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Highlights of the week

Do you ever just have a week where you get to the end of it and think, ‘Where the heck did that week go? What did I even do?” That’s me today, I’m sitting here trying to remember everything I did and I’m coming up blank. I must have done something, right? Let’s see if I can retrace my steps.

Over the weekend we got started repairing our deck, with the help of a family friend/actually qualified builder. Matt and I have been testing out our apprentice skills and, I’m pretty sure my work ethic combined with my excellent tea making abilities has been me in the top spot for #1 apprentice. Though, Matt does bring serious upper body strength. We tried to ask our friend who he’d hire out of the two of us and were met with an awkward look and a quick change of subject, which either means A) he knows damn well who he’d choose and doesn’t want to hurt Matt’s feelings, or, B) he thinks we’re both idiots and wouldn’t hire either of us. I’m pretty sure it’s A.

I was hoping we’d be able to bring our little cat home this weekend but her desexing was moved to this coming Monday, so looks like we’ll bring her home this Thursday. I’m unbelievably excited. Figgy, our current cat, obviously has no clue, even though I tell her every day she’s getting a baby/best friend/sister all-in-one. The poor little love has been really lonely since our older girl passed last year, she needs a little friend to play and snuggle with, especially when we go out because she’s so used to us working from home.

On Tuesday we had an exciting meeting for the YouTube Incubator! We got the chance to have a one hour Skype meeting with Matt Gielen, an expert in YouTube audience growth. I don’t think I’ve got enough internet space to harp on about Matt’s valuable experience, so I’ll summarise it in this: he has consistently taken YouTube channels of all shapes and sizes and grown them into powerhouses, giving valuable insight that helps channels grow their audience in BIG ways. He speaks at VidCons and is also a really great guy! (You can get a sense of his knowledge by reading this).

Through the program, we were able to have Matt go through the back-end of the Little Grey Box YouTube channel and do an in-depth analysis. He told us all the things we were doing wrong and totally pinpointed them for us. More than that, he also told us how to fix the issues and gave us specific advice on big and little changes we could make to grow our channel. What I really loved, he took the time to understand who we are and what we offer and none of his advice was about changing us or what we offer. Instead, it was all about us doing more of what we love, simplifying and sharing more travel fun with you guys.

It was an intense hour and we learned so much, when we left, Matt and I started talking about it all in the car then just drifted off into silence for a few hours as our brains began to process it all. It was overwhelming and ridiculously exciting!

The next steps are for us to develop an action plan to implement Matt’s advice. I can’t wait to get started and refine what we’re offering, it’s going to make our YouTube lives a LOT easier. We have our next meeting with the guys at Changer this week where we’ll get our action plan locked in and get to work sprucing up the channel!

In September last year, Matt was all excited about the Foo Fighters tour coming to Brisbane. He really wanted to go but was tossing up the cost of tickets (they aren’t cheap!) Well, you guys, what the heck is the point of working if you don’t spend your money on the things you really want to do?! Exactly, there is none! So I told him to book us two of the best tickets they had and we’d book a hotel room in town, have dinner and make an awesome night out of it. That night was last night and it was awesome.

It was ridiculously hot at the concert and we both made the fatal mistake of wearing jeans, but it absolutely went off and we had the BEST time. Sometimes we get caught up in our minds, worrying about if we can justify spending money on concert tickets and similar things. But, really, those are the things we should be spending our hard-earned money on. Right?! Do the things you love because those memories will stay with you forever.

Here’s a video from last night at the Foo Fighters, a few highlights from my Insta-Stories (you can follow me on Instagram here).

I’ve never done this before but I’m setting you a challenge. Yes, you reading this right now. I want you to do one thing for yourself this weekend. It can be something small, like sleeping in, starting that book you’ve meaning to get to, watching a movie you’ve been putting off or finally clearing out your wardrobe. It can be something big like splashing out on those concert tickets, buying that dress you’ve been eyeing off or starting to plan that trip you’ve been wanting to take (even if it’s looking at taking the trip next year or the one after). Do one thing for yourself this weekend. If you feel like it, let me know what you’re doing/what you did.

Have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you next Friday – P xx

News and updates

Our GoPro died! RIP GoPro. It met an untimely death in the surf on the Gold Coast last weekend. Matt took it with him surfing and an unsecured latch may or may not have led to the whole waterproof housing filling up with salt water. Even a five-day stint in rice wasn’t enough to revive it. We’ll be giving it a Viking Funeral. Here’s to you, GoPro and all the wonderful moments you helped us capture. You’ll be missed.

In other camera news – my Sony vlogging camera has been off for repairs for a week and is coming back home to me this week. I’ve never had to send a camera off for warranty repairs before so I was a bit nervous. It actually went really smoothly! The camera was picked up from my home the day after I called up to request the repair, they told me it’d take 8 days to repair, it took 7! It’ll be posted back to my home. All covered under warranty – pretty good, right? Nice to know Sony has a reliable repair system.

Song of the week

The song I’ve been crushing on most this week…

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