Solo Travel vs Couple Travel: Which is better? 

I’ve travelled solo and travelled as part of a couple. While both of them have been awesome in their own right, they’re completely different and impacted me in different ways. But, which one was better? Today I share my experiences with both, what I got out of each one and my thoughts on which one I’m planning on doing more of…

Solo Travel 

Like a lot of people, I went travelling because my head and my heart were a complete mess. I needed some time and space to sort myself out and I felt like I needed something big to happen in my life. I needed a big change, a huge adventure and something to rip me out of my normal life and into something completely different. A solo trip to Europe will do all those things for you.

Travelling solo for the first time was really scary to begin with. I had always been in a relationship or surrounded by friends and family, so I was always considering them in the decisions I made. When it came time to travel solo I was making decisions just for me, for the first time in my life. What do I want to eat today? What do I want to see? Where do I want to go and when? Every moment was mine.

Away from the thoughts of other people and finally able to tap into my heart, I was able to start to find out who I really was. I was able to listen to all the ideas and desires swirling around inside me and start piecing them together. It gave me a new-found confidence and faith in myself. If I had taken this same trip with friends or my partner, I wouldn’t have gotten the same things out of it.

Travelling by yourself gives you a big kick up the behind, like a massive shove into the unknown. You can’t afford to sit around and wait for someone else to tell you what to do and where to go, help you get organised and motivated. You have to take charge and be responsible for everything, from getting yourself to the airport on time and not leaving anything in your hotel room, to staying safe and having fun. It’s all on you. You get to reap the rewards of being an awesome traveller and also wear the cost of being a crappy one too.

Overspent and totally broke? It’s your fault. Found a really cool view-point and taken amazing photos? You did that! Got lost and felt terrified? You stuffed up. Had the best day of your life walking around Rome eating gelato? You rule!

Solo travel is incredibly liberating, it allows you to reclaim yourself and take ownership of everything. You’re like a leaf in the wind, just going from place to place. Nobody knows you and nobody cares, so you’re totally and completely free to do, say, wear, eat and be whatever the heck you want to be. It’s a life-changing experience and something I feel everybody should experience at least once in their lives. Even if it’s just taking a week at a beachside resort by yourself.

Phoebe Lee - Brisbane - Australia - Blogger

Phoebe at Point Danger

Couple Travel 

Matt and I got engaged right before we moved to London and it was an awesome way to officially start our lives together. It was like an engagement-moon! We both wanted our whole lives to be about travelling, so getting engaged then taking off and doing it was like we were committing to our life plan and making it happen.

I could not have made it through our London gap year without Matt by my side, there’s absolutely no way. When I felt homesick, stressed about my horrible job and worried we’d made a huge mistake by moving, he was there to ground me and put things in perspective. When I was standing somewhere beautiful, experiencing something amazing and seeing an incredible place, he was there to say, “Holy crap, this is amazing! I love this!”

Having someone to share everything with is fantastic. After a big day of exploring we could sit down with a drink and talk about our favourite parts of the day or the things we thought were crappy. We could remember the funny things that happened and talk about our all-time favourite food experiences and travel memories. Matt could take charge and make all the plans for a holiday and the next time I could do it, taking turns took the pressure of each of us.

As I’ve said in previously, travelling as a couple can push you to the absolute outer realm of what you think you’re mentally and physically capable of surviving. When you’re tired, hungry, frustrated, cold and/or lost, you turn into a different version of yourself and things can get real tense, real fast. Matt and I have had some cracking arguments about goodness-knows-what, and at the time it’s made even more intense because you have nowhere to retreat and no-one to turn to.

When you’re having a blow-out argument in the middle of Budapest you can’t pick up the phone and call your best friend to vent. This is one of the best things about travelling as a couple because it forces you to deal with things. If you want to get on with your life and enjoy your trip, you can’t hold onto this anger. You’ve got to sit down and talk it out, communicate and find a way to get over it.

Travelling as a couple is almost like some wonderful and completely cruel couples therapy retreat! You’ll have the time of your life and your relationship will come out the other side so much stronger for doing it. You’ll learn a lot about each other and understand the other person a whole lot better. You’ll have made memories that can never be lost or replaced and will have experienced so much with the person you love.

Matt in Tokyo

Matt in Tokyo

Solo vs Couple

So, which one is better? Would I rather travel solo or travel as a couple? I think each one is incredibly valuable at different times of your life. When I was lost and trying to figure my life out, travelling solo was the only way I could work through it all and found the space, clarity and perspective I needed. When I was confident in what I wanted from my life and was living that out, it was perfect having Matt there with me to share it all.

At this stage of my life, the ‘figured it out’ stage, I can’t imagine myself travelling without him. I love to take trips away just with my girlfriends or with my mum and little sister because it’s important to have some time out and spend time with the other people in your life who you love. But when it comes to visualising the rest of my life and all the travel I have planned, I can’t imagine doing it without him.

I’d still love to take some time out and do some more solo travel here and there, but not as far away or for as long as I don’t want to miss sharing in the adventure with Matt. It would be great to spend a week at a beachside meditation retreat once a year, to unwind and reconnect with myself from time-to-time and come back to the real world centred and clear. When I returned, the house would probably be burned to the ground and a starving, shivering, dirty and depressed Matt would be sitting on the smouldering earth where our home once stood. On second thoughts, I best just bring him along to the meditation retreat too.

What are your thoughts on Solo Travel vs Couple Travel? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts, please share in the comments below.

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14 Comments on Solo Travel vs Couple Travel: Which is better? 

  1. Ooh, the struggle of blow-out arguments in foreign places. I have a bit of a fiery temper so I’ve been in that spot more often than I’d like to admit. That said, traveling with a partner is fantastic – they help you find places you’d never look for on your own. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Around The World in 8 Years and commented:

    I am constantly thinking about what it would be like traveling with my boyfriend. Thanks for this!


  3. I never traveled alone, but it can be great if you need time for yourself and become stress-free, and focus on yourself. on the other side, it can be overwhelming to travel with someone and share those happy moments together. good company is all about it.


  4. Well, I find couple travels fun, specially if you get along very well with your better half. But the freedom feeling you get as a solo traveler…you just can’t beat that…:)


  5. I enjoy solo travel but I also enjoy travelling with friends. One thing though, I’m so used to solo travel and thinking of solo travel that it takes me some adjustment in the beginning when I travel with friends. Unfortunately, have never travelled as a couple but I do wonder now after reading your post..haha…😄


  6. Well written Phoebe! I have done both for many years too, I think solo allows you to find your true self, especially in places that are not metropolitan, and couple travel shows you a lot about the one you are travelling with. I think it is a great idea to go travelling with a new partner, you find out a lot very quickly! If you are travelling via London anytime soon, check this out (shamelessly plugging my last post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’ve done both and found that solo travel was more about the “inner” journey. I learned so much about myself during those solo trips.


  8. Masters & Disasters // March 17, 2015 at 7:57 pm // Reply

    I like your posts so much I found myself a regular reader. This one has been great! In my case, I definitely enjoy both options! The freedom you experiment is totally different though it never stop to be that, freedom!


  9. waywardandweary // March 17, 2015 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    Love this!


  10. Love this read. I’m about to travel Europe for five weeks on my own and this has reassured me that I’m doing the right thing. I cannot wait to discover the challenges that are waiting for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. As someone who has travelled both solo and as a couple I agree that both have their merits. While I couldn’t travel no without Shaun I do believe solo travel is liberating. As you are say there are benefits to both.

    Liked by 1 person

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