A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

What’s on my mind this week…

I’ve had two meetings this week that presented some incredible opportunities for us and our business. I can’t go into what we talked about, I’m sorry, but they both left me feeling incredibly excited, focused and inspired. This whole journey is insane when I think about where both Matt and I came from and where we are now, it’s hard to comprehend how we did it. It almost feels like two people took over our minds and bodies and did all the hard work to get us here!

I remember being at the start of this whole thing and someone asking me what the big plan was. As in, what my bigger picture was. At the time, I couldn’t see one. I didn’t really know what the possibilities were, being a full-time blogger wasn’t a career path I’d seen before or could research. Since then I’ve learned how to trust this entire process and open my mind more, which has helped me see the bigger picture and realise the possibilities are only limited by my mind and doubts.

When I think about each decision and every moment that has had to happen to lead me to this precise point, it spins me out. I’ve made some tough calls along the way, often turning down paid work or opportunities to earn money or work with people in ways that don’t feel right. At the time, it’s been scary to say no, but those hard decisions are all really paying off now as the things I truly wanted and the way I want to work is coming to me.

What I learned this week

With all that in mind, I think this week I learned the true value of the bigger picture. You may not always be able to see it, often you’ll only be able to see one or two pieces of the puzzle, but if you focus in on your heart and trust yourself, eventually, the bigger picture will reveal itself. It has taken years for it to reveal itself to me, seriously, maybe about 4 or so years, but the wait was worth it. It’s astounding how things seem to happen in the perfect order at the perfect time. I’ve been so impatient along the way but it all makes sense to me now. Sorry, this is all so vague, hopefully, I’ll be able to share more soon!

Highlights of the week

I feel a bit weird that the last week went by so quickly. It really feels like I was only just writing the week that was! When I left you last week I was sitting in a hotel bed in Singapore, filling you in on what happened at the Singapore Airlines event. If you’re keen to see some more photos and find out exactly what the heck goes on at a cabin product launch, peep this post: ‘Behind the scenes of Singapore Airlines new cabin product launch.‘ The Vlog episode for the trip is about another week away!

I spent Friday through Monday with my family in Singapore. It was pretty much just one big eating tour! We ate at so many great spots, like Din Tai Fung, El Mero Mero, Sushi Tei and Blu Kouzina. It’s got me thinking I need to do an ultimate foodie guide to Singapore, I’ve never really done one before and I don’t know why! I have so many great food tips. The thing is, though, food in Singapore is either expensive or cheap – there’s no in-between!

Monday night I flew back to Brisbane with Singapore Airlines. It was an easy flight, of course. I’m not sure it’s possible to have a rough flight in Business Class, right? I mean, what could you possibly complain about? There’s so much space and good food and great movies! I got into Brisbane early in the morning and crashed out pretty hard when I got home, sleeping for a few hours. I woke up on Tuesday feeling pretty tired still so gave myself the day off to rest, unpack and recharge.

The end of my week was spent catching up on work, getting back into the gym and focusing on eating healthy. I’ve been quite naughty lately and eating whatever I like and not exercising and it’s really catching up with me. It can be a bit disheartening sometimes when I’m trying to build on my strength and fitness but I have a week where I can workout and eat well then I go away and, obviously, don’t want to turn down trying all this amazing food in different destinations. We also work really long days when we’re away so waking up at 4am to workout never really appeals. It’s a tough thing to balance. But, I’m feeling really motivated and focused so let’s see what happens – hopefully, I can stay on track!

Song of the week

The song I’ve been crushing on most this week…

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