A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

You may have noticed I missed TWTW last week. There were a few factors behind that, mostly my insanely bad jet lag and this overwhelming desire to just sleep, sleep, sleep…. and a whole lot of confusion about the time difference between Australia and the USA. Seriously, it was such a struggle for me to wrap my head around it. The last time I was in the States I wasn’t running Little Grey Box, so my mind wasn’t trying to be in two different places at once. I’m bad with numbers at the best of times, trying to work out what the heck was going on 17 hours in the future was just about impossible.

Anyway, Portland was fantastic! The amazing people at Mitsubishi flew me Business Class with Qantas and I got some great video on my little vloggy camera, so I think I’ll be putting together a fun video just about that aspect of the trip. Who knows, maybe more airlines will see it and deem me worthy to sample their Bizness Class products too. I gotta say, though, nothing quite compares to the Singapore Airlines Business Class experience. I hadn’t ever flown Business with anybody else but Singapore Airlines so it was hard to know just how good it is. Now I’ve gone with another airline, I appreciate even more just how dang great it is! Is there a blog post in that? Maybe a comparison of different airlines Business Class experience? Hmmmmm.

So I landed in Portland very tired and ready to sleep! Our first night was an easy one, we attended a launch event with delicious food and local beers and wines. We met the other media and Mitsubishi reps and got our first look at the main attraction – the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Now, look, I don’t know a heck of a lot about cars, but I do know it’s a pretty sexy looking thing! Our group was nice and small, maybe 20 or so, with photographers, journalists and influencers from all over the world – Russia, China, Canada, Brazil, the UK. It was a cool group of people too – always nice to get along with the people you’re working with and truly enjoy their company.

The morning of the eclipse I woke up super early and set off to a helipad in the centre of Portland. I somehow managed to find myself riding shotgun in the front of the helicopter, flying high above Portland and some absolutely gorgeous scenery. Around 30 minutes later we touched down at a farm, where Mitsubishi had set up the ULTIMATE viewing spot for us to watch the Solar Eclipse. This spot, you guys, was incredible! It’s what I imagine a movie set would look like, with a food truck and tents to relax in, all the food and drinks you could imagine, a film crew, photographers and, the highlight for me, a chair with my name on it!

Before I knew it, it was eclipse time. It was so beautiful and also very creepy – everything went so dark and it felt so surreal, my mind was struggling with the fact I knew it was daytime but it looked like nighttime. My jet lag also played a factor, no doubt. I was all spaced out from the lack of sleep and hopped up on free doughnuts.

The Mitsubishi portion of the trip wrapped up and I found myself solo in Portland. It’s been a very long time since I’ve travelled totally solo, usually, if I go a trip without Matt I’m part of a media group or tour, but once the Mitsubishi trip wrapped up, I was all by myself. My anxiety went nuts at first! It was a real struggle just to walk around the streets by myself, I felt like everyone was looking at me and was so uncomfortable. All I wanted to do was go to my hotel room and hide, but I made myself stay out and push through, knowing if I gave in to the anxiety, I’d never get out and about and do all things I wanted to.

The first day was hard, I won’t lie, but I started to feel more comfortable and confident the second day and pushed myself to go out and explore for as long as possible. The thing with anxiety is there’s no real cure for it, you just have to find ways to not let it rule you. My anxiety is significantly better when I’m at home, with my little cat to soothe me and Matt there to support me. When I travel, it goes up. When I travel by myself, it’s a nightmare. But, at the same time, I hate the idea of it ruling my life. I hate the idea of it being in control of me, limiting me. So I really wanted to spend some time in Portland by myself, just to prove to myself that I can do it and not let it rule me.

My solo time passed quickly and I got some fantastic content, which I’m really looking forward to putting together this week. It’s so good to be home. I’m feeling a bit exhausted at the moment, I had quite a few jobs back to back and it’s caught up with me. I know I’ve pushed it too far when I start to get the spins. I’ve got a busy few weeks coming up but hoping I can carve out a couple of days off to just rest and relax. Those long-haul flights will get ya, every dang time!

I’d also like to add one more thing, a real highlight of last week. If you follow this blog at all you’ll know I love me some good food. I’m not on a diet, I’m not saying no to meals, I’m not passing up any good food opportunities. So, in Portland, I was eating everything! I was also constantly hungry. I had just declared, for the 100th time, that I was starving and immediately felt the first seeds of food guilt start to embed themselves in my mind when one of the crew turned to me and said, “Where do you put it all?” It was amazing. Here I am starting to think I’m a bit plump from all this good food and this guy’s wondering what the heck I do with all the food I eat. I swear, it was like a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

This is where you should stay in Portland

What I learned this week

I realised my anxiety is probably a lot worse than I think it is and I should really do something about that. Although, in saying that, am I sort of already doing something about it by having my own little coping mechanisms? Look, I’m no professional… it’s hard to tell, you know. Maybe all the things I do to cope are just masking the anxiety and they aren’t really helpful in the long run? Maybe, because there’s no cure for it, those are the only thing you really can do?! It’s very confusing. But, I did learn that it’s gotten worse and I also learned that I can still push through and do things when I need to. It was a confusing week for me haha – sorry about that.

News and updates

I’ve got quite a few local things coming up in the next fortnight as well as two potential trips to Asia on the cards (exciting!) We’ve also found ourselves on a trip to Halong Bay in October, which I’m really looking forward to. I love Vietnam so much and, having visited earlier this year, am so excited to get back there again. Matt and I had our honeymoon in Halong Bay, well, part of it, and we loved it but we were flat broke so our trip wasn’t quite the luxury experience of every traveller’s dreams. It’ll be so good to go back and do it really well and have a totally different experience. Also, this time, we won’t be using our iPhones to take photos – #FacePalm.

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  1. Hi Phoebe, just wanted to say how amazing and inspiring it is to see you now having these amazing opportunities to work with some of the biggest brands out there. 🙂 I couldn’t be happier for you and I feel special knowing that I’ve known you and Little Grey Box from way back when! I have yet to visit Portland but have heard so many amazing things about it that I should really visit sometime (not to mention that it’s only about a two hour flight from San Francisco so I have no excuse!). Keep doing you and enjoy those upcoming trips!

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