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It has been a few weeks since I got back from Singapore and the time has really flown! With Christmas and everything, it already feels like that trip was months ago. Thank goodness I have my Vlogs to remind me of all the great things that happened.

Before we went to Singapore I had been feeling really rundown and a bit overwhelmed. I had started to realise I hadn’t been getting my life/work balance quite right, because I was feeling very tired and uninspired. Not a good place to be when your entire business depends on you being inspired and creative! I think sometimes I get so into my work I forget to treat myself with kindness and let myself have down time.

It sounds like a ridiculous thing, because from the outside looking in it probably looks like all I do is have down time. It could very easily look like I’m on holidays 24/7, living la vida loca! That’s not quite how it goes down. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes every day and because I love my job so very much, I sometimes forget to rest.

That’s what my Singapore trip was for me, a time to rest. My parents and my little sister live in Singapore and I used to live there with them around 15 years ago, so going there is like going home for me in a way. It was so nice to spend the first week of the trip with my family just sleeping in, watching movies, eating LOTS of delicious food and hanging out.

By the time the second week rolled around, both Matt and I were ready to hit the streets and get exploring again. It was also really cool for me to stay in the middle of the Singapore, like a normal visitor instead of a local living in the outer areas of the island.

I came back from our trip feeling much more refreshed and ready to get stuck into Christmas and all the end of year brings with it. Sometimes you really need to be gentle with yourself, notice how rundown you are and give yourself permission to do whatever it is you need to rest and recharge.

I just want to say a really big thank you to the generous team at Far East Hospitality for having us stay with you at Amoy Hotel and Rendezvous Hotel. The staff at both hotels were so kind, attentive and thoughtful, we felt really special the entire time. I’ll have reviews up on both hotels in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

So, grap a cup of tea, sit back and treat yourself to the wonder that is, my Singaporer Explorer Vlogs! WOOHOO!

Watch Singaporer Explorer Part 1

Watch Singaporer Explorer Part 2

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  1. The Rendezvous, Bras Basah!! Stayed there in 2003 and 2005, Looks like it’s moved up a bit, was mostly a business hotel back then! A ‘ittle under 3 weeks and we’re off to Sinkers and the Sapphire Princess 🙂


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