My Favourite Travel Instagrammers this year

There is no shortage of talented photographers and travel bloggers in the world. This can feel really overwhelming at times, especially when you look at your own following and realise you’re a few hundred….. thousand…. million…. followers short of your photography idol. Well, my friend, banish those doubts and fears because even the most famous Instagrammers started with ZERO followers then worked their butts off to be where they are now. Don’t let these fabulous photographers intimidate you, let them be your inspiration.

To celebrate the many talented people out there, aspiring and inspiring, I’ve put together a list of my favourite travel bloggers and travel photographers from Instagram. These are people whose photos inspire me and accounts I really like looking at. Some of them are Insta-famous and some of them are my friends and one of them is my husband. They are all an endless source of inspiration for me, pushing me to keep working hard and perfecting my craft. If they weren’t out there being amazing, what would we have to aspire toward?!

Is there someone on Instagram you love to follow, that I didn’t include on this list? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and find out who it is you love to follow. I’m always looking for new people to be inspired by, so please share your favourites with me.

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  1. Thank you so much for including The Department of Wandering in this stellar roundup Phoebe! Your Instagram account is super inspiring to me too — I love following along on your adventures! xo

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