A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

Is it possible to go blind from exhaustion? I think you and I may just find out over the next few days, cos right now I either can’t see at all or I’ve transitioned into a higher state and can see into the future (unlikely). I’m so tired, sitting in our hotel room in Stockholm at 9:32 pm, the sun still shining through my window, that I can’t really quite tell if I’m awake or somehow sleep-typing. There is a very good chance this blog post is going to make absolutely no sense either that or my mind is going to be so incredibly mushy all of this is going to pour out of it easily and make a whole lot of sense. Let me know which it is.

Things have been crazy since last week’s wrap-up. Our time in Yeppoon was fantastic, though it feels like a world away right now. We ate so much good food, had some wonderful experience and met some really lovely people too – which is a big part of what made the trip so special. It felt like we had a moment or connection with every place we visited, which made it really easy to write about, film and photograph. If you missed it, there are some great photos from the trip in a blog post I wrote on 23 awesome things you absolutely must do in Yeppoon. 

The last few days of the trip were spent on Great Keppel Island, which I had never visited before. The weather wasn’t too great when we headed over and both Matt and I were feeling the pressure to get enough film to put together a great video, knowing we may only get a few hours of sunshine if any. Thankfully, halfway through the second day, the weather Gods were in our favour and we found ourselves snorkeling some of the most beautiful, clear water I have ever seen. There were so many fish on the reef, a protected green zone, it was almost unbelievable. I felt like a mermaid, diving, spinning and swimming with all the different, brightly coloured fish.

snorkelling great keppel island

Before we knew it, the trip up north was over and were on a plane from Rockhampton back to Brisbane, the first of four flights to get us from Rockhampton to Sweden. We arrived in Brisbane and frantically re-packed our suitcases in the carpark, shifting things from one to the other, ditching unnecessary items and basically just shoving things in, zipping it all up and hoping for the best.

Lucky for us, the team at Singapore Airlines are incredible hosts and put us up in Business Class the whole way. I’ve been lucky enough to travel this way with them once before but it was Matt’s first time ever and he was over the moon (as was I!). The flight from Brisbane to Singapore went by really quickly and we had a few hours to relax and unwind in the SilverKris First Class Lounge at Changi’s Terminal 3. It was amazing! They have the very best wines, incredible food, luxury bathrooms with showers you can refresh in and (not in the shower) an entire fridge dedicated to Hagen Dazs ice cream. Heaven.

If the flight from Brisbane to Singapore was good, the flights from Singapore to Stockholm were exceptional. The individual pods in Business Class are so spacious, they’re seriously nicer than my lounge room at home. The seats recline perfectly, you get two pillows to cuddle up next to, a huge range of movies to watch on a big screen. There’s wifi (so I can look at all the selfies my mum sent me of her and my cat – thanks, mum), not to mention ALL the delicious food and wine they ply with you (silver service, by the way!). Then, just when you think things can’t get ANY better, your amazing chair transforms into an even more amazing flat bed, complete with duvet. The air hostess even tucked me into bed while rubbing my arm, saying, “Stay warm and get a good sleep. I’ll see you for breakfast in the morning.” You guys…. my soul left my body for a split second. It was hovering above me, like, “GIRRRRRRRRRL are you seeing this!??”

flying business class singapore to stockholm

We arrived in Stockholm this morning after a very brief stop in Moscow and got straight into it. We dropped our bags at the hotel and headed out for a tour of the city, followed by lunch, more sightseeing then, finally, back to the room for a much-needed shower and freshen up. Then, we headed back out to do more sightseeing and grab dinner.

So, after a marathon 44 hours spent in transit, fuelled by around 6 hours sleep or so, I sit in the hotel room, still unsure whether I’m truly awake or not. Let me tell you something, I LOVE my job and the amazing things we get to do, but I’m glad I get to share with you guys just how much energy goes into it and how hard you have to push yourself sometimes. It’s crazy! I can tell you now, I never would’ve pushed myself this hard in my old office job (no way!).

Matt’s already crashed out in bed, I’m just going to get this post up for you to read then get all my camera gear on to charge for tomorrow, sort out an outfit (I’ve learned it’s always best to prepare for the next day, the night before) then grab a shower and get into bed myself. We’ll be up at 7 am to get ready and head out for another big day – I cannot wait! Sweden is already exceeding my expectations and fast becoming one of my top favourite spots I’ve ever visited. Can’t wait to see more.

Great Keppel Island sunset

What I learned this week

It is most definitely, 100% possible to have a micro-sleep while your eyes are still open. Seriously, it happened to me at dinner tonight. I thought I was going to black out and then suddenly I was staring off into space, my eyes open, and I realised I had sort of fallen asleep for a second. It was at this moment, as I was blinking out of it, that Matt turned to me and said, “What did you say?” …. but, I hadn’t said anything. Turns out, we’re both beyond the point of exhausted.

News and updates

I may or may not be dead. I’m unsure at this point.

Cool things I saw on the internet

Someone, please insert a hyperlink to my obituary here.


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  1. This post made me laugh, because I’ve felt the same way at some point in my life. Although I don’t know that I can say mine was at the extremeness of yours! Your post made complete sense to me and I enjoyed reading it. I absolutely love your pictures!

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