A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

I had so many people contact me after last week’s post/rant about Instagram. I gotta be honest, I nearly didn’t post what I wrote. I’d written it on Thursday evening and sometime late that evening I had some doubt creep into my mind and began to worry it was silly or too personal or unnecessary. Well, I’m really glad I shared it because so many people reached out or commented to say they had gone through something similar. Their stories made me feel less weird and really glad I’d shared my truth. So, thank you, again!

On Friday Matt and I drove into Brisbane City to Spicers Balfour to kick off our preview of the Flavours of Summer Gourmet Festival. I won’t harp on about it because I wrote and published a story about it yesterday (Read: 19 Photo from the Flavours of Summer Gourmet Festival) We climbed inside a gorgeous Range Rover Evoque convertible (on loan from Brisbane City land Rover) and drove out to Spicers Hidden Vale for two days of incredible food, great wine, laughs and lovely people. It really was awesome, we had so much fun and I was surprised at how much I learned about food. The whole two days were just a true celebration of food – straight out of my food-loving dreams.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel the end of the year creeping up on me. My internal clock is starting to feel Christmas approaching and suddenly my body and mind are going into shutdown mode. I’m usually one to stay up until about 11:30pm -12am and wake up at 8am. This week I’ve been exhausted by 9:30pm and up at 6am. I don’t know who I am. Is this what happens when you turn 30? Will I be eating dinner at 4:30pm soon?

The end of the year is always exciting. Matt and I have huge Christmas stockings hanging up, with a little one for our cat, Figgy, too. We’ll spend now until Christmas Day collecting gifts and filling them right up, before ripping into them excitedly on Christmas morning. How do you celebrate Christmas? Any Christmas family traditions or fun things you do each year? I used to be really great at gift giving but lost my mojo the last 5 years or so. This year, though, I’m back with a vengeance! I’ve had some great gift ideas, let’s just hope Matt thinks they’re great too. If you’re a bit lost on what to buy someone you know who loves travel prepare for shameless plug I published my annual Christmas Gift Guide this week! (Read: 35 of the best Christmas gift ideas for travellers).

I also got a sneak peek of the video I shot with Tourism & Events Queensland and Krista Eppelstun. We filmed a local’s guide to Brisbane, where I’m ‘the local’. The video is so fun! Krista did an amazing job, as always, and the video has a great vibe. I can’t wait for it to come out and be able to share it with you.

This past week has been really nice and cruisey for me. I’ve been able to catch up on so much work and deliverables from past trips. I’ve been sleeping more, getting plenty of rest, eating well and back into a great routine with going to the gym. When I travel a lot I lose all sense of routine and my health suffers a bit, so it’s great to get back on track and feel healthy again.

To top things off, I just got home from the hairdresser after a fresh cut and colour. Does anyone else love that fresh hair feeling as much as I do? You just feel like a whole new person. My long hair had started to become dry and brittle at the ends so I got a good few inches cut off and a really fresh, pretty, bright blonde colour refresh. It feels so healthy again! Think I might put my fan on my face at full speed, crank some Mariah Carey in the background and have a lip-synch to ‘Dream Lover.’

What I learned this week

I started watching The Big C with my mum this week. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, the basic premise is a 43-year-old woman is diagnosed with stage four, terminal melanoma. Sounds grim, which it is, but the show does a great way of throwing a lot of humour in there. Cathy, the main character, begins giving zero craps. Suddenly, she’s spending her money exactly how she wants, stops taking other people’s sh*t and starts living her life completely differently. I found myself inspired to do more and push harder.

Sometimes I think I look at my life and feel I’ve already taken a big risk, quitting my job and committing to LGB full-time. But, I realised, there’s no limit on taking risks and living life how you want to. It made me stop and take a look at what I’m doing right now, and try to find things I’m doing that I don’t want to be doing. It encouraged me to do a self-audit: What am I not doing right now that I want to do? What would I regret not having done if I never got the chance to do it? What am I just doing because it’s ‘expected’ and what can I clear out of my life to make room for more of what I do want?

It was a great cosmic kick up the butt and exactly what I needed. So, this week, I’m in self-audit mode. Let’s see what I turn up, huh.

News and updates

Nothing much to report this week on the news front. I’ve got quite a bit of freelance writing work I’m doing at the moment, which is fantastic. I love getting set up at my desk and spending the whole day writing travel pieces. This weekend I’m on deadline for CNN – I can’t describe how good it feels to write that sentence! It’s a dream come true! I also received a delivery from the lovely Gen at Thankyou, who kindly gifted me their Smooth Operator Christmas Gift Set. I’m always happy to partner with Thankyou because their products are divine and actually work and 100% of profits go to help end global poverty. So, thank you, Gen!

Thankyou Christmas Gift Sets
Song of the week

The song I’ve been crushing on most this week…

You know what, in honour of my new hair let’s kick it old school and pay tribute to the Queen that is, Mariah Carey.

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

You can visit our channel, if you feel like it, by clicking here. No pressure, mate – do what ya feel!

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