A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

Is it really August already? This year is going by so incredibly quickly and this week past week was no exception. I woke up on Saturday morning super excited for our birthday drinks in Brisbane. We met up with close friends at The Charming Squire in Southbank and spent a good few hours drinking cold beers, listening to live music and catching up with everyone.

We’re away so often and then only usually back for a week or two, which can often only give us one or two weekends to see people. It tends to make it a bit hard to see friends regularly, especially when we find ourselves working on the weekends too. So it was great to see everyone in one place and the night was really, really fun. We ended up at our favourite Indian restaurant at the end of the night and I somehow managed to completely avoid a hangover! I don’t know how but I’m not complaining.

My good friend, Mia, and I at birthday drinks!

Sunday morning was spent couch shopping, something we’ve probably needed to do for far longer than we’d like to admit. When it comes to fancy furniture, matching decor and all that other stuff, Matt and I aren’t really fussed. I don’t know, we’re just not worried about having a home straight out of a magazine or anything like that. We’ve always sort of scooped up furniture from thrift stores or inherited things from family members, with the exception of things like mattresses, of course. We’ve been using Matt’s Mum’s old couches for a while now and they’ve finally started to give out. We’ve been dreaming of getting a new couch for a while now so as a birthday present to each other, we splashed out on two recliner sofas and, you guys, I’m so freakin excited for them to arrive! It’s going to be a whole new world of comfort.

New couch! See ya in 9 to 11 weeks! (not in that colour tho….)

On Monday I took my little sister out with me for the day. I’d been invited to visit Biome‘s brand new Naked Beauty Bar at their store in Bulimba. My little sister, Jaspa, loves all that girly stuff as much as I do so we were really excited to go check it out. If you haven’t heard of them before, Biome is an online and physical store specialising in eco-friendly products. We’re talking things like keep cups, bees wax wraps, reusable straws, organic beauty products etc. Anyway, the idea of the Beauty Bar is that you come in and buy ingredients to make your own beauty products, like face masks, toothpaste, deodorant etc.

What’s great about it is that you pay by the weight of the products, so it’s budget-friendly, you’re getting pure products with no nasty, hidden additives in them AND you can BYO container so there’s no single-use plastic going on. We decided to get some ingredients to make multi-masks (you know, the kind where you put different masks on different parts of the face). I’ve seen L’Oreal doing these for $20 each mask… we got ALL the ingredients for THREE masks for $29 and you use so little to make each batch that they’ll last a long time. I love stuff like this! It’s so much better for us and the planet too. You don’t need all those chemicals and crap in your beauty products, each of our masks had two totally natural ingredients + a little purified water and it left our skin feeling sooooo good!

On Tuesday we headed down the Gold Coast to spend two nights for Matt’s birthday. We had been planning on going away but when travel is your job you almost kind of don’t want to go away for your downtime so the Gold Coast was the perfect option. It felt so good to go to a hotel and not take a photo of it, check-in on Facebook or have to do any work. It was also kind of weird! We both threw our luggage in the room and were like, “Okay, so what now?” Don’t worry, we quickly remembered how to relax like regular holiday-makers and got in the groove of things. We ate at great restaurants, ate LOTS of gelato, slept late and had a really nice few days.

Not a bad spot for a birthday….
What I learned this week

It’s my 30th Birthday on Tuesday and I’m really excited! I was thinking about it this week and I’m really glad I faced up to all my crap during my 20’s. I’m really thankful 20-year-old me put in all the hard work and made all the sacrifices needed to change my life. It means I’m going to my 30’s loving my life, which really puts me in a good position to keep learning, growing and evolving, while really enjoying the journey. I feel like I don’t take anything for granted and I see the bigger picture of everything better like I understand now why I was overlooked for promotions, had conflict in the workplace and had all these other challenges – they were all leading me to this place in my life. It sucked at the time but I’m so glad it all happened when it did because now that phase of my life is over and I’m ready for new challenges and opportunities to learn and experience life. Bring it on, 30!

News and updates

We’re getting ready to go away next week, heading up to Central Queensland again! We’re both pretty excited to be creating some more videos for the Capricorn Coast region and we’ll be doing a whole lot of sightseeing and exploring throughout Emerald, Blackwater, Rockhampton and surrounds. I love trips like these because we usually find ourselves in places we just never would otherwise, it always leads to us meeting great people and having truly unique experiences. The itinerary looks fantastic so be sure to follow along on Instagram Stories and social media in general, I suppose.

Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

You can visit our channel, if you feel like it, by clicking here. No pressure, mate – do what ya feel!

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