I didn’t quite realise just how much the Germans love dogs, but they really, really do! When I stepped into the arrivals hall at Düsseldorf Airport, I saw a little dog waiting patiently with his dad and was shocked. At home, there’s no way you’d be allowed to take your dog inside the airport. Since then, I’ve met a lot of really great dogs in Düsseldorf. The locals take their pooches everywhere with them, like cafes and restaurants and into shops while they browse. Dogs in Germany are very well-loved and the owners are more than happy to show them off to desperados like me. Here’s a look at a few of the great dogs I met in Düsseldorf.

Dogs I met in Dusseldorf

This rather serious beagle was hanging out on the street with his dad. I met him on my first day in Düsseldorf while battling horrendous jet-lag on a walking tour around the city. I didn’t pat him because he looked very businesslike and I didn’t want to interrupt his important dog day. He seemed very friendly from our brief interaction.

Dogs I met in Dusseldorf

This pretty chap was out for lunch with his family. They were tucking into lunch while he was sitting alongside them, hoping for some tidbits. He was really friendly and very soft, with lovely shiny fur and big smiling eyes. I like this photo because I really like the way his nose, whiskers, and teeth all look. He almost looks a little bit like he’s about to get angry, but he was so sweet and gentle.

Dogs I met in Dusseldorf

This awkward pooch was with his dad at the local market, waiting for him to buy some fresh vegetables from a stall holder. I believe him to be a labrador x poodle. We approached him slowly and his dad said it was okay to pat him. He was pretty soft and didn’t seem to mind the pat much.

Dogs I met in Dusseldorf

This fabulous little guy is one of my favourites. He was out for a walk along the water with his mum, in the heart of Düsseldorf. You can’t see it so much from this photo, but he had the head of a schnauzer and the body of a sausage dog. It was like someone had taken two parts from two different dogs and glued them together.

Dogs I met in Dusseldorf

I met this sweetheart walking around town. Her mum was having a beer with friends and she was waiting patiently at her feet. When I crouched down to photograph her she was quite happy to see me, but when I reached out to touch her she felt a bit nervous and ran back to hide under her mum.

Dogs I met in Dusseldorf

This beautiful creature was incredibly friendly! He was out for a walk with his mum and grandma and when I asked to photograph him, they were so happy and told me how his mother was a champion show dog. He was such a happy dog, with a huge smile on his beautiful face and really soft, shiny fur. Definitely one of those most beautiful dogs I saw.

These two little chums were out for a walk in the park with their mum. The first, on the right, breezed right past me like I was a rock. The second, on the left, was far more cautious. Though I didn’t get to touch either of them, I still thought they were great. They seemed really happy.

Dogs I met in Dusseldorf

I met these two in the heart of town, just outside my hotel. They were going for a walk with their dad and two of his friends. It was pretty crowded and we were stopped at some traffic lights, so I didn’t get a chance to pat them, but they seemed really lovely anyway and I always have a soft spot for sausage dogs.


We met this gorgeous little critter on our way to the market, a short walk from our hotel. His mum had stopped to chat with a few friends and he was really excited when we bent down to give him a scratch. His mum said his name is Charlie and, as we tried to leave, he barked excitedly and we went back to pat him some more. He was really lovely and, as you can see, very photogenic!

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  1. Hi Phoebe, just came across your blog and being a passionate vegan and dog lover, clicked on this post. As I scrolled down a saw the pic and your thoughts on the precious being a cross between schnauzer and sausage. He/she is actually a wire-haired dachshund – I have two hence me knowing the breed. Funnily enough when I take them out, I too get comments about them being cross-breeds….

    1. Oh, no way!! I didn’t know there were wire-haired dachshund’s – how beautiful! Thanks so much for letting me know, hopefully I get to see another gorgeous boy like him again soon 🙂

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