A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

Without a doubt, the biggest highlight of my week was publishing my first ever vlog! On Monday, episode one went live on the Little Grey Box YouTube channel and everyone was so nice about it. I’ve wanted to do a vlog series for so long now and have been visualising it and manifesting it constantly, it was a huge relief to finally get it done and I think the timing was perfect. I’ve tried to force the vlogs before and it just didn’t quite work. This time the timing was right and I’m really happy with how the first one turned out. I’m still adjusting to what does and doesn’t translate well but I’m getting better. The key now is consistency – just keep creating and enjoying the process and the growth will happen organically. If you haven’t seen it yet, scroll down to the bottom of this page, give it a watch and let me know what you think. New episode coming next week!

So, we wrapped up our job with Capricorn Coast Enterprise on Monday, flying out of Rockhampton and back to Brisbane. We got home Monday afternoon and got straight to work, catching up on a huge amount of deliverables (blog posts, photographs and images). I got through a bit more work Tuesday morning and evening, pausing in the middle of the day to go with Matt to a few doctors appointments. If you watch my Insta-Stories you’ll know he’s had some weird health issues lately, a strange combination of asthma and an anaphylactic reaction that’s been happening sporadically. We have an epi-pen now and some great specialists helping us figure it out so we should be on top of the issue soon!

Filming at Spicers Hidden Vale

Wednesday was absolutely crazy. I’m flying to Portland on Sunday and have been scrambling to get enough blog posts ready to cover me for while I’m away. I got through a decent chunk but will have to find some time while I’m away to write a few more. I think I’ve mentioned it before but it’s really important for the growth of the blog that I get new content up regularly. It’s great for bringing new readers to Little Grey Box, boosting our SEO and keeping regular readers well looked after too. I got as much writing done as I could then frantically set about doing everything I needed to get ready for our job with Discover Ipswich this week.

We’re putting together a road trip video for the team, aimed at showing Brisbane and Gold Coast locals just how much there is to do in the Ipswich region. I gotta say, I had no idea just how many fun things and great food options there are out here. The video is shaping up to be a really good one, based on the footage we have already. We’re at Spicers Hidden Vale at the moment, just taking a breather for me to write this and recover after a rather gnarly session on the mountain bike trails (I’m terrible!) Then we’re off to a vineyard and one more night at a beautiful manor.

Lunch at Dovetails Restaurant

Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting a few more places around Ipswich, capturing some last, essential bits of footage for the videos. Then we have to haul ass back to Brisbane as I’m attending Broncos Fillies High Tea, a fantastic charity event. Amazingly, they’ve asked me to pop up onstage for a Q&A talking about mine and Matt’s journey transitioning into what we do now, which is really exciting! My Grandma, bless her, is a ride or die, O.G Broncos fan (as is Matt) so the lovely team behind the event were generous enough to let me bring my mum, Nan and Matt along with me. So we’ll get to enjoy the high tea, meet some amazing people and partake in all the fun and activities, all with a fantastic cause – The Charities Fund is set up to provide encouragement, assistance and financial support for underprivileged and disadvantaged youth of Queensland through grants to individuals but also through our Charity Partner program

After we finish there, we’ll buzz home and I’ll set about packing for Portland. My first flight leaves super early Sunday morning so I need to be ready to go the night before so I can just wake up, throw my clothes on and go. I’ll be vlogging the whole trip (of course) so it’ll feel like I’m bringing you along with me. The trip to Portland is for me to attend the launch of Mitsubishi’s new vehicle, the Eclipse. Some smarty pants over at Mitsubishi realised they were having an actual eclipse in Portland and have timed the media event/launch with it (genius!) so I get to see it, explore Portland and have a fun little solo trip! Next week is going to be huge. I’m a tad terrified of the jet lag realness.

Exploring Queen’s Park in Ipswich
What I learned this week

That you really do have to trust the timing of your life. When I tried to force the vlogs, it just didn’t work. Now, I have a much better grip on my blogging workload, which means I can add other elements, like the vlogs, without taking on too much. Even though I wanted to be able to do everything at once, it just wasn’t possible. By taking a step back and waiting for everything to align better, I was able to do it right – we had the budget to get the right camera, we had the audience to watch them, I had the confidence to create them how my heart told me to and I have the time and energy to be consistent. Timing is everything, but that doesn’t mean you can force the time to be right, sometimes you have to patiently wait for it to be right.

Spicers Hidden Vale
News and updates

I don’t have any news I can share yet! There are quite a few potential jobs in the works at the moment but nothing is confirmed, so I just have to keep it quiet until it is. I’ll keep you posted next week, hopefully, I’ll have some confirmed trips I’ll be allowed to share with you.

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

You can visit our channel, if you feel like it, by clicking here. No pressure, mate – do what ya feel!

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