Watch: My Boracay Adventure Video

“The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.” – Into The Wild

When you look at photos of Boracay, a little piece of doubt slides into your mind. It’s hard not to think, “Well, it’s beautiful, but these photos are edited. It doesn’t really look like that in real-life, I’m sure. It can’t.” The thing about Boracay is that it really does look like that. When we first arrived I had to kind of stand there on the beach for a few minutes, just letting it soak in, because it was hard to comprehend. I think I said ‘wow’ about 100 times.

I honestly didn’t expect it to be as beautiful as it was. I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did, feel as alive and energised as I did and leave there with a huge desire to not only come back, but see more of the Philippines too. It is a beautiful place that has, at its heart, very wonderful locals who are incredibly welcoming.

If you followed my trip on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know we got up to a lot of fun activities. Today I wanted to share with you this AMAZING video from our trip, put together by videographer genius, Matt!! Seriously, how amazing is this video!?? If you love these vids, let us know. We love to create them in the hopes they inspire you guys to get out there and see these beautiful places for yourself.

Our trip to Boracay was made possible by AirAsiaHenann Lagoon Resort and Boracay Diary. AirAsia operates 7x weekly flights to Kalibo – Boracay, Philippines from Kuala Lumpur.  With fly thru services available connecting Guests from Australia (Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney) and China (Beijing, Hangzhou, Shang Hai) seamlessly via Kuala Lumpur. To find out MORE information about getting to Boracay, read my guide on How to get to Boracay.

Watch our video from our trip to beautiful Boracay

Phoebe Lee Travel Blogger Queensland AustraliaPhoebe Lee is a writer, award-winning blogger and travel lover sharing helpful travel tips, insight and reviews for regular people. Follow her adventures at home and around the world, right here on Little Grey Box and on InstagramFacebook and YouTube.

6 Comments on Watch: My Boracay Adventure Video

  1. Jean Inocencio // February 15, 2017 at 11:45 pm // Reply

    How much is the cost for Hotel? And the boat ride?


  2. I’m grew up in the Philippines and lived a couple hours away from Boracay 🙂 This post made me miss home so much, thank you for sharing ❤


  3. Lilian MacDonald // October 21, 2015 at 1:02 am // Reply

    Enjoy seeing and reading about all of your adventures. Great pictures Matt.


  4. What a fun video, thanks for sharing!


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