A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

Matt and I just got home from a sunrise swim and surf at the beach. I mean, really just got home – my hair is still wet from the water. The weather is getting colder and we don’t know how many more coast trips we have left, so we’re making the absolute most of it while we’ve got the chance. We woke up a little before 5 am this morning, jumped in the car and buzzed down to the Gold Coast. It was glorious! All the photos in today’s post were taken this morning.

This week has been a really challenging one for me. I feel like I’m usually a pretty chilled out person, it takes a lot for me to get really angry and, even when I do, it usually passes very quickly. I don’t like feeling tense, stressed or angry so when I feel myself getting that way, I shake it off and remember life’s not so serious and there’s no time to waste feeling yuck.

But this week has been different for some reason. Things that would normally annoy or frustrate me have been making me really angry and I’ve been unable to let it go. Everyday tasks have been a challenge, big jobs have been difficult and it feels like everything I do fails to go smoothly, throwing up problems at every turn. It has felt like the world is against me and every time something goes wrong (which is every few minutes) I’ve been taking it really personally and unable to move past it. (Note: the perfect example of this is I had just finished writing this whole blog post and was about to close out of it to edit the photos for it but cos my week has been so shitty, freaked out and copied the whole text, just in case. For the first time EVER in my whole blogging life, when I came back to finish the post, it was GONE! Seriously… if I hadn’t copied it to paste back in, I don’t think I would’ve had the heart to re-do the whole thing again.) 

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in… I don’t even remember. I lay awake for hours, my mind swimming with the conflict of the day and memories of old conflicts. I wake up at 3am, my mind racing and I lose track of time in the shower as my inner monologue sifts through every detail of the day. It’s out of control!

If you’ve been reading Little Grey Box for a while, you’ll know I wholeheartedly believe everything happens for a reason. All the conflict, challenges, frustrations and difficulties infiltrating my usually peaceful life are there to teach me something and until I figure out what this and learn the dang lesson, it’s going to keep happening. I’m so far from perfect, the list of potential lessons in this is H-U-G-E! As in, ‘he’s making a list and checking it twice,’ kinda huge. I was so overwhelmed by it, I caved last night and went slinking into Matt’s office for some help to try and talk through it all and figure out what the heck is going on. Neither of us has a clue.

So, that’s going to be my personal task for the next few days or however long it takes me to work out what’s going on. My usual plan of attack for an issue like this is to journal, just sit down and write whatever the heck comes into my mind so my inner monologue and I can try to work through it together. If that fails, some meditation can be really helpful and if that doesn’t work… I’m out of ideas haha I’ll let you know if I’ve gotten my act together in TW next week. Either that or my rage has taken hold and I’ve gone full Hulk down at the supermarket, tearing open bags of baby spinach leaves like confetti while throwing crumpets at children and am currently being detained for questioning. Not to worry, Matt will bust me out (he can’t cook, so, he’ll get hungry eventually).

The week ahead is shaping up to be a great one, regardless! We picked up the Eclipse Cross from Mitsubishi on Tuesday and we’ve got the next fortnight to capture everything we need for our deliverables (a blog post, video and some images). I borrowed the neighbour’s dog today and we took some really great photos down the coast, there are some awesome shots in there already so we’re on top of the photographs we need to deliver. It also soothed my anger going to the beach this morning and working, I really love my job – it’s a wonderful distraction when things feel off.

Next week we’re driving up to one of our all-time favourite places in the whole world, Rainbow Beach! It’s a spot both Matt and I adore, so we’re really looking forward to it. We’re going to use the area as the backdrop for the Mitsubishi video and are both bursting with shot ideas. It’s going to be a really fun trip and Rainbow is so gorgeous, it’ll be very easy for us to get the rest of the photographs we need too. Again, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into work.

Also, in very exciting news – we filmed a vlog episode in Chiang Mai called, ‘Tattoo Roulette,’ in which, we both spin a wheel then go and get tattoos. Yes, we really do get the tattoos haha it’s not clickbait! The video goes up on the Little Grey Box YouTube channel tonight at 10:30pm Brisbane time. So go check it out over the weekend if you’re in the mood for a laugh (Matt kills me, he’s so funny in it!)

One last thing before I go – Matt’s touch football team has made the Grand Final! Go, Beans! So, if you don’t mind, please send him some of your good vibes between now and Monday night.

I hope you’ve got some great plans for the weekend. Have a good end to the week and enjoy every moment of your days off.

I’ll talk to you next week.

P xx

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

Visit the Little Grey Box YouTube channel and peep all our awesome travel videos here. 

A little insight behind this week’s video…

You may remember, I told you all about us heading out to Brisbane Airport to film in TW a few weeks ago. Basically, how that came about, is Brisbane Airport invited us out to a special dinner hosted in the International Terminal a few weeks ago and I wrote a blog post about it (you can read it here if you want to the goss). They loved the blog post and our video style so asked us to come out and do some work for them, creating this video, capturing some of the best things to see, do and eat at Brisbane International Airport. My hope is that it makes those hours before or in-between flights a little less painful for people travelling out of Brisbane Airport. Watch it and let me know what you think! I’d love to make more of these videos for other airports around the world (Changi, anyone?!)

Song of the week

Behold, a tribute to my rage! 😂 As you listen to it please picture me in full rage mode at the fresh food section of my local grocery store, as described above, ripping open bags of baby spinach while throwing crumpets at children, jumping up on the checkout and kicking tic-tac boxes into the crowd.

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  1. you visited so many gorgeous places on my wish list! Beach and dog looks like something from another world, and your photos capture it beautifully!

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