A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

I just realised this is the 7th edition of TWTW, which means I’ve been writing these for seven weeks now (well, eight, cos I missed one) and I really love putting them together each week. I’m so glad I took the step of starting this weekly post, they’ve really become something I look forward to writing each week, kind of a nice way to wrap the week up in a tidy little bow and reflect on all the great stuff that happened.

It was a bit of a funny week this week, but really the typical kind of week we have when we’re taking a trip for work. The weekend was spent working, which is boring but necessary. When we go away for work, the business doesn’t conveniently take a break while we’re gone. So, we have to do the whole week’s work in the days before we leave, to make sure we don’t fall behind or drop any blog or social media posts. I spent Saturday and Sunday glued to my laptop, writing blog posts, sending out invoices and working on my upcoming Webinar (I’m hosting a webinar next week, if you want to attend it online or find out about it – visit this website for event deets)

On Monday we took off down to Newcastle, a fantastic city along the New South Wales coastline. Both Matt and I have visited before, but never for work, so this trip was totally different to any other we’d taken there. We ate so, so, so much food it’s not even funny and we’re both a bit desperate to get back to the gym and work off all the amazing desserts and yummy meals (and beer) we consumed. It was worth it – so many good food memories.

While in Newcastle I got to catch up with a blogging friend of mine, Luke of Backstreet Nomad, and meet another blogging friend, Elle of This is Yugen. It was really good to spend some time with both of them, it’s always great to hang with people who do what you do cos they don’t think you’re weird for taking a hundred photos of a coffee and you can vent your frustrations, share your ideas and get creative together.

We were in Newcastle for 3 nights all up and the trip kinda got better with each day, with the last day, yesterday, being a real highlight for us. We got to play around at a Virtual Reality studio and it was just sooooo fun. We got to play video games where we were actually in the game and there’s this amazing art studio where you can paint and draw all around you while listening to music, it’s amazing. If you ever get the chance to try VR, I highly recommend!

Now I’m home, I have a whole heap of personal projects I want to get cracking on. There’s a chair I picked up on the side of the road last year that I’ve been dying to give the DIY makeover treatment too, so hopefully, I can get started on that this weekend. I have a few sewing projects I want to get stuck into as well. That said, it’s kind of freezing cold at our house at the moment. As I write this, my little cat is bundled up inside my jumper, soaking up my body warmth for herself. So, we’ll see how much actually gets done and how much of the weekend is spent bundled up in warm blankets, watching Netflix, drinking red wine and eating soup!

What I learned this week

You know what, I had a real moment of clarity this week. For a long time, I’ve been really focused on my blog as my career choice. I have been thinking of what Matt and I do our jobs and looking to measure our success by how many jobs we book and how much people pay us for each job. But my mind kind of cracked open last week and I started to see what we’re doing from a different perspective, like viewing the whole puzzle instead of the little pieces.

I realised we haven’t just chosen a career, we’ve chosen an entire lifestyle. What we’re doing with our business is more than just being a travel writer and videographer, it’s choosing an entire way of life. It’s bigger than just videos, social posts, and written blog posts…. it’s about sculpting our ideal life. For us, that means working for ourselves, having unlimited freedom to be as creative as we like, working our own hours, being able to travel when we want, not being tied down and, best of all, not having to deal with shitty co-workers or a crummy work environment.

I’ve kind of started to see the big picture of what we’re doing and realise the success of it isn’t about the jobs we book or whether or not we’re booking more and being paid more, it’s about how we feel. The real success, for us, is that we have our own small business and a lifestyle we absolutely love. It was a real mental turning point for me, it really just blew things open for me and helped me see it all differently. It’s not about Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or a website, it’s about my life. Crazy!

News and updates

The New Zealand plans for July are coming together nicely, albeit slowly. My mum will be visiting then, so I think she’s quite happy to be fulfilling her grandmotherly duties and taking care of her two grand-cats for us. We shot a different style of video in Newcastle then we normally do, with the view to create something a little more travel show/vlog-ish. Matt’s upstairs right now working on it in his office, so we’ll see how it comes together. If it’s no good, we’ll scrap it and it’ll never see the light of day, haha but if it turns out great, you’ll see it this Monday.

Now, because I was away all week working, I don’t have a weekly playlist or cool things I saw on the internet, for you! But, I do have a few extra photos in my weekly gallery…

The weekly gallery

A few photos from this week, just for you…

The Week That Was - #7
Matt, me and Elle of This is Yugen

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  1. Loving these weekly updates! Such a good insight into how the freelance/blogging life actually works plus motivation to keep my hustle rolling to get to the stage you guys are at, living the life you want. Congrats on that!

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