A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

Our Easter weekend was spent catching up with family and friends, eating lots of chocolate and relaxing with Netflix and red wine. Pretty much the perfect way to spend any Easter! My grandma got me a sewing machine and I’ve been getting back into sewing, just brushing up on the basics again and building my skills back up. I find it a really great mental distraction, it’s super calming and helps me with my anxiety. I’ve also been doing a lot more cooking, again, to help with my anxiety.

If you saw my Insta-stories on Sunday, you’ll know I had quite the boozey afternoon with good friends. I took full advantage of a ‘bottomless Bellinis’ afternoon and ended up rolling in very, very hot to my local Indian restaurant later that evening. It was great!

The Week That Was - #4
Lunch with good friends

Matt and I spent a day in Brisbane, scoping out locations for two upcoming guides I’m writing in collaboration with Holiday Inn Express Brisbane. It made us realise just how quickly Brisbane is growing and changing and how much has changed since we moved out of the city. It also made me realise I need to stop being a hermit and get out and see Brisbane more.

We caught up with a lot of our friends over the last few weeks too. Matt went for a surf with some friends, I reconnected with a friend from school. We had a few double dates, boozey lunches and great chats with people we haven’t seen for a while. There was family time, friend time and lots of home time too. It has just been a crazy busy week, which is good, and I think the Universe is intending us to do more work and play around home over the coming months.

The Week That Was - #4
Diggin up good food tips around Brisbane

Matt and I also filmed an interview that will be aired on Vietnamese television at some point – a flow-on effect from the CNN adverts I shot earlier this year. It’s pretty funny to think the two of us will randomly be popping up on Vietnam TV’s sometime soon! I also filmed my first ever makeup tutorial, which will go live on the channel this coming Monday. I’ve had a few requests to do it and this week felt like the right time, so we set to work filming that yesterday – it’s a little bit awkward, funny and, hopefully, helpful! Be sure to watch it and let me know if you like it okay.

What I learned this week

This week was a big ol’ lesson in, ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Not really a new one, but definitely a big, fat reminder to just chill the heck out and let things unfold as they should. I’ve been saying for the past few weeks that Matt and I haven’t had any overseas adventures planned and it has taken me a little bit of time to really, fully understand that it’s okay. Well, the second I did, it all fell into place and now we have a wealth of local work happening right here in Australia. It’s great! So, as always, I just need to chill the heck out and let things happen, because everything always happens for a reason and things always work out perfectly.

News and updates

Matt and I are celebrating milestone birthdays this year (it’s my 30th!) so we’re planning on going somewhere new and are getting the ball rolling on that. It’s looking likely we’ll head over to somewhere tropical, possibly Fiji, in August – which is super exciting as neither of us have been. As you probably know, I LOVE the water, so a beachy holiday is my dream come true. We’re also planning a trip to New Zealand for a bit of skiing and snowboarding in June, with Matt’s brother. I’m excited! Like I said, lots of local work coming up too.

My weekly playlist

These are the songs I’ve been crushing on this week and my current playlist staples…

Cool things I saw on the internet

Few things in life compare to the pure joy of an internet deep-dive, here are a few gems I uncovered this week:

The weekly gallery

A few photos from this week, just for you…

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  1. Happy 30th! When I turned 30 I cried for a week over everything I had not accomplished! Then when I turned 40 a few years back I realized how rediculous I had been. Everything happens for a reason and things have a way of working themselves out. Life is full of change and different adventures. Embrace them all! I also use cooking as a way to deal with anxiety!

  2. Nice to read a blog post about your ‘ordinary life’. I tried a bit of ‘travel writing’ in my latest post, but no further than 100 miles from home!

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