Real adventurers: Austin and Kyra

Austin and Kyra are two of the most inspiring and genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of featuring on littlegreybox. These very cool Brisbane locals have an incredible thirst for adventure and a simple, contented joy about them that is incredibly inspiring. Together for nearly 5 years, they’ve been dreaming of travelling the world together and this year they’re doing it. They’ve quit their jobs and bought one way tickets to the UK. More than just seeing the world they’ve taken this huge step to completely transform the way they live, giving into their overwhelming desire to follow their hearts and their feet wherever they may lead.

As they near the beginning of their new life and the start of an incredible adventure, Austin and Kyra share with us what drove them to make this decision, what their plans are and how they overcame physical and mental obstacles to make a big decision to follow their dreams. When it comes to finding like-minded spirits, for me, it doesn’t get much better than Austin and Kyra. Their journey really resonates with me and I couldn’t help but smile and nod in agreement as I read their responses, below. They’re a great example of people taking a chance on themselves and finding ultimate happiness by making decisions based on their hearts, not their heads.

Austin and Kyra have started a blog to capture and share their adventures: Wayward & Weary. Their site is absolutely beautiful and has to be one of my favourite travel blogs when it comes to the layout, photography, design and overall feel! I can’t wait to see the stories they share once their new life begins and follow along their journey with them. Keep scrolling to read their incredibly inspiring story…. I also really recommend visiting their Instagram account to ignite your wanderlust.

Visit Wayward & Weary online here // Follow them on Instagram here // Like them on Facebook here

Mountain1 - Wayward and Weary

Tell me about the adventure you are about to embark on together. 

The plan is to see as much of the world as we can. We have no time limit or return date. We are starting in Europe with an open agenda, heart and mind. For us this adventure is the start of a new lifestyle. It’s a chance to live every day with creativity and spontaneity; where we can indulge our passions and make decisions based out of genuine desire rather than obligation.

What made you decide to take on this huge adventure and live a life like this? 

In a way our lives have always been leading up to this point, it was just a matter of timing. Ultimately the decision was about freedom. At heart, we are just two punks who are thoroughly unprepared to live a “normal” life. After finishing our education and going through the motions of our early twenties we grew very restless. Eventually our week-long trips weren’t even coming close to quenching our thirst for travel and adventure so we made the decision to change our lives.

How did you plan and prepare for such a big trip? 

It was a bit of a two-part process for us. First we had to prepare psychologically for everything to change which required telling our loved ones that we were leaving, quitting bands, quitting jobs and changing our spending habits in order to start saving.

Next we had to prepare practically which was a little more challenging. Mostly it involved lots and lots of lists! We sold our belongings, negotiated an end to our lease, finished up our jobs and organised flights and accommodation for the start of the trip.

What is your favourite travel memory? 

Kyra: For me it’s from a time when I was staying with an Akha family in the hills of Northern Thailand. It was very rural; we ate sticky rice for every meal and slept on bamboo mats. On the day that I left, the family gave me a boiled egg as a parting gift. That egg (and that entire trip) always reminds me that simplicity is often the way to joy.

Austin: For me it would probably be a helicopter flight we took in New Zealand in 2013. On our first trip over the ditch we weren’t able to take the flight over Mount Cook due to weather conditions. On our next visit we returned firmly set on getting in a helicopter. The hype from friends and family about the flight didn’t even come close to capturing how amazing it was. Flying over the jagged ridges of New Zealand’s highest peak and landing on a cliff edge that felt as though no other human had ever stood on it was ridiculous!

If you could each choose your ultimate travel companion, past or present, who would it be?

It sounds really corny but probably each other. We’ve been thinking a lot about this question and couldn’t settle on anyone else. We are lucky enough to have similar interests and travel styles and we thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. We’re in the habit of travelling together

What’s your number one travel hack or tip? 

Don’t attempt to have too much control over your plans; often the best moments aren’t on an itinerary. Oh and baby wipes. Always bring baby wipes.

Mountain2 - Wayward and Weary

What has been the hardest thing you’ve come up against in deciding to start this journey and how did you overcome it? 

The hardest thing for us was persisting with a dream that seemed a bit impossible at first. It’s hard to know how to get from where you are to where you want to be, but once we had booked the flights we felt like we had anchored ourselves to the plan and it got easier from there. Once you start getting rid of your furniture, car, job, home etc. you feel like you have a lot less to lose and all of a sudden the whole world seems within your reach.

How do you feel when you travel/what does travel mean to you? 

To us, travel means freedom. Waking up in new place with no plans other than exploring the surrounding beauty is our idea of heaven.

It’s probably the combination of no responsibility, no obligations and no worries that make us feel more alive than ever when we are travelling. It’s easy to appreciate every moment when it’s all so new, exciting and beautiful.

How has this experience changed you both? 

We are both a lot less stressed! When everything you need fits inside a backpack, it’s very liberating. Mostly this experience has already taught us that our dreams are within our reach.

What is your number one tip for anyone thinking of travelling as a couple?

Do it! We really enjoy travelling as a couple because it means we get to sped time together exploring and making awesome new memories. Getting out of your comfort zone is a lot easier when you have someone supportive by your side experiencing the same thing. We have learned that it’s a good idea to keep each other’s strengths in mind whilst on the road. Kyra is a fantastic organiser and Austin has a knack for navigation in places he’s never been before. We tend to stick to what we’re good at.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing something like what you have done, but maybe is a little hesitant or scared? 

We always try to remember that our lives are impermanent. It sounds pretty bleak to some but it certainly helps get a bit of perspective on things. The best time to follow your dreams is always now. When we are feeling scared or hesitant, we ask each other “what’s the worst that can happen?” If the answer seems bearable, it’s probably worth the risk.

Tell me about Wayward and Weary. 

Wayward and Weary is our travel blog. It began out of a desire to have somewhere to share our travel photography and keep our loved ones updated about our adventure. After receiving quite a few It’s grown into a space where we also share travel articles, tips and resources. It’s still quite a new blog but its really gaining momentum and we’ve fallen in love with blogging and sharing our journey.

Visit Wayward & Weary online here // Follow them on Instagram here // Like them on Facebook here



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  1. YES! I loved reading this! Grab your ticket, pack your bag, and go!


  2. Young people being young. Good for them!


  3. Honestly – I envy them to make such a bold decision and stick with it. Definitely jealous.


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