A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

Great news! I’m not jetlagged this week, which means this TWTW will most likely be far more coherent than the previous two. What a crazy, busy week it has been. When I tell you I’ve been practically living at my desk, you best believe it. Before I get started, I bought a couple of products from a brand called The Ordinary. I’ve seen them all over the internet, heard/read good things and thought I’d give them a try for myself. I get dark pigment on my face, so I’m trying their Retinoid and moisturiser. I’ll keep you posted on whether or not it works! Hopefully, it does and anyone else with dark pigment issues can get some relief. #watchthisspace

Matt and I got home on Friday night and went straight to bed. After a very enjoyable, monster sleep session, we woke up and started to get our lives together. I knew I had a lot of work to get through and, I’m not sure if you’re like this or will just think I’m mad, but I can’t work if the house isn’t clean. My office is set up in the middle of the house, so if it isn’t clean, I have to look at it all day and it starts to feel like it’s on top of me. It’s like I can’t focus on my work because I’m focused on the dirty floor or dishes in the sink. So, I cleaned the house like a demon on Saturday. So satisfying.

Once that was done, I got stuck into the mountain of deliverables I had to get through this week. I had a lot of blog posts to create and Matt had a lot of videos to put together. I also had loads of emails to get through and lots of behind-the-scenes business things to get done, like invoicing, planning our New Zealand trip, locking in work commitments for the coming months etc.

So, I glued myself to my desk and Matt locked himself away in his office and we have both been working like people possessed – All. Dang. Week. I don’t know how, but we somehow managed to skip the jetlag situation. I mean, our sleeping habits have been a bit off. I’ve been staying up until about 1 – 2 am, but other than that little time non-adjustment, things have been pretty easy.

We have both gotten through a mammoth amount of work this week and I feel really on top of things again. I’ve slowly gotten through the most urgent pieces and am now working through everything else. Given we’re going away on Tuesday, we’ll both be working all weekend to make sure everything is done. I also have quite a few blog posts to pre-write, to make sure things keep going while I’m away (again!)

I mentioned last week, but my mum and sister are here at the moment. My little sister just got her learner’s license so I’m taking her for her first ever manual driving lesson today – it’s going to be great! Mostly because I get to watch her stall the car a million times and make fun of her. Amazing. I’m hoping I get some free time on Sunday to go out with her, I think her and my mum want to go check out some good thrift stores/op-shops on the Gold Coast.

Also, one other thing – a quick update about our YouTube channel and, I guess, another way in which we’ve evolved and grown over the last few months. Matt has been overwhelmed with video work lately. Combined with his freelance graphic design, he’s just been swamped and our YouTube channel has suffered because paid work for clients always takes priority. We had a good talk about it though and the truth is, videos are what he wants to be doing. It’s his passion and dream!

So, he’s cutting back drastically on freelance design work. A huge step for Matt, because he’s been working in that industry for a looooong time now and letting go of it is a bit scary. He’s been holding onto his design work out of fear because he can’t see, for certain, there will be plenty of video work in the future. As I told him, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You have to trust yourself and take the leap, even if you’re terrified because the Universe will catch you. I’m really proud of him for finally doing it (albeit with a little/big push from his crazy wife who constantly insists he does insane things with his life, like quitting his perfectly great, totally secure job hehe).

Right now, he’s wrapping up outstanding design and video work for clients, clearing his slate, so-to-speak. The YouTube channel will need to stay on the backburner just for a little longer, then once he’s all caught up, we’ll be able to get back to publishing a new video each Monday again. Matt won’t be overwhelmed with work and he’ll have more time, love and energy to put into the thing he loves – creating videos. When you have something you want to grow, the more you put into it, the more it thrives.

What I learned this week

This week I learned that I am always learning (haha)! I’ve had some great talks with clients this week and thanks to them being so open with me, I’ve learned a lot about what Matt and I offer and how we can evolve, improve, grow and expand. We’ve learned a lot about our true value and had our thoughts confirmed, which is a wonderful feeling. We’ve learned even more about how we can communicate with clients best, offer them more and do it in a better way. It’s invaluable! I never thought I’d be running my own business, so I never prepared for any of this. Now I am, I love every moment of it. I don’t know about you, but I have to work really hard to make sure the perfectionist side of me doesn’t take over and crush me when I feel I haven’t done something right. This week was a great opportunity for me to see how far I’ve come managing perfectionist Phoebe and appreciate that growth. I’m always learning, growing and evolving and I’m thankful for everything that came my way this week – it was a great test of what I’ve learned and I feel grateful for all the knowledge I picked up too.

Sorry if that’s all a bit vague – hopefully you can pick up the thread of it. I can’t really discuss client details 🙂 Just know it was a great week! I realised how much I’ve grown and, thanks to some wonderful clients, learned even more and can use that knowledge to improve my business further. It’s a win all round!


News and updates

As I mentioned last week, the energy behind our business continues to grow! We’ve had some more wonderful work offers come in this week. I can’t share them yet as they’re still in the early stage and not yet 100% confirmed, we’re still working to understand all the parts of the offers, figure out dates and all the other little things that go into locking them in. Hopefully, I’ll know more by next Friday and can share more with you. That said, the big news of TWTW this week is that we’re off to New Zealand on Tuesday! Woohoo! I’m going with Matt and his little brother, Clinton. This trip has a HUGE focus on the snow, with us visiting many different ski fields while we’re there. I’ve only had one skiing lesson, 2 (maybe 3?) years ago and I loved it. This trip I’m hoping to get my skills up to the point where I can leave the learner’s hill and actually tackle a slope. Matt and Clinton are great snowboarders so it’ll be nice to be able to join them and have some fun together. I’m excited!

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