Hey Travel Family,

I think it’s time I started addressing these weekly blog posts to you properly, as my travel family, because that’s really what it feels like. I’ve been pouring my heart out into blog posts on this site for six years now and not only do you read them, you empathise and offer your support. It’s incredible and I’m so thankful for it! I often struggle to share how I feel in words, face-to-face. Writing has always been the easiest way for me to communicate and to be able to do it here is the best feeling. So, thank you for always supporting us, it really means the world and it makes us family.

This week I’ve been focused on how I feel, using that to help me steer my way through each day. When things have been tough, I’ve reminded myself I’ll get through it just as I always do. When things have been great, I’ve made sure to enjoy them. It’s been a crazy week of work, dealing with personal matters and getting ready for our big trip (which starts tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about that in a second).

One other thing that came out of this week, which I wasn’t expecting, was a sudden need to take stock of the people in my life. The changes Matt and I decided to make in our lives brought unexpected reactions. While I thought everyone would be happy for us, some people weren’t and it brought a lot of negativity, which I wasn’t expecting. Not only did we have to contend with our own fears, when we left our jobs, we had to contend with other people’s negativity projected onto us, telling us we were selfish, entitled and sure to fail.

Fast forward to now and, from the outside looking in, there may be perceived success. My true friends and family see this and are happy for us. Other people see it as an opportunity for themselves, a way to get something for free, use us, better themselves or associate with something they think will benefit them in some way. The people in our lives who really love us never ask us for anything. They’re our friends because they love us unconditionally, not because there’s some benefit to them. So, it’s pretty easy to spot the people who only care about themselves. They always show up with their hand out, wanting something.

This week I realised I don’t have to accept that in my life. I took the time to lock things down and remove the clutter. I know the people who truly care about me and I would do anything for them. They have always been there, supporting us and cheering us on from the very beginning. Those are the only people I need in my life and I’m really grateful to have them. It feels so good to have finally cleared out all the yuckiness. If you haven’t taken the time to do some work on your friendship garden in a while, I recommend you do – it’s a strengthening, liberating feeling and I feel much better for it.

Now, onto the exciting part of this letter and, just to get you excited, all the photos in this post are from the two new destinations we’re visiting.


Tomorrow morning Matt and I are starting an incredible trip – I mean, honestly, this is one of those travel bucket-list kinda trips! So, a quick bit of background, a few months ago Singapore Airlines approached us and asked if we would be interested in meeting with them to talk about a project. Of course, we said yes. We’ve been doing press trips with Singapore Airlines for a few years now and they’re just amazing to work with – they take such good care of us, organise the best trips and are a dream to work with!

The concept they pitched was awesome! Dubbed #squadSQ, Singapore Airlines will send a group of seven travellers to a total of nine destinations covering more than 90,000 miles over a period of 14 days. The #squadSQ is comprised of our good friends Luke from Backstreet Nomad and Nicola from Polkadot Passport, together with two new friends, Phoebe and Chris from The Curious Collection.

We’ll all be meeting up in Singapore to spend a few days exploring together, then heading off to different corners of the world. Luke will be exploring Japan and Sri Lanka, Nic is headed to Laos and Switzerland while Phoebe and Chris will be checking out Germany and Vietnam. Matt and I are absolutely beside ourselves with excitement because we’re going to South Africa and South Korea!

Like I said, Singapore Airlines always put together the best trips and this one is no exception. We’re visiting Cape Town and Johannesburg and, you guys, we’re doing a safari! I cannot tell you how excited I am for it – I have been dreaming of visiting South Africa since I was a little girl watching the Lion King for the first time. I know it’s silly but, I always promised myself I would get there one day and now it’s happening and, somehow, it’s my job. It’s just… it’s incredible and I’m so grateful for the opportunity!

After we wrap up in South Africa we’ll be flying to South Korea to get our K-Pop on and experience Korean culture! I cannot wait! I absolutely loved Japan the first time I visited and I feel like Seoul is going to offer many of the things I loved about Tokyo. Like I said, this trip is travel goals brought to life for us and we get to do it with Singapore Airlines, which makes it even more special.

At the end of everyone’s adventures, we’ll be meeting back up in Singapore for some #squadSQ time! We’ll be checking out more of Singapore, catching up on all the travel gossip and sharing all the fun we had. You can follow along with everyone’s trip as it happens on their social media, of course, just don’t fall in love with them too much or Matt and I will get jealous, okay.

Of course, we’ll be creating loads of videos of the trip, as well as taking a million photos and curating some written guides for you too. Matt and I have been working really hard this year to get our video format sorted and it feels like we’ve achieved that! So, for us, this trip is a chance to take all that work and put it into practice. I think these upcoming videos will be the best we’ve ever made – a great mix of useful information and fun. I also think the safari video will probably just be 10 minutes of me crying with joy and singing the Lion King theme song in-between sobs.

Today, we’re just doing all our pre-departure preparation. We have to clean the house, get our bags packed, clean off all the memory cards, cameras and laptop. We have to get all our electronics charged and ready to go, clear off hard-drives and get everything we need organised and ready to go. We’ll be leaving home super early in the morning so, when we go to bed tonight, everything needs to be done.

Okay, I’m going to go and keep getting ready. Thanks again for all your kindness and support last week, it really means a lot knowing you’re there for us. I’m so excited to get to work tomorrow and kick-start this adventure – it’s going to be one of those trips we never forget, I can just tell.

Have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you next Friday with my South Africa update! You can also follow along on Instagram here and here.

Love you,

Phoebe x

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  1. I guess I’ve followed you from close to the start and although I’m no longer a ‘traveller’ (with the exception of, as now, an annual extended summer trip to Romania) I enjoy the posts, particularly those about places I visited in the distant past (43 countries in all) and, more recently, the weekly ‘digest’, though there have been long gaps brought on by health problems.
    Looking forward to your posts on the forthcoming trip; what a great opportunity! ‘Drum bun!’ as the Romanians would say.

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