A look at the week that was and a little insight into the #bloglife, sharing things with you here I just can’t share anywhere else!

Highlights of the week

We were meant to leave our house last Thursday for Matt’s brother’s wedding but the cyclone caused all kinds of crazy weather, which flooded a lot of the roads leading to where the wedding was being held. It was postponed by a day and we managed to make it through. The wedding time got pushed back a few times and they were hitched in near darkness – it was beautiful and I cried like a baby. They’re a wonderful couple! We ate and drank and partied into the night, with quite a few very rough people getting around the next day.

The Week That Was - #3
Matt and I pre-wedding
The next day we headed out to Ipswich to cover the Watercress Creek Olive and Lime Festival for Discover Ipswich. I got to touch some Llamas which was really amazing! They’re so freaking cute!

My family are really close with the people who live next door to us, it’s pretty great. They recently rescued a gorgeous little dog from the pound and he was in desperate need of a makeover, so I headed over and gave him a much-needed grooming session. He looks like a brand new dog! Here are the before and after’s of Teddy’s big makeover (Note: I really had to take a lot off his feet, they were crazy!)

Once every few weeks I try to spend a day at my Grandma’s helping her out with stuff, so on Tuesday I headed over to her place for the day. I tell you what, if you ever want to feel really good about yourself, go spend a day helping your Nan out with things. In her eyes, I’m an incredibly strong, internet wizard/genius! She saw me hoist a 10kg bag of chicken feed over my shoulder and was in awe of my epic upper body strength haha! I spent the day hanging pictures, fixing her Netflix (she loves Longmire), colouring her hair, ordering things on the internet for her and clipping all 5 of her little dogs.

On Wednesday night I went to the launch of NYC Bagel Deli in Brisbane’s West End. Matt couldn’t make it so I took my friend Andy with me and we had a great time. He’s really, really funny and the perfect person to have next to you at these events. We spent the whole time laughing and talking. Here’s a selfie of us (he’s having a great time, I swear!)

The Week That Was - #3

It was a bit of a weird week for me, I just felt really flat and unmotivated. Usually, I’m full of pep and energy, keen to get as much done each day as I possibly can. This week all I wanted to do was veg out on the couch and chill. I think it’s important to listen to what your mind and body are telling you and I’m fortunate to be able to have that flexibility in my life, so I listened to myself and took it really easy this week, posting fewer blog posts and taking a break from social media

Today I’m feeling refreshed and am heading to the movies with the neighbours to watch Beauty and the Beast!

What I learned this week

I didn’t do any soul work this week… naughty, naughty. That said, I’ve still been working through and processing my lesson from last week about allowing. It’s still not something I’ve mastered or really, truly understand yet. I just kind of keep looping the thought through my mind and unpacking it, turning it over to find more meaning and relate to it better. I’ll get there.

News and updates

Remember the Japan trip I mentioned? It’s not going ahead, which isn’t uncommon. I get so many offers and opportunities come through that start and then stop and then happen and then don’t happen haha The travel blogging world is like a million little moving parts all moving at different speeds and different directions, sometimes they come together and work, other times they don’t.

My weekly playlist

These are the songs I’ve been crushing on this week and my current playlist staples…

Cool things I saw on the internet

Few things in life compare to the pure joy of an internet deep-dive, here are a few gems I uncovered this week:

The weekly gallery

A few photos from this week, just for you…

Watch our new video from our YouTube channel this week!

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