style affair packed full of local favourites like roti prata and popiah with a tower of traditional high tea sweets served too. The sweets were amazing and, interestingly, most of them had local influence, like kaya jam instead of raspberry jam served with the scones!

Afterwards, we headed back to Swissotel, collected our things and said our goodbye’s in the lobby. The trip was absolutely amazing and, somehow, it went by in the blink of an eye. We got to experience so many wonderful things we never would have otherwise, we met some pretty incredible people, ate amazing food and ticked a few things off our life bucket list in the process.

Instead of flying home right away, we spent two nights in Singapore staying at my parent’s house, having some family time. Then, on Tuesday night, we boarded our final Singapore Airline’s flight home. Trust me, you’ve never seen two people more excited to board a plan than Matt and I, both of us wanting to make the MOST of every last minute in Business Class. We touched down in Brisbane, came home and both slunk into bed for a big nap. I woke up to both of the cats asleep on my chest, happy to have me home. It was really nice, I love coming home to them.

My little sweetie

Now we’re home, it’s time to get cracking on all the work we have to do! We have so much content to create from this trip – loads of written guides to destinations, plenty of videos and many more photos to share. We did our YouTube schedule yesterday and we’re pretty much sorted for the rest of this year! Our first video from the trip will be up next Friday so you won’t have to wait too long to see what we got up to. I also sat down and wrote a list of all the written guides I want to create and, well, it’s going to be a busy end to the year for me! Plus, we still have so much more content to share from our Canada trip!

On a personal front, next week is a big one for me. I’ve been sharing with you all year that I’ve had some big challenges going on and have been working through them. Next week is going to bring more of it to the front so if you could send me some good vibes, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll update you next Friday and let you know how I go. I have to say, I’m feeling really confident, in control and centred about it all. Phew!

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next Friday.

Love, Phoebe xx

P.S If you have any questions or there’s anything you want me to talk about her in TW, let me know in the comments below ūüôā

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