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Highlights of the week

Well, it has been an incredible week in Canada and I’ve got a lot to catch you up on! We’re in Canmore at the moment staying with our good friend, Mindy, mooching her hot water, washing machine, couch and wifi. After a week of camping, it’s like checking into a five-star luxury resort.

We finished up in Porteau Cove and managed to get all our filming done for our Vancouver guide. Leaving Squamish really felt like the proper start of the road trip and we were excited to get to Whistler. The weather was pretty miserable but it really didn’t matter because we had some really fun activities planned. Things kicked off with an awesome off-road tour with The Adventure Group. We climbed into RZR’s, some badass off-road vehicles, and set off into the forest just outside Whistler. It. Was. Awesome! It had been raining so the trail was a little muddy with some big, sloshy puddles around the place. We whizzed through the forest, spraying mud all around us, laughing and smiling the whole way – it was just so much fun! Along the way, we stopped for photos at a couple of scenic spots and switched drivers. I loved driving the RZR, it was like a video game come to life.

After the RZR ended, we drove to the campsite and set up our tent before heading back into town to check-in for our Zipline with ZipTrek. We met the group, headed up in the gondola and looked down below at all the mountain bikers tackling tough paths down the hill. At the top, we set off into the forest on foot for a few minutes until we reached the first zip line platform. Matt and I were up first, we got clipped in and then took off together on parallel lines, whizzing high up over the awesome river and trees below. It was SO good! We were laughing and smiling so much, the rush was amazing and we got some awesome photos. We filmed and photographed everything so we can put together a video and written guide to Whistler!

Upside down on a zipline!

The next morning we were up bright and early for a big driving day. When I checked the maps, the estimated driving time from Whistler to Clear Water was around 5 1/2 hours but after a wrong turn, a few snack stops and delays here and there it ended up taking much longer and we didn’t reach our campsite at Clear Water Lake until quite late in the day. We quickly pitched our tent, I got dinner started and Matt set to work sparking up the first campfire of the trip. I was so exhausted, I went to sleep super early and had to force myself out of bed the next morning when the alarm went off nice and early.

We crawled out of bed, packed up the campsite and set off for Helmken Falls where we got some amazing photographs and videos – it’s one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen, including Iceland! A three-hour drive saw us arrive near stunning Mount Robson where we set off on the Berg Lake Trail bound for Kinney Lake. Now, as you know, I hate hiking but I had been looking forward to re-doing this trail with Matt. The forest the whole way is absolutely stunning, it’s like a fairytale come to life and the path follows alongside the river. It’s just perfect. We arrived at Kinney Lake, snapped some photos and enjoyed our picnic lunch before heading back out again and driving to Jasper.

Our stay in Jasper was pretty short, with just the one night at Whistlers campground. In desperate need of a proper wifi session, we visited the library the following morning and spent a few hours catching up on emails and work, attending to general business stuff and contacting my mum to let her know we were still alive and well! Our departure from the library also marked our first official day on the Icefields Parkway, which offers the most incredible drive through pine trees and past incredible mountains all around.

It wasn’t possible for us to book a campsite along the Icefields Parkway as the sites are all on a first come, first served basis. We had just passed the Athabasca Glacier, which as you can guess by the name is quite a cold spot, when we saw the sign for the first campground, Wilcox. We did a lap, found a spot and registered, setting up our tent to claim our patch before heading off again. It was absolutely freezing and I wasn’t looking forward to spending the night at Wilcox, especially as there was a fire ban in the area! About 45 minutes drive away from Wilcox, we came across another campground and the car’s thermometer told us it was 10 degrees warmer. We did a loop and found the perfect spot, which also allowed us to have a fire! Poor Matt had to leave me at the new site to register and guard our patch while he drove back to Wilcox to disassemble the tent and drive back to the new campsite.

In the end, we lost our whole day but it was well worth it. We met a lovely local Canadian couple who had been camping their whole lives, up until they turned 69 and decided it was time for a proper camper trailer. They did a little walking tour around the campsite with us and pointed out local flowers and a few other things we never would’ve seen, like where bears had been foraging for food. Losing the day sightseeing was worth meeting them and having an awesome night by the campfire.

The next morning we piled back in the car and drove the short distance to Banff, stopping in at Lake Louise, Emerald Lake and Abraham Lake along the way. The weather was pretty miserable so we didn’t waste too much time, making a beeline for the campsite at Tunnel Mountain, setting up and enjoying dinner and a few hot chocolates followed by a good night’s sleep.

Our second day in Banff was spent buzzing between different places, filming a budget-friendly guide to the area for YouTube and capturing photos for blog posts too. Before we knew it, it was dinner time so we treated ourselves to veggie burgers and poutine then headed back to the campsite. The following morning, we packed up and stopped in at the library for a quick wifi session then hit the road bound for Canmore, where one of my best friends in the whole world, Mindy, lives.

It felt so good to see her in Canada after so long! I’ve seen her many times but have been promising to come to visit in Canada for years and to finally be here with her is an awesome feeling. Our first day was incredible, we set up our tent in her backyard, indulged in hot showers, headed out for a fantastic dinner and awesome cocktails followed by lots of laughter and catching up in the backyard, overlooking the surrounding mountains. It was just perfect! I had meant to write TW yesterday but was having such an awesome time with Mindy and her housemates, we decided to put work on hold and enjoy ourselves.

Today, Matt and Mindy have set off on a ridiculous hike to the top of a peak that looks very close to the heavens! I can’t wait to see the photos when they get back. I went to a beautiful spot with Mindy’s housemates, Hannah and Jesse, where we did a short but intense hike up to some stunning, bright blue lakes and got a glimpse of a few gorgeous owls too. Now, I’m downloading photos and having a bit of an editing session before Matt and Min get home.

Jesse and Hannah

The Canada trip has been amazing and I really feel like it’s given me the chance to get my love for photography back. I’m feeling more inspired, energised and motivated than ever and just all around happy. It’s a great feeling.

I hope you’ve been well too and have some wonderful plans for the weekend. Wherever you are in the world, stay safe and I’ll talk to you next week  – P xx

P.S If you need a good laugh, I recommend you watch the below video – there’s a very sexy car washing scene in there that will give you a good giggle.

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

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Song of the week

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