A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

Do you ever get to the end of the week and think, “Where the heck did that go? What did I even do this week?” That’s exactly how I feel today. This week just went by so quickly it’s a blur, in fact, the whole year seems to be going by way too fast. It’s like weeks have really gotten a roll-on and they’re whizzing past faster than I can keep up with.

This week started off incredibly slow and ended up an absolute blur…. Sunday was nice and relaxed, it was Mother’s Day and given my mama lives in Singapore, I spent the day with my Grandma. If you read this post on the reg, you’ll know my Nan and I are really close. We just hung out at my house in our pajamas and I made lunch.

Tuesday was mad (read the ‘what I learned’ below for the full breakdown there). I hosted my first ever Webinar on Wednesday, sharing why and how brands should work with travel bloggers. I totally didn’t realise people would be able to see me, so I was all cosy in my pajamas with my face and hair looking horrific, then I realised people could see me so I had to get out of my unicorn jammies and really quickly make myself look presentable. It went well though.

But really, the highlights of this week are in the news and updates…. something BIG is happening on Sunday! But first, to get the proper context of this whole week, ya gotta read the ‘what I learned.’


What I learned this week

On Monday night both Matt and I had the same mental breakdown at the same time haha I was feeling weird and Matt was feeling weird, so we sat down with a bottle of wine and talked it through. Turns out, we were feeling the exact same way – we love what we do but were feeling really frustrated and unsatisfied. It’s uncanny the way we both go through these same weird feelings at the same time.

Neither of us wants to change what we’re doing with the business or anything like that, the frustration is there because we aren’t progressing at the rate we want to. Basically, we’re impatient little ho’s who want things to move at our pace and are frustrated they haven’t been. We want more work, more trips, more opportunities.

Well, we woke up on Tuesday and got absolutely hammered with work, trips, and opportunities. We went from being totally frustrated and a little bored on Monday night to both working late and feeling stressed on Tuesday night, cos we had soo much come in.

What did we learn? Be patient, trust the timing of everything and, if you want something, just ask!

News and updates

Okay, so now you’ve got some context for this week, here’s a big piece of news. I was sitting at my computer on Tuesday, minding my own business and feeling like my life is really boring at the moment when an email came in from AirAsia asking Matt and I if we’d like to fly to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. What the heck?! AHHHH YES!

So, we said a huge resounding yes! We’re flying over Sunday night so we can attend the launch of their new in-flight menu on Monday. The team offered to fly us back that evening or for us to stay a little longer, of course, we’ve opted to stay on and explore KL for the week. Best of all, my mum’s flying up from Singapore to explore with us.

I gotta say, I live for moments like that one. I love the big surprises and sudden change of plans, the ability to say yes to a last-minute opportunity and find yourself getting ready to fly overseas in a few days. I’m so excited! If you have any must-see, must-eat or must-do tips for me pleeeeeaaaaasssseee share them with me!!

My weekly playlist

These are the songs I’ve been crushing on this week and my current playlist staples…

Cool things I saw on the internet

Few things in life compare to the pure joy of an internet deep-dive, here are a few gems I uncovered this week:

Phoebe Lee - Profile - Australian Travel Blogger Writer Photographer Little Grey BoxPhoebe Lee is a travel writer and award-winning blogger with a love for storytelling. Phoebe creates practical, fun and engaging written content designed to inspire and energise travel-lovers and dreamers. Follow her and Matt’s adventures at home and around the world, right here on Little Grey Box and through InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.


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