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Highlights of the week

It looks like I have two weeks of stuff to catch you up on because I missed TW last week! I walked up to Matt’s office in the morning, we started talking about our Canada trip and ended up getting really deep into it, falling down a rabbit hole of multiple tabs, online reviews and guides. Before I knew it, we’d booked everything and it was late in the afternoon. Whoops.

I’m leaving for Canada in a few weeks and will do the first 9 days Matt-less on a media trip with TrekAmerica and Destination Canada. It sounds like an amazing trip! I have some deliverables I’ll have to put together for them and content I need to capture in those 9 days without Matt, but it’ll be okay. I’ll have to ask some of the others on the trip to help me with photos and video sometimes. Quick note – I’ve put some stock images of Canada in this post to get you in the mood for the trip!

We’ve been wanting to do a Canada trip for a while now so, with me being over there already and my flights being paid for, it seemed like the perfect time! Matt’s going to fly over after the work portion of events winds up, we’re going to meet up then kick off our own two-week road trip through Western Canada! We’re legitimately broke bitches so the whole thing is going to be super budget, which is great for the content because just researching that area I got a sense of how expensive it is. I think creating budget-friendly content is going to be really useable for other travellers, I don’t think many people can afford to see that part of Canada in a luxe way!

We’ll be doing lots of driving, camping and exploring the outdoors. One of my very best friends lives near Banff, so we’ll be spending a few days with her and we also get to be there for Canada Day. I’m beyond excited! But, as you can imagine, if we’re going to be away from work for such a long time we need enough content back-logged so we can keep posting. It’s all systems go, both Matt and I are creating content and saving it up like mad. I’ve cut back posting on the blog from 4 times to a week to 3, opting to save the fourth post up. I’m still hoping to be able to do TW each Friday so I can share how the trip is going with you.

There’s still a lot of planning to be done for the trip but we’ll get there! I also have to say a huge thank you to the lovely team at Lorna Jane who sent me a parcel full of their gorgeous gear to take with me to Canada. They hooked me up with some really lovely tights, a sports bra, tank and visor which will be put to very good use on all the outdoor activities we’ll be doing. The tights are soooooo good! They have that big, thick waistband at the top so they won’t slip down when we’re hiking – they’re a dream come true! Thanks, LJ team!

Today, we’ve got a meeting with one of our favourite clients. I can’t tell you too much, but they reached out to us a couple of weeks back about an incredible two-week trip. Today, we’ll meet up with them to find out more about the trip and see if we can make it happen. I should be able to tell you more in next week’s TW.

Also, if you remember me talking about our hiking trip in Thailand a few weeks ago, the vlog episode from that trip is up! You can watch it below, if you want. It involves lots of roosters annoying us, having the weirdest shower of my life and lots of me suffering while hiking haha! I hope you like it.

This week I got the chance to do something I’ve never done before! I love Star Wars and one of Matt’s friends, who knows this and loves it too, got tickets to the midnight screening of Solo! We went with a couple of other friends on Wednesday night and it was awesome. There were dudes everywhere haha I felt a bit outnumbered and very intimidated because I love Star Wars but I don’t have that deep fandom knowledge. It has put me off going to a screening before because I didn’t feel worthy but Matt’s friend dragged me out of my awkward shell and I had an amazing time! I’m so happy I got to do it.

I’ve got a bit on my mind at the moment with my private family life. It’s been making me a bit stressed and anxious, I’ve been having trouble sleeping and I’ve been grinding my teeth like crazy when I do sleep – seriously, my jaw has been aching! Eek! But, my mum is flying over from Singapore tonight so it’ll be good to have her here to share it with and not feel like there’s so much on my shoulders. Hopefully, it’ll all be sorted soon. Sorry to be so vague, I like to be open with you guys and let you know everything that goes on cos, real life is a mess, right?! Haha! But, there are parts of my family life I like to keep private.

Alright, well, I better wrap this up so I can go and start getting ready for our meeting with the client I mentioned earlier! Gotta look real fresh so they give us the gig – if they saw me in my flannelette pyjamas and fluffy pink robe right now, I don’t think it’d go so well.

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week (hopefully with good news!)

P x

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A little insight into this week’s video…

This is the vlog episode from our Ban Jabo Hill Tribe Trek with G Adventures and TourRadar a few weeks ago. I was so nervous about this trip because I hate hiking but I ended up having a really fun time. I’m still not the person to plan my weekend around a hike, but I’m looking forward to doing a few short walks in Canada when we go. This video makes me laugh so hard – it’s just Matt and me being idiots!

Song of the week

The song I’ve been crushing on most this week…


    1. That’s GREAT news!! So glad you said hi, Vicky 😀 It’ll be nice to show up on day one and recognise someone. Can’t wait to meet you properly x

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