A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

My week did not go quite as planned. In my mind, this week was going to be overflowing with productivity. I was going to be getting things done, ticking stuff off my to-do list, slaying the gym and just generally winning at life. I woke up on Saturday morning deathly ill, managed to push through and get the house cleaned, then quickly realised I’d pushed myself way too hard and made myself even sicker, collapsing in a very gross heap on the sofa. Which is exactly where I stayed put for three days!

Matt and I were supposed to go to The Golden Pig Cooking School on Sunday afternoon to film a video for our YouTube channel but I was so ill, Matt took one look at me and said, “There’s no way I’d want you anywhere near me or my food.” He was right. I was foul. I can’t help but think the cold was a cosmic sign for me to slow down a bit and stop pushing myself so hard, a thought which was further confirmed when our internet stopped working on Tuesday. We were completely unable to get any work done for three days while our internet was ‘fixed’ which was really frustrating but forced us both to slow down a bit, with both of us realising we were feeling very burnt out.

As my cold started to lift on Tuesday, I took a visit to Kindred Toxin Free Facials in Brisbane’s Bulimba. I honestly cannot even remember the last time I had a facial and it felt so good to prioritise myself and have an indulgent little bit of me-time. The term facial is a huge understatement as what Natalie does is so much more than that – it’s like a spiritual experience, a soul cleansing! In addition to the luxurious facial (my first experience with microdermabrasion and having my lymphatic system drained), there was a massage, guided meditation, crystals, sage smudging and just a whole lot of good vibes. I loved that the products were all toxin free, that’s something I’m really conscious of. I left feeling so incredibly relaxed like I’d let go of a whole bunch of crap I’d been holding onto. Seriously, I got home and Matt was shocked by how relaxed I looked! I had the BEST sleep too! If anybody lives in Brisbane and is thinking of treating themselves to this amazing experience (which I highly recommend), Nat has offered LGB readers $20 off! Just mention LGB20off when booking online.

I had a few deliveries show up this week too, including a box of absolutely delicious Chobani ‘flip’ yoghurts (yummm!) and a couple of gorgeous pineapples from Pure Gold Pineapples – thank you! Beauty-wise, I was sent CoQ10 Vitamins from Pureahealth which, according to their website, supports healthy cardiovascular and immune function, is an antioxidant and can assist in reducing oxidative stress throughout life and as we age, and help stabilise cell membranes, preserving cellular integrity and function. Sounds damn good to me! I was also sent Born Again Body Hydrating Skin Tonic, a lightweight body spray that can be used as a daily body moisturiser. Rich in aloe vera, vitamin E, coconut oil, witch hazel, rose oil, green tea and peppermint oil to tingle the senses and soothe the skin. I’ve been spraying it on my body post-shower, but I’ve really been loving it on my face, using it almost as a toner after I wash my face, before moisturising – it’s heavenly and it smells sooooo good.

It’s Matt’s birthday next week and mine the following so I spent a bit of time buying bits and pieces for his gift which I obviously can’t tell you about because he reads these TWTW updates too! Sorry love, you’ll have to wait a few more days. We’re having birthday drinks tomorrow with a bunch of friends in Brisbane, it’s super low-key, afternoon drinks and I’m really looking forward to it. There’s nothing better than getting together with your friends on a gorgeous Brisbane afternoon for cold beers! No doubt there will be some boozy updates to Insta-Stories.

I asked you guys if you wanted me to start vlogging and was a bit surprised by how many people said yes – woohoo! I gave it a go this week, using my iPhone and a selfie stick, but I hated the way the footage turned out – it’s really low-quality and just not good enough. So we’re going to start shopping for a proper vlogging camera and get the vlogs up and running shortly. What kind of things would you like to see in the vlogs? My plan is just to film whatever is interesting, but I’d love to know the type of thing you’re interested in seeing too. Let me know, okay.

We also published a new video on our YouTube channel this week (you can watch it below) and I absolutely, freakin’ love it! It’s exactly the type of video I want us to make more of, stuff that’s really fun, inspiring, a bit silly and just makes you feel happy and want to visit the destination. It was well-worth Matt taking some time away from YouTube to get ontop of his workload, simplify and come back refreshed and inspired – it shows in the video, which is so fun and happy!

What I learned this week

That it’s really, really important to listen to your body and not keep pushing yourself when you’re in need of rest. I was stupid, children, and tried to push myself beyond what my mind and body wanted me to do. To punish me, it allowed me to become overrun with a cold and took away my internet access for three days. I deserved it, though, because I wasn’t paying attention to what it was trying to tell me. Sorry, body, I’ll do better next time!

News and updates

The big news out of this week is that I’m heading to Portland, Oregon at the end of August! The amazing team at Mitsubishi are flying me over to join a bunch of other influencers as we attend one heck of an incredible media launch for their brand new Eclipse SUV. The clever marketing peeps have coordinated the launch of the Eclipse with an actual eclipse that’s happening in Portland. This is great news for me as I get to fly over and explore a place I’ve never, ever been before. I’m also going to team up with Travel Portland (the region’s tourism board) so I can put together some great guides to the city. If you live in Portland or have ever been, I would LOVE your tips on great things to see and do (especially good food!) let me know if you have any insights.


Watch the brand new video up on our YouTube channel this week!

You can visit our channel, if you feel like it, by clicking here. No pressure, mate – do what ya feel!

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  1. Portland is the BOMB, you’ll love it! I definitely recommend visiting Salt and Straw for ice cream and Voodoo Doughnuts are worth the hype. Two cool neighbourhoods to check out are Hawthorne Boulevard and NW 23rd Avenue. I also love the Portland Saturday Market, which in fact is on Sat and Sunday 🙂

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