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Highlights of the week

Welp, it has been an incredibly busy week this week. Matt and I leave for Chiang Mai tomorrow and I’ve had a lot to get through before we go. We have lots of jobs in the planning stage at the moment, so it’s been a bit like trying to plan four holidays at once (not a bad problem to have, I know haha) I’ve spent way too much time on the internet researching destinations, it is doing my head in. But, after feeling like everything is out of control for the past few days, it feels like it’s all starting to come together. I’ve put a few photos from my last trips to Chiang Mai in this post, to get you in the zone!

One of the things that took up most of my time was preparing vlog episode plans for Chiang Mai. We’ve learned so much from the YouTube Incubator with the guys at Changer Studios and I realised how lazy I’ve been. The vlogs have been unplanned, haphazard and reactive. So, this trip, I want to put into practice lots of things we’ve learned. I spent a lot of time looking at the type of videos already out there on YouTube about Chiang Mai and thinking about what videos I’d like us to make.

If your soul is longing for adventure, don't keep putting it off...

I went nuts with ideas on the whiteboard and refined them down to what’s actually achievable in the time we’ve got there. I’ve developed a plan for each one, detailing the concept and making sure it’s of value to people watching it. I researched the places we’re going to visit and things we are going to do for each one, pulling apart each activity and planning what we need to get in terms of shots. I’m really, really proud of them because I know this is part of what we’ve been missing.

I’ve felt a bit frustrated with our videos at times because it’s not looking like how I want it to look at the end. It’s like the vision in my mind hasn’t matched up with the final product but, I mean, how could it when I haven’t planned it out in any way in the past. Now, it feels like I’m really clear on what I want each video to be and have a clear plan on how to get it there. This all sounds super controlling haha which is the way my intensely organised/analytical brain operates but, don’t worry, they’re all planned around being really fun.

We haven’t had any vlog-worthy things happen recently, so we’ve been posting a lot of guide-style videos of me talking to the camera. It’ll be so good to have some fresh, fun, proper travel videos to splice into the informative stuff. Remember, if there are any videos you really want to see, let me know in the comments.

How to approach brands about working together
Chiang Mai, Thailand

This week was actually our very last in the YouTube Incubator! Can you believe the eight weeks went by that quickly?! We really have learned an incredible amount during that time and it’s the kind of stuff we just never would’ve figured out otherwise. Most of it has been around simplifying what we do and not trying to do everything all at once (that’s a classic Phoebe move – trying to make everyone happy by doing everything.) We’ve also learned loads of really simple, easy things we can do to improve our videos and make sure YouTube serves them to people. We have a goal to reach 50,000 subscribers by the end of the year. We’re at 6,600 now so it’s a big ask but, you gotta go big, right?!

I’m not quite sure if I’ve actually told you what we’re doing in Chiang Mai? We’re working with TourRadar and G Adventures who are sending us on a three-day trek into the jungles of Northern Thailand. We’ll visit three different villages and do some eco-challenges along the way, capturing video and photo content for TourRadar and G Adventures to use.

Here’s the video from my last trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia…

If you know me or know this blog well, you’ll know I hate hiking haha but I push through and do it when the adventure calls for it. (i.e I’d never wake up on a Saturday morning at home and go for a hike but trekking through the Thai jungle is once in a lifetime, so it’s well worth it). That’s the cool thing about this job, it often pushes me to do things I just would never do otherwise! After the trek wraps up, we’re spending an extra few nights in Chiang Mai filming, photographing and capturing content for Little Grey Box. There’s a lot I want to cram into that time, hopefully, we can get it all done.

My anxiety has been lurking around in the lead up to us leading. Home is where I feel the most comfortable and where my anxiety is usually at its lowest. We haven’t taken an overseas trip in a little while now, so I’ve gotten used to being at home in my comfort zone. My mind starts to spin with totally silly fears and the anxiety tells me I should just stay home and that I don’t want to go. That’s why it’s so important to keep travelling, I guess. If I don’t, I think I’d quite easily just stay at home forever, let those anxious thoughts take over and become a recluse.

If anyone has any last minute food recommendations for me in Chiang Mai, send em on through! Otherwise, I hope you had a great week and enjoy your long weekend if you’ve got one. I’ll check in with you next Friday after our trek has wrapped up – wish me luck!

Talk to you next week – P xx

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