Watch: My trip to the Mullumbimby Music Festival 

Reasons to visit the Mullum Music Festival It's illegal not to drink at least 11 beers on Australia Day.

Until I was approached by STA Travel and Destination New South Wales to attend it, I’d never heard of the Mullum Music Festival. This is a real shame, you guys, because it means there are probably loads of other people out there who haven’t heard of it either. The festival is so much fun and such an authentic music-loving event, that it really is worth the visit.

I never expected to have anywhere near as much fun as we did and I’m so grateful I got to go. I was lucky enough to attend the festival with #60DayAdventure winner and talented videographer, Matt Harrison, who was a laugh a minute and made the whole time insanely fun.

I’d love to share with you what we got up to on our trip, so I’ve put together these two Vlogs. I really love making them and I hope you enjoy watching them and seeing exactly what it is we get up to when we attend these kinds of things. There’s a lot of work that goes into them, but I try to make sure I give myself time to have a whole lot of fun too.

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Watch part one of my Mullum Music Festival Adventure

My first Vlog from the trip takes you guys along the journey of meeting Matt then us driving down to Mullum together in his van and picking up Swiss hitchhiker Romie along the way. We then get stuck straight into the festival and the first few days end up being a mix of great food, amazing music, dancing and lots of cold beers.

Watch part two of my Mullum Music Festival Adventure

My second Vlog from the trip shares the last few days of my time in Mullum, including some really awesome live music (of course), more delicious food and a LOT of very cute dogs too (important). We had so much fun, it’s a bit sad to see it all come to an end!

Thanks so much for watching, guys. I hope you enjoyed the videos and feel like you get to know me a bit better through them, rather than just reading words on a screen and seeing photos from my trips.

Phoebe Lee - Little Grey BoxPhoebe Lee is a travel writer and award-winning blogger sharing practical inspiration to enrich your life through travel. Follow her adventures at home and around the world, right here on Little Grey Box and on InstagramFacebook and YouTube.

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  1. pursuitofanewadventure // December 7, 2015 at 12:51 pm // Reply

    Great post phoebe! Can’t wait to check out your vlogs! I love the positive vibes.


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