A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

Matt and I had a really hard week, losing our lovely older cat, P, to kidney problems. She had been throwing up on Saturday, something which wasn’t too out of the ordinary as she has a very sensitive stomach. Normally she is sick for a day or two then bounces back but this time was different. My grandma came over on Sunday and the three of us sat out in the sun for about four or five hours, talking and drinking tea.

The next morning she looked even worse, the poor love. We bundled her up and took her to the vet right away. They ran some tests and told us her kidneys had given out and there was nothing to be done for her. I asked if they could make her comfortable with pain relief and fluids and we brought her back home for one last day of love. We spent the day cuddling and giving her all the kisses we could possibly lay on her. That evening our usual vet, a wonderful mobile vet, came to the house. We spent the hour prior laying on a big pile of pillows with P, talking to her and saying all the things we wanted to.

Matt held her in his arms like a baby and for the first time in a very long time, she looked completely relaxed and totally at peace. It was really hard to watch her go and very painful to have such a loving part of our family leave us. But she was an old cat and it was her time to pass. We’re just grateful we got to have her come back home, get a few more hours of love and adoration and be able to pass in the comfort and familiarity of our home.

Pets really do become a key part of the family. They’re so genuine, bringing the kind of unwavering, unquestioning love we should all aspire to. A pet doesn’t love you less because of how you look, your income, social status or mistakes you make. A pet loves you unconditionally, regardless of any of the good or bad things you do. I needed a way to process P leaving us and, as always, found writing helped me. I wrote this, a post of 10 really important things cats teach us about life. It was a really useful way for me to wrap my mind and my heart around all the wonderful things P has brought into our lives and helped me focus on the good, not the heartache.

Writing has always been important to me, a way of making sense of things. I often have trouble working through things in my mind and in-person. I feel uncomfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings face-to-face, unguarded and unprotected. It feels too personal and dangerous. Writing is different, it gives me the time and space to work through things, organise my thoughts and put them back together in a way that makes sense to me and, I guess, allows me to filter things I don’t want to share.

I remember the very first time I realised writing could be so powerful for me. I was young and just had my first ‘break-up’ (it wasn’t a real break-up, it was that high-school thing where you say you’re ‘going out’ with someone but all you do is wave at each other and eat lunch together). Still, it broke my little teenage heart. I pulled out a big stack of paper and a pen and just started writing. Something inside me clicked and unlocked and I couldn’t stop writing. I wrote page after page after page. I still have them – loose leaf sheets of blue-lined paper, covered in my swirly blue scrawl, stacked inside a purple folder in my cupboard.

Starting Little Grey Box was never about starting a business, gaining recognition, making money or even travel. It was a way for me to have a place to write because, if I don’t, it feels like my whole life and my whole self-starts to back-up inside me and I begin to drown in this unexpended energy. I have to purge it, I have to give my inner monologue a way to get out – an exit point. It just so happens that exit point is through the tips of my fingers.

To put it another way, if someone told me I could travel forever but never write or write forever but never travel, I would, without question, choose to write. Because, really, when I write, I escape where I am without having to move. I’m not ungrateful of the travel, I love the travel, but LGB could have been a blog about anything, it just happened that Matt and I love to travel, so it organically grew into a travel blog. I guess what I’m saying is, find what you really love most and wonderful things will naturally come from it – you don’t always have to see the whole picture, to begin with, all you need is that one, vital piece to get you started.

Little Grey Box has always been about creating, that’s why Matt and I don’t put advertising on the website or work under affiliate programs (where we get a commission when someone buys/books something). I don’t want to earn money from other people doing something, I want to be paid to do the thing I love. It has and always will be about one thing – being a writer.

Sometimes, like the past two weeks, I lose my focus a little bit and that slips away from me. It becomes more about producing content because I need to keep the blog fresh and sustained. When that happens, it’s usually because I’m drained and it means I need to reset and refocus. So, this weekend, I’ll be focusing on replenishing myself after a very draining week, filling myself back up with all the things I love so I can feel refreshed, inspired and reconnected.

Our little cat, Figgy
What I learned this week

We should treat ourselves and each other the way our pets treat us – with pure, unconditional love.

News and updates

I received a lovely package from the guys at thankyou. this week! They very kindly sent me TWO jars of their charcoal body polish and a bottle of body wash. I use the body polish each Sunday to give my skin a really deep clean out, followed by a thick slathering of moisturiser – it’s soooooo good. I’m addicted to a Sunday scrub-down – Matt and I refer to it as ‘the full body detail’ haha. We also attended Dan Murphy’s Whisky Showcase, which was hilarious because I was driving and Matt was drinking for two – he rolled into our local IGA pretty toasted late last night. Tonight, we’ve got a dinner and two last-minute tickets to tonights Brisbane Broncos do-or-die finals footy game, thanks to the amazing team at the Broncos.

My weekly playlist

I haven’t shared a few songs in a while and thought it was probably time! Here are a few songs I’m listening to at the moment…


  1. What a coincidence. Just before reading this I’d replied to a post by another writer I follow (kristinasteiner.wordpress.com) in which she was writing about how she ‘needed’ to write (and read). I can relate to your thoughts on this. So sorry to hear about your cat – I can relate to that too though I do not have a cat at the moment.

    1. Wow! There must be something in the air at the moment 🙂 I really like hearing about people who have that same feeling, it makes me feel more normal. Thanks so much for the kind comment 🙂

  2. I was so sad to hear of the passing of P. You can tell she was such a loved pet, who totally loved you guys back! I’m so glad you got to spend some quality time with her before she moved on.

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