12 Awesome products for travel lovers and adventurers 

As travellers, we’re always looking for new products to make our travel lives easier. I spent some time scouring the Pitchi website, looking for interesting, unique, helpful and practical products for travel lovers and adventurers. I found these 12 products, which make awesome gifts or just a treat for yourself to make your next adventure that little bit easier or more interesting.


This unique, slim water bottle is perfect for travellers. It’s reusable and BPA free, perfect for re-filling on long-haul flights and while exploring new cities. If you’re a bit of a design nerd (me) you’ll love the fact they’re made in notebook sizes like A5 and A6. Find the Memobottle bottle here. 

Quicksand Mat

Perfect for beach lovers, this awesome mat will eliminate the nasty business of getting sand all over your beach towel. Finally! How does it work? It’s made of a multi-layer weave, which means sand falls through it and doesn’t come back up. No more sandy butt for you. Find the Quicksand Mat here. 

Sunny Jim Sunshade

Another good one for beach lovers among you. This super cool sunshade does away with those not-so-pretty tents people take to the beach and replaces them with these brightly coloured, very beautiful sunshades that are easy to get in and out of. They have the highest UV rating on the market and they’ll make your photos sun-safe and Instagram-worthy. Perfect. Find the Sunny Jim Sunshade here. 

The Original Sleepy

You may laugh, but this product is a godsend for travel lovers. It’s a wearable sleeping bag, complete with hood, that zips up at the front. While it’s long, it isn’t enclosed at the bottom, meaning you can wear it and walk around. This thing is perfect for ridiculous long-haul flights, camping or sleeping in hostels. Total life saver. Find The Original Sleepy here. 

Ecto Handplanes

These are designed for bodysurfers. You slip your hand through the hand plane and it’ll help you catch waves while you body surf. The COOL part of it all though is that you can strap your GoPro to it. So you can get some really cool footage of waves as you catch them, perfect for videographers and photography nerds. Find the Ecto Handplanes here. 

Moeloco Flip Flops

Moeloco is a really cool brand committed to helping children in poverty. Their flip flops leave positive message imprinted in the sand as you walk, which makes for cool Instagram photos. More importantly though, with every pair you purchase, Moeloco give a pair of enclosed canvas shoes to a child in poverty. It may not sound like much to you and me, but to a child in need, they’re everything as some children walk extremely long distances to and from school each day. Find Moeloco Flip Flops here. 

TiiPii Bed

Guh! This hanging TiiPii bed is just too cool, I don’t even know where to start. Hang it from a beautiful tree in your backyard or take it with you next time you go camping, set it up and revert back to your childhood wonder. I want to get rid of my bed and sleep in one of these instead. Find the TiiPii bed here. 

Halo Mini LED Dog Collar

If you like to go camping and hiking with your four-legged friend, this collar is a great idea. It glows very brightly, which makes your beloved pooch easier to find and keep track of, should they wander away from you. The horror! Find the Halo Mini LED Dog Collar here. 

Mighty Toothbrush Holder

There have been a few too many times where I’ve put my toothbrush down on some very questionable surfaces while travelling. This toothbrush holder does away with that little issue. It combines a toothbrush holder, razor rack, jewellery dish and compact shower caddy. It uses special silicone to stick to just about any surface, without adhesives or suction caps. Stick it on a hotel or hostel shower wall and you’re good to go (no germs on your toothbrush! yes!) Find the Mighty Toothbrush Holder here. 

Infinity Pillow Explorer

All you other travel pillows can back right off, the Infinity Pillow Explorer takes the cake. Handmade from bamboo fabric and 3M™ Thinsulate it can be twisted and contorted in endless ways so you can get comfortable anywhere from planes and trains to hostel dorm rooms and tents. It acts as a desk pillow, neck cushion, back support and even a noise-cancelling pillow! Find the Infinity Pillow Explorer here. 

Hibermate Sleep Mask

This thing is exactly what you need on a long haul flight. It combines a sleeping mask with noise-reducing headphones to give you a better sleep in bright, noisy areas. I would recommend making sure your valuables are safely stored before using it. Find the Hibermate Sleep Mask here. 

Crystal Wash

Great for anyone travelling longer than just a few weeks. Rather than lugging laundry detergent with you everywhere or trying to buy some on the road, pop these two balls in your luggage instead. You just throw them in the laundry with your clothes and they get them as clean as laundry detergent does, only they’re better for the environment, your skin and fabrics. Find Crystal Wash here.

Looking for more gift ideas? This video probably won’t help…

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