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Highlights of the week

Good morning! Or afternoon/evening, I guess, depending on where you’re reading this from. Hope you’ve had a great week and are easing into your Friday, gearing up for a great weekend. Just a heads up, all the photos in TW this week are from our trip to Rainbow Beach.

Things definitely picked up for me after our catch-up last Friday. I don’t know whether it was simply sharing how angry and frustrated I was feeling or getting a fresh perspective, but things started improving day after day and my rage has now subsided. I spoke to a few other friends about it and a funny number of people had said they’d felt the same way – one suggested it was the impending full moon dredging up some murky feelings. Whatever the cause, I’m glad it’s gone.

Last weekend was a really busy one for us followed by a super busy and exhausting week. Before we could take off to Rainbow Beach to work for a few days we had to get loads of things done. Videos needed to be edited for the YouTube channel, blog posts written and scheduled, deliverables sent off to clients and all those little, admin jobs you keep putting off but really need to get done. The house needed to be cleaned, a few errands to run and so on.

You might remember I told you Matt’s touch football team had made the grand final! Well, in all his infinite wisdom, Matt decided to do a 7km Spartan Race on Saturday morning with the grand final on Monday. He came limping home with a badly sprained ankle all black and blue, blown up like a balloon…. it was truly hideous. He’s team captain so he still went to the final to cheer the guys from the sidelines and I guess all your good vibes worked cos they won their first final in five years!

On Tuesday morning we packed up the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and headed up to Rainbow Beach to get the film, photos and content we needed. If you haven’t heard of it before, Rainbow Beach is absolutely beautiful. It’s one of those places you should really try to get to in your life if you can – the beaches are stunning, the Carlo Sand Blow is just… wow… it’s a really magical, special spot. It’s a bit of an effort to get there if you’re visiting from overseas or don’t have a car, but it’s worth hiring one and seeing it. It’s one of my favourite spots in the world. Matt and I have been going there for years.

We needed to film a ‘couples road trip tips’ video for Mitsubishi and, before we left, I’d planned the shoot. I knew the types of shots I wanted to get, what I needed to stay for each tip we filmed and some funny gags to throw in too. I feel like this video is the first one that really combines both Matt and my strengths. We’ve learned so much with the YouTube Incubator this year and it’s really starting to come together, I feel so confident and trusting in the type of videos I want to produce and this one really captured that. It’s the perfect mix of Matt’s awesome, cinematic videography skills and my fun side mixed with the professional, to-camera information.

Back to Rainbow… I reached out to Mark and Tanya at Rainbow Ocean Palms Resort, who we worked with about three years ago, and asked if they’d be interested in teaming up with us again and they said yes! So, we spent two nights at their incredible resort. It’s the kind of place where you step inside and just think…. W-O-W! I mean, the views from the balcony alone are jaw-dropping, then the inside of the apartment is so luxurious and stunning you kinda stand around staring like an open-mouthed fish while it all sinks in. If you ever do visit Rainbow, Ocean Palms is my #1 recommendation on where to stay – it’s pure perfection.

All up, we were there for 3 days and spent our time dipping in and out of the resort, filming different things around the town, in the apartment and on the Sand Blow. We got every shot we wanted to get and when we finally wrapped, I felt really relieved, excited and proud. I’m so happy we got to include somewhere as special as Rainbow in the video and work with genuinely lovely locals like Mark and Tanya. There can be such a great sense of community in this job sometimes and it makes some projects extra special!

I also had a great moment of clarity this week when some negativity popped into my day, coming from another person. I had been watching some stand-up comedy on Netflix before and, in it, the comedian was very flippantly dismissing hate and negative. I was struck by how genuinely they didn’t care about the hate. They just swatted it aside with a wave of the hand, saying, “Don’t care, not my problem.” It was so matter-of-fact that it really struck me, like, it really is that easy – you don’t have to care or take other people’s negativity to heart.

I get negative comments on my videos, photos and posts and I don’t need to take them personally, I can simply swat them away with a wave of my hand and a genuine, ‘Don’t care, not my problem.’ The very next day my desire to try it out was answered when some negativity popped up. I waved it away easily and rather than latching onto my heart and my day, it was just… gone! Never to be seen again!

So, what ended as a rough week last week ended up moving into a really great week, ending in some newfound confidence dealing with negativity. Today, I’m writing TW as my first task of the day then need to quickly clean the house and nip down to the grocery store for supplies as we have a friend visiting. You know what it’s like, you gotta get everything done before they arrive so you can properly relax and enjoy yourself when they get here. The video from our Melbourne trip drops tonight, so be sure to check that out on YouTube and, if you didn’t see it, you can watch our Tattoo Roulette video below.

Oh, also… we just hit 7k subscribers on YouTube! Which is really exciting because I remember when we had 200 and it felt like 7k was a world away and totally impossible. So, a huge thank you to each person who subscribes to the Little Grey Box YouTube channel, we appreciate it so much and your support means more than you could ever possibly realise.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend – I hope you’ve got some great things planned.

I’ll talk to you next week.

P xx

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

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A little insight behind this week’s video…

I don’t even know where to start with this one! This video is more than just a video to me. I have wanted to make really funny, weird, crazy videos like this for a long time but I didn’t have the confidence or trust in myself to do. After the YouTube Incubator I realised, if I want our YouTube channel to grow and I want to achieve the goals I have for myself, I need to commit my whole heart to this thing and trust myself to follow my instincts. So, I drew up the Vlog Episode Plan for this video and told Matt we were filming it. Luckily, he agreed… with a little convincing required.

We filmed it on the last day of our trip to Chiang Mai! We filmed the intro, checked out of the hotel then hit the streets of Chiang Mai, ending up at the tattoo parlour. We wrapped up filming, grabbed our bags and went straight to the airport for the long flight home. It was hilarious! Seeing this video complete just makes me so happy and seeing people enjoy it inspires me to keep listening to my inner voice and following through with what my heart is telling me to do!

Song of the week

The song I’ve been crushing on most this week…


  1. Awesome!! I m glad you don’t latch the negative comments in your heart. It was an awesome read… Thanks for sharing!! Loved your channel…

  2. Just Subscribed to your Youtube Channel. Thought I did ages ago but hey ho there ya go 👍

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