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Highlights of the week

Alright, this edition of TWTW should really be called, ‘The Weeks That Was,’ no, wait, that’s terrible and my English teacher would be furious, ‘The Weeks That Were.’ Yes, much better. You may/may not have noticed I missed TWTW last week, that’s because Matt and I were working Friday and Saturday for a shoot. I could have woken up at 4 am, strapped myself to my desk, mainlined 12 coffees and written TWTW for you, but it would most likely have looked like this:

I am tired. Please send help. Why am I awake so early? What is life even about? I hate myself. 

It then would have spiralled into some form of caffeine-fuelled existential crisis. Not a good look. So, instead, I woke up at 6 am and gently sipped a coffee while watching my cats try to murder each other with a series of furious back-leg kicks. Then, I did my make-up for the day’s filming, packed everything up in the car and headed out to Southern Queensland Country with Matt for two amazing days of food, fun and film! We had a great time, met some amazing locals and got some fantastic content.

Speaking of film, we’ve got a little bit of a YouTube announcement for you. As you know, we’re part of a YouTube Incubator at the moment with Changer Studios and Screen Queensland. One of the things to come out of our sessions is that we’re posting our videos on YouTube at the worst possible time. Meaning, they’re being posted at a time when lots of people aren’t online. So, we’re changing it up! This week, we held our video and will be posting it TONIGHT!

I would absolutely LOVE if you could watch it and let us know what you think. We took a strategic approach to the video this week and I think it had a great impact. Usually, we’re reactive and just film whatever’s going on at the time, which can be a little boring from time to time. This week, I sat down and planned what I wanted to film, put together some shoot ideas and lots of fun, interesting things I wanted to do and capture. I think it’s our best ever vlog episode – I was laughing so hard watching it last night!

It’ll be posted HERE on the Little Grey Box YouTube channel between 10 and 11 pm this evening. If that’s a little too late for you, check it out Saturday and let me know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment on YouTube for us! It’s one of my favourite spots to write back to people and chat so, don’t be shy, say hello!

I caught up with a friend on Sunday afternoon and went to a special preview screening of Lady Bird with my little sister on Monday night. It was good, but one of those weird movies where it ends and you’re like ?? What just happened? And then you have to think about it for a while and work through it in your mind.

The guys at Chobani dropped over a huge delivery of yoghurt on Tuesday and my entire family ripped into it like a pack of wild monkey’s on a cupcake. It was hilarious! They aren’t used to seeing deliveries like that come to the house, because they live overseas, so they lost their minds at the concept of free food being hand-delivered to the house in pretty PR packages. My mum was so excited, she was all professional about it, like, “Okay, let’s do a really great job here so we make the client happy. Make sure you film us and get the fancy packaging of the special, Mandarin, Chinese New Year flavour.” She was the media Queen, it was amazing! Lucky for me, they’re happy to be paid in free food. (Aren’t we all?!)

I also received a package from Lorna Jane, a gorgeous set of super comfortable tights and a top. My current activewear has really started to bottom out, you know when your tights aren’t quite as tight as they used to be and your tops are a little baggy and stretched? That’s been me. So I was thrilled to get some new threads and Lorna Jane gear is always so gorgeous and comfortable. Thank you, Em, from Lorna Jane – I love them and you’ve pretty much made me a pro-athlete. Watch me open them up, try them and put them through the twerk test in the vid below!

On Wednesday, Matt and I headed into the offices at BBS Communications in Brisbane to spend an hour talking with their team about what we do. The world of ‘influencer marketing’ and bloggers has really blown up. It’s a whole new world of marketing and loads of savvy brands are looking to work with people like us to better engage with people like you. So, it was a great opportunity for us to let them know how influencers and bloggers work, what we do and don’t like, how best to work with us and a whole lot of insight into the blogging world. We only had an hour but I could have talked about it all day! It’s so good to share everything we’ve learned.

Neither Matt or I realised it was Valentine’s Day until we went for a burrito that evening and started to see a suspicious number of couples out eating. It’s an important day for many people but for us, it’s a non-event and not something we get into. I tried to get into it when I was younger but I feel really uncomfortable and awkward like it’s a forced public display of love or something. It just feels weird. What about you? Are you pro V-Day or non-fussed?

I hope you have something great planned for this weekend! Be sure to watch the new Vlog episode and let us know what you think. We’ll be launching an exciting giveaway at the end of next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that too. I’ll post all the details in next week’s TWTW for you.

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week – P xx

Song of the week

The song I’ve been crushing on most this week…  I recommend listening to this with your very best headphones on, LOUD! If you don’t feel like dancing, you may want to see a doctor as you may be broken.

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

You can visit our channel, if you feel like it, by clicking here. No pressure, mate – do what ya feel!

Phoebe is a travel writer and photographer with a love for storytelling and making people laugh. Matt is a videographer and photographer with a passion for the great outdoors and big adventures. Together we inspire big adventures through our guides, videos, vlogs and photographs. Find out more about us here.


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