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Highlights of the week

I’m beginning to notice a startling pattern with these posts – I seem to now be writing them exclusively while in the grips of jetlag. Matt and are tucked away in a corner of the SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3, both feeling like a nice plate of death, warmed up to steamy perfection. The past few weeks have been massive for us and we finally feel like we’re off the clock and able to switch off, just the last long-haul flight from Singapore to Brisbane to go!

Our time in Sweden was nothing short of amazing and I have so many incredible photos to go through and great guides to write! I can’t wait to get back to my desk and start working on everything. I also have a bit of a backlog of deliverables (written and photo) from our recent trips to the Capricorn Coast and Kuala Lumpur, so it’s going to be a very intense week and a bit, catching up on everything and clearing my slate before our next trip. Yep! We’re off to New Zealand on the 4th July. Woohoo!

So, Sweden went by in an absolute blur of delicious food, fun times, gorgeous sites, history, and wonder. When we first got the itinerary I didn’t spend too much time studying it, mostly because I didn’t have the time and also because I fully trust the planning prowess of Visit Stockholm and Singapore Airlines. I was really not expecting to see quite as much as we did! Even though we stuck to Stockholm and the surrounding Archipelago, we were able to see a great range of different places and get a real feel for what Sweden is all about.

It’s safe to say I’ve fallen in love with Sweden wholeheartedly, especially the wonderful locals who are just so genuinely lovely. I wish we had more time to extend our trip a bit and explore more of Scandinavia. I’m already planning our next trip back and all the things I want to see and do – especially coming back in the very cold winter months to see everything blanked in pristine, white snow.

We’ve been away from home for a little over two weeks now and I’m ready to get back to my own house for a little bit. It’s always a great feeling coming home to your own bedroom, your big comfortable bed and your own homecooked meals. As you already know, I’m missing my cat a lot and can’t wait to see her! Though, by all accounts, she’s been getting pretty cosy with my mum and my sister so she may not have missed me quite as much as I’ve missed her.

If you read the blog regularly you’ll know my family lives in Singapore. At the moment, my mum and sister are having a holiday in Brisbane. They arrived shortly after we left, so I haven’t seen them yet. It’ll be great to get home and spend some time with them properly. Luckily they’re staying for a long time, so they’ll still be there when we get back from New Zealand.

Matt and I had a bit of a sit-down/business chat on one of our long boat rides through the Stockholm Archipelago and realised we need to do a bit of reshuffling and reprioritising with the business. It’s time for us to streamline a few things and for Matt to put a bigger focus on video work, especially as we have so many amazing opportunities to work with brands on video work! It was a great feeling for both of us to realise we don’t need to depend on freelance work as much anymore, that we’re really getting booked for the jobs we want, not the ones we feel we need to survive.

This week’s gap is much needed by the both of us, but I have a feeling it’s going to go by all too quickly and we’ll back at the airport again before we know it. New Zealand is going to be amazing, we have some fantastic brands we’ll be working with while we’re there and plenty of great photo opportunities and time to be spent on the ski fields. I’m actually really looking forward to getting back to the snow and practicing my skiing (I’m terrible!)

What I learned this week

Press trips are really tiring and, I believe, very different to what may they may be publicly perceived as. I used to think they were super glamorous and just one big holiday, but I learned very quickly they’re intense, demanding and tiring. That said, they afford you opportunities you just would never have otherwise. Truth be told, if I planned my own trip to Sweden I would never have done half the things I got to do on the trip we just did. No way. I’d be lazy! So, I guess this week I learned to stop and, in those moments of sheer exhaustion, take a moment to be thankful for just how special the unique opportunities we get really are! I also learned I can push my introvert self past that point of feeling drained, to a whole new level of social interaction I never knew I had! Amazing.

News and updates

I gotta tell you, it feels like there has been a real shift in energy the last month or so. All of a sudden our business has a huge amount of momentum around it and we’re getting so many wonderful offers to work with brands (and be properly paid to do so!) We’re actually starting to turn jobs down, mostly unpaid ones we would’ve said yes to before under the guise of ‘being paid in exposure.’ I guess it feels like we’ve got a lot more control and don’t just have to say yes to everything so we have work to do, paid or unpaid. It’s a great feeling and very validating.

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