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Highlights of the week

TW is coming to you from a very special place today. Matt and I are sitting in our rental car, parked as close as we possibly can be to Tim Horton’s (that most beloved of Canadian doughnut shops) as we mooch the free wifi for all it’s worth! To be fair, I’ve spent a lot of money at various Timmy’s over the past few weeks so I feel I’m owed at least one sneaky wifi session.

Last I left you I was huddled over my laptop in the Jasper public library. The next day we packed up our tents and set off for Wells Gray National Park, home to gorgeous country scenery, stunning sunsets, incredible waterfalls and a lot of mosquitos! We spent our days checking out the local area, making a visit to the Miette Hot Springs, spotting bears (yassss!), elk and deer, drinking beers around the campfire and soaking in the fresh country air. After a few very cold days in Banff and Jasper, I was really enjoying soaking up the sunshine in Wells Gray. I’ve noted down a few things I want to go back and do again with Matt next week, especially the waterfalls.

After Wells Gray, we made our way to Whistler. What was slated to be a fun night out with a few quiet drinks turned out to be an epic party night! We drank saki and ate sushi then spilt out onto the streets of Whistler headed for the Irish Pub (of course). More beers and live music turned into another pub where four people take a shot off a ski at the same time (perfectly named, ‘shotski’s’) which, of course, led to another two bars before the entire crew spilt out onto the streets of Whistler at around 2am or so. Pure carnage. I’ve reached the age where I finally know my limits (after a lot of trial and error) and managed to keep myself in check by only drinking beer. The same cannot be said for everyone else.

The following morning I treated myself to the best veggie breakfast burrito I’ve ever had, caught up with Matt on FaceTime and ran a few errands around town before the group all came together for our final dinner of the trip. Greg, the amazing videographer who has been capturing every moment of the adventure put together an epic BBQ with the help of Aly and Vicky. We all feasted for hours on amazing food and drank beers while reminiscing about everything that had happened over the last ten days. I’ve got so many amazing photos to share with you guys as well as loads of great content too – video and written guides! My wifi access is sporadic at best so you’ll have to wait for me to get home before I can share it all with you.

We woke up the next day, packed our tents for the last time, cleaned everything, got in the van and headed to Vancouver where I met up with Matt on Granville Island. The poor thing was very jetlagged after the long 14-hour flight and navigating the streets of Vancouver solo in the rental car. I said my goodbye’s to the Trek crew and we made a beeline to our Airbnb! I can’t tell you how good it felt to have a really long shower, do all my laundry and climb into a proper bed.

The next day we set off to film around Vancouver as we’re putting together a video and written budget guide to Vancouver in the summer. We got everything done but found ourselves stuck in awful traffic for two hours. When we finally made it back, we both just crashed out. The next morning we got everything organised, packed up the car and went straight to Walmart where we bought all our camping supplies for the second part of the trip. After camping with TrekAmerica for so long I had a really good idea of what we definitely needed and how to be bear aware! We drove to the campsite just outside Squamish, about 45 minutes north of Vancouver, and set up our site along with a picturesque lake. We had to make a couple more trips to Walmart to get a few things we forgot or realised we needed but we’re really getting the hang of it.

I’m planning to put together loads of guides on how to camp in Canada, road trip itineraries, meal ideas and so many other super detailed guides! Hopefully, it helps some other travellers out there thinking of doing the same trip. We’re already loving it and I highly recommend doing it this way, it’s so good to be out in the gorgeous Canadian outdoors and, honestly, it’s way more budget friendly.

Today, we buzzed around North Vancouver filming the rest of the activities for our budget Vancouver guide and, as I said, now we’re camped out in Timmy’s carpark mooching free wifi!

Basically, over the next few weeks, we’ll be retracing my TrekAmerica steps and going back to the places I’ve visited but with totally free time to capture the things I missed, re-do the things I wanted to have more time to film and photograph. We’ll also be going a little further west, there are a few places I want to explore and a few things I want to film out that way too.

In exciting news, our YouTube channel rolled over 10,000 subscribers over the last few days. It’s such an exciting feeling! We’ve been working really hard to improve our video content and make vids that are not only information and useful but fun to watch with a professional vibe. Pushing through the 10k mark is a mental push for us both to keep working hard and stay focused on making videos we love and other people can enjoy and use. It’s also a sort of cosmic approval, validation that we’re on the right path and doing a good job. So, thank you to every person who subscribes – it means so much more than you realise.

I hope you’ve had a great week and have something fun planned for this weekend! I’ll talk to you next week – P xx

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