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Highlights of the week

Happy New Year! Last we spoke, I was wrapping things up for 2017 and getting ready to enjoy a little bit of time off. Christmas came and went quickly, as it always does. I made a big family dinner on Christmas Eve and found myself in bed early. Both Matt and I woke up early and excited on Christmas morning, bouncing out of bed before 6am, doing our best not to wake my sister and cousins, despite how much we really wanted to.

We sat together and opened presents then had breakfast together. Afterward, we joined Matt’s family for a delicious Christmas lunch. In true Aussie Christmas style, the kids were in and out of all the pool all day, there was plenty of delicious food and yummy drinks, all topped off with an insanely huge and absolutely amazing pavlova. It was a great Christmas.

When I was younger I was a little too obsessed with having the perfect, epic New Year’s Eve. Now, it’s far more low-key and far more enjoyable – a Netflix marathon, delicious food and in bed at just the right time to hear the happy cheers of our neighbours let us know it was 2018.

I really enjoyed having some time off, even though it was spent at home. It was nice not to sit down at my desk each day and have some time away from my computer, social media and emails. It felt like all the yuckiness hanging around from last year just melted away, right in time for the start of the New Year. As we always do, Matt and I sat down on the 1st for our annual planning day.

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions and much prefer our practical approach. It’s more about tapping into what you really want and bringing it to the front of your heart and mind. When you know what you really want, it’s much easier to get it. So, we sat down and planned. Tapping into my intuition for this year, I know it’s going to be a year of growth and plenty of work. I’ve no doubt our business will go to places it hasn’t before, which is really exciting, and I’m certain there are going to be times it’ll feel overwhelming. But, I’m ready. If you want to read about how we do our planning for each year, I put it all together in this blog post: How to plan your best year ever! 

I don’t know if it’s the way last year ended or maybe just my old age creeping up on me but I’ve felt a change lately. I’ll try to describe it best I can, it was hard to put it into words when I was trying to explain it to Matt last night. Let’s see if writing it, rather than saying it, makes it easier to externalise. I feel like, for the first time in my life, there are things I genuinely don’t care about and don’t have time for.

My gorgeous little niece and me at Matt’s family lunch

Let me explain that better because written like that, it comes across aggressive, but it isn’t. It’s a distinctly calm feeling, a relief. I’ve always been a people pleaser, worried about what people think about me and trying to tune into what people need from me to make them feel happy in a moment. Now, in those situations, I can clearly feel this thing in me saying, ‘this doesn’t concern me,’ or ‘I don’t want to be involved in this.’ It’s like my inner-self puts up a cosmic hand, telling me to stop those situations from entering my personal space. Does that make any sense at all?

It’s as though I’m suddenly very clear on what I do and don’t want to enter my thoughts, feelings, energy, time and space and I feel confident saying no. Kind of like, ‘this doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t benefit me so I’m putting a stop to it. I’m in control and choose not to have this enter my life.’ It feels good – I feel clear minded and centred because of it.

As 2018 starts to wind up and gain momentum, I’m excited to put everything I learned last year into practice this year. I feel resolute and ready. As a great way to reflect on everything 2017 brought our way, Matt put together the awesome video below celebrating some of our favourite moments and people from last year. A big thank you to each person who makes these amazing moments possible – we appreciate you so much.

A pretty little spider in my front garden
Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

You can visit our channel, if you feel like it, by clicking here. No pressure, mate – do what ya feel!

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  1. YASSS! So good to read this, Phoebe! Honestly, I think it takes time to come to this phase in life. I think I hit that stage of ‘if it no longer serves me, I don’t wanna bother’ when I turned 30 last year.

    SO glad you’re doing well 🙂 xx

  2. Hi Guys! Have really enjoyed watching your video’s on YouTube. While I consider myself extensively travelled, I am yet to do Asia. I have decided to remedy that with a 6 week trip starting March. I have enjoyed getting some really good insights from your videos, thankyou and safe travels..

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