A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

TWTW is coming to you from a motel in Blackwater this week! “Where the heck is Blackwater?” I hear you ask. An excellent question my blog-loving friend. It’s a tiny town about 2 hours from Rockhampton in Queensland, that’s about 2 hours away from the east coast of Australia. Nestled right in the heart of cattle country, it’s the major town in a significant coal mining area. It has a McDonalds, a Red Rooster AND a Subway. It also has a lot of men getting around, due to the whole mining thing. Seriously, blokes everywhere!

But my week didn’t start in Blackwater or country Queensland, it started in Brisbane. I spent my Saturday celebrating with my good friend Tanya as her little girl turned one, featuring a cake so gorgeous it was far nicer than the one I had at my wedding. That night we ate at NoHo in Brisbane, feasting on American Street Food for our nephew’s 13th birthday. The food was fantastic and I hate way too much mac n’ cheese, a decision I didn’t regret, even when I got a tummy ache.

I worked all day Sunday and Monday, boring but necessary as I’m going to be away a lot this whole month. I’ll only be home for 9 days altogether and being on the road that much puts a lot of pressure on me time-wise. When I’m away things don’t stop and being booked on jobs mean I have to work all day filming and travelling but the blog can’t stop. So I really need to get as much content as possible pre-written so I can keep posting fresh content each week. When I don’t, our blog stats go down, which ain’t so good for business. It’d be great to have some regular contributors on board to help with the workload but I also love what I do and don’t really want to give it up. The writing is the thing I love the most so I just gotta strap on my big girl pants and make time to keep up with everything. It’s definitely worth it!

I celebrated my 30th birthday on Tuesday with a fantastic day. We ate breakfast at The Corner Store Cafe in Brisbane then picked up a brand new vlogging camera! I had been researching vlogging cameras for a little while and finally decided on the perfect one. Actually, it came down to two. One was more expensive than the other, but I felt it was better. Still, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to spend so much on another camera. In the end, Matt made the decision for me, treating me to one heck of an amazing present.

So, I started vlogging on Tuesday! I’ve been vlogging all week and LOVING it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to start doing for a long time now but the timing was never right. Now I’ve got all the gear, plenty of great adventures coming up and so much to share. It’ll be a learning curve, no doubt, as I watch them back, learn what works and what doesn’t and make some adjustments. So if you watch the first one and it stinks… bear with me!

The rest of the day was spent in a fantastic little country town called Rubyvale as we started a week-long job for Capricorn Coast Enterprise, the regional tourism board for Queensland’s stunning Capricorn Coast. This week we’re exploring country Queensland following the Dig The Tropic trail. The best part of the whole thing is the people you meet, their stories and the friendly welcome they offer. We’ve already met some amazing people including a lovely little grandma named Esme, who was drinking the tiniest little glass of beer you’ve ever seen, joining in the boot-scooting at a local caravan park in Sapphire. Honestly, I love my job for moments like those.

We’ve got a big few days ahead of us as our itinerary really begins to pick up and we head out towards the coast. I absolutely love Queensland and it’s so good to see new parts of it and explore my home state. Matt and I were talking today about how thankful we are that we’re doing this now while we’re still young(ish). Our big life plan is to do things a little backwards. We want to travel now, for as long as we can, seeing as much of the world as we’re able. Then, when we’re ready, retiring to a little cottage by the water. Somewhere we can grow our own fruit and veggies, take a walk along the beach each day, curl up next to a fire and be eccentric old-folk yelling at the local kids to stay off the bloody lawn! #Bliss.

What I learned this week

Exploring Rubyvale we heard a lot of stories of people who felt they didn’t fit into ‘normal’ society. So, they picked up and moved out to Rubyvale, where the major industry is fossicking for sapphires. Here, it’s ridiculously cheap to stake a claim on a piece of land, put up non-permanent accommodations and fossick. It’s a place where people mind their business and tend to live peaceful, autonomous lives. The typical day consists of fossicking for 4-5 hours in the morning, selling what you find, having lunch then cracking a cold beer and taking the rest of the day off. It made me realise that everyone deserves to feel at ease in this world. I loved hearing stories of people who hadn’t felt comfortable elsewhere but had found their place in the world in Rubyvale. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you don’t belong, it just means you aren’t in the right place and there’s always somewhere for everyone.

News and updates

So much good stuff happening at the moment! I’m super excited to share a photo of mine, from Yeppoon, is being featured as part of a train wrap on Queensland Rail’s CityTrain Network. If you happen to live in Brisbane and catch the train, keep your eyes out for me whizzing past you and if you can, snap a photo and let me know – I’d love to see it! The vlogs have started and I’m hoping to share the first episode next week – yasssssssss! I’m counting down to my trip to Portland in a little less than two weeks, so if you have any recommendations for me or know of any great Instagram accounts or bloggers I should check out, let me know. Also, a few potential trips in the works at the moment, which I’m hoping are confirmed and I can share with you soon.

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