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Highlights of the week

There are only 13 weeks until Christmas and I can’t quite believe how quickly the weeks are rolling past. This week went particularly quickly and it felt like Matt and I had something on every day, we spent so much time out of the house I only managed to get one blog post up this week!

The two main events we went to this week where for Singapore Airlines, which is really cool because they’re such a HUGE brand and for them to know who we are is kind of surreal, let alone being invited along to events. I remember when my family moved to Singapore, I was maybe 13, and we flew over on Singapore Airlines. It was the first airline meal I’d ever actually enjoyed eating, it was Hainanese chicken rice, a Singaporean speciality, and it got me really excited for Singaporean food. At that time or even on any of the other flights I took with Singapore Airlines between then and now it never occurred to me I would ever get the chance to work with them, that they would know who I was and value our work.

So, for me, it’s really cool to be able to go along to these events and sample the food and drinks other travellers will be experiencing on their flights or fly the routes and experience the destinations they’ll be taking. This week was a food and drink week. On Wednesday we visited Green Beacon Brewing Co., a local craft beer brewery in Brisbane, where we took a guided tour of the site and sampled a LOT of beer, including their delicious Wayfarer. It’s like summer in a can!

At first glance, I feel like this may not come across as earth-shattering news to travellers, but I find this really cool! I mean, Singapore Airlines is a HUGE brand and rather than just stocking those global beers we all know, they’re reaching into the local community, finding an amazing Brisbane business and bringing their product onboard. I love the idea travellers will be sitting on a plane drinking a high-quality, delicious craft beer that really reflects the flavours of Queensland. Hopefully, they love it so much it becomes a favourite and they yearn for it and come back to Queensland to see, do and explore more. After all, it is kinda the best place on earth. #NotBiased.

On Thursday we headed out to the airport and visited the airline’s catering service to sink our teeth into some dishes from the Book the Cook menu. What the heck is that? Great question! If you fly Business or Premium Economy from Brisbane to Singapore, with Singapore Airlines of course, you have the option of selecting your meal from their Book the Cook menu. It includes dishes like pan-fried barramundi in native pepper-berry sauce, chicken madras, Cantonese roasted duck and pesto fetuccini. The meals were prepared for us at the catering site just as they would be for in-flight guests and we had the opportuity to not just taste them but share our thoughts with the airline.

Now, look, we all know a plane isn’t famous for being the best place to get a delicious meal and I can honestly say I never thought I’d be making time in my day to head out to the airport to eat a plane meal. No way. But, you guys, it was freakin delicious! Matt scoffed down every bit of his carnivore-friendly options and I loved my vegetarian bites, particularly the eggplant baked with sweet onions, a rich tomato concasse and green beans with olive oil. Yummmmm!

Matt and I work really hard on building Little Grey Box as a brand. We wholeheartedly believe in goodness from the inside out, that if we run our business with integrity and honesty, focusing on giving our readers and followers the very best product possible and always being professional, good things will come. To me, Singapore Airlines seem to have the same approach, obviously on a HUGE scale. But, like us, they seem to focus on the little things, the detail, and, more than just being someone we work with, they’ve also become a brand we look up to.

We’re not interested in creating a business that earns a lot of money by pumping out cheap product, we’re interested in creating a business that adds value to people’s day, something they feel is genuine and they can trust. Quality over mass-produced, cookie-cutter quantity.I’m not saying any of this to suck up to them, heck, they probably won’t even read this, I just wanted to share some insight into why I wrote so much about them today. I guess it’s also a bit of insight into how we run our business and why. I’ve been thinking about that kind of stuff a lot more recently, I guess because things have grown a lot for LGB this year and it’s time to start seeing things in a different light, meaning BIGGER.

There are so many other travel bloggers and creatives out there, it’s impossible not to look around you and notice what they’re doing. It’s also hard not to compare what you do, question things and wonder if what you’re doing is right. But, rather than spending time comparing yourself to people doing something similar but also totally different to what you do, maybe it’s more important to find brands you can look up to and learn from. Brands from which you can gain inspiration, not feel envy.

We filmed a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff this week and if you’re keen to watch what we got up to, you’ll be able to catch it in an upcoming Vlog episode over on the YouTube Channel! Woohoo! It’s so fun being able to actually show you what we get up to at these events we go to and feel like we’re taking you with us.

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

You can visit our channel, if you feel like it, by clicking here. No pressure, mate – do what ya feel!

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