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Highlights of the week

Oh, hey! Hi! Welcome to TWTW. How are you? I hope you had a great week, can you believe February is coming to an end? This past week has been something of a creative, weird and fun one for me, with lots of very funny things happening. Here’s what went down.

I made some time over the weekend to sit down and do some painting. I’m by no means professional and I get a bit embarrassed sharing what I create but I love painting with watercolours. Truth is, I tend to get a bit lazy and generally drift toward setting up camp on the couch in front of the TV rather than indulging my creative side. When I do, I tend to rush through things, being more interested in the outcome than the process so this week I made sure I slowed down and allowed myself to enjoy the time to create. It was really fun and I love how my watercolour moon turned out. I made a timelapse for you (cos timelapse is awesome!) but you’ll need to forgive my dodgy filming skills. I was using my iPhone and a selfie stick, held over the top of the paper in a vase so, it’s a bit low-budget.

My intuitive mother showed up in my living room with a beautiful book made from recycled paper, with beautiful material covering the outside. I hadn’t told her, but I’ve been looking for the perfect recipe journal to start recording all my favourite recipes. I’ve been really fussy about it though and have been looking for the perfect book! In a moment of weird cosmic perfection, mum handed over the book of my dreams and I’ve started writing out each recipe. Again, forcing myself to slow down and enjoy the process, rather than rushing through it.

We had a hilarious night where a GIGANTIC huntsman spider showed up in our laundry. The cats had been hanging around in the laundry for a suspicious amount of time and when Matt went to check out what they were up to he was greeted with a huge, hairy spider. If you aren’t familiar with a huntsman, your first instinct would be to grab a can of bug spray and gas the sucker. But, here’s the thing, a huntsman can hold its breath. As a kid I’d find them on the bottom of the swimming pool, just chilling out down there and it made me terrified to put my feet down in the pool. So, we did the only thing we could – sent the pest controller in. The pest controller, of course, is our cat, Figgy. We filmed the whole, hilarious thing on Instagram! Enjoy!

I was approached by the team at WordPress recently, who asked me to do an interview for WordPress Discover. To give you an idea of how cool it is to be asked, they have 19 MILLION followers. It’s insane! They sent me through some great questions, not just generic stuff but real interview questions based on things they’d seen on Little Grey Box and wanted to know more about. It felt amazing to have LGB recognised by WordPress and I loved taking the time to answer each question, reflecting on everything that’s happened since we first started the blog in 2012. You can read the full interview here if you want. I share a lot of insight into our story and some inspiration and tips for budding bloggers.

That experience and the reflection time inspired me to, finally, write the story of how the blog came to be named Little Grey Box. Before I started writing, I had intended just to share the basic story, the one I tell everybody who asks. But, when I began writing, my thoughts started to organise and I realised there was so much more to it than what I first thought. The story ended up being more than just choosing a name, I realised how so many moments in my life had led me to and influenced my thoughts at that moment. It felt so good to get it out of my head. If you want to, you can read the true story of why it’s called Little Grey Box, here.

On Monday night, on our way home, Matt and I decided to do something we’ve always laughed and talked about doing but been too lazy to make happen. We always talk about which fast food chain we think makes the best hot chips/fries. It’s an ongoing debate. So, we made it happen, setting off on the first ever Tour dé Chip. We drove to McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks/Burger King and KFC, bought large chips at each then scored them based on seven criteria, giving them a total score out of a potential 70. It was a silly thing to do but that’s what was so good about it! So often, our logical minds get in the way and we feel like it’s a waste of our time or silly to do something like that but we had so much fun doing it, was a great use of our time and a funny memory we’ll have forever. We filmed the whole thing for Insta-Stories so you can watch it below if you want.

This weekend I’m super excited because we’re off to the opening night of the Aladdin musical in Brisbane. As a kid, Aladdin was my favourite of the Disney princess movies. Are you seeing a theme here? I feel like there’s a huge push for me to connect with my inner child at the moment and just be silly, have fun and not worry about adult stuff. It’s amazing! So, I’ll be belting out every word to every song in the Aladdin musical like a mad person while Matt sits next to me and enjoys his first ever viewing of Aladdin. I’ll let you know how it was in next week’s TWTW.

If you didn’t catch it, be sure to watch our vlog episode from last week (scroll down, it’s at the end of this post). We had so much fun filming this one and it’s the vlog episode I’m most proud of. There’s a hilarious moment with Matt in it, every time I watch it I end up in tears I’m laughing so hard.

Oh, and, one more thing. I had promised a giveaway today but we were unable to film what we needed to film as it’s been raining like crazy! So, sit tight, I’ll have the giveaway for you next week.

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week – P xx

Song of the week

The song I’ve been crushing on most this week…

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!


  1. Phoebe! You are so talented! I adore your watercolour moon. I always see art like that online and wonder how the heck they do it! So your timelapse is fantastic – still don’t think I could do it myself though! Haha. And omg I laughed so hard at your huntsman experience. I’ve never seen a spider that big in real life before, and I couldn’t help but hold my phone some distance away while watching. I actually dropped it at one point, when the spider moved!! Luckily you had Figgy to deal to it. I didn’t know they could hold their breath – that is horrifying.

    1. Hahahah that spider was soooo big!! I don’t know what we would have done without Figgy. Yeah, the breath holding this is terrifying right haha 😂 the watercolours aren’t that hard, it just looks tricky! You should get some and start playing around, they’re really fun and don’t require as much precision and talent as oil paints thank goodness 😂

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